Infinity Group Australia, Changing The Mortgage Game One Mortgage At A Time

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In 2013 Graeme Holm set in to motion the Infinity Group Australia. One of Graeme’s primary goals was to aid normal, everyday Australians to secure their future and their finances. As time passed, customer service was a primary driving force behind the Infinity Group Australia and has led to them becoming one of the fastest growing money management services. In addition, they are very successful with debt reduction services too. Graeme’s customer driven approach has delivered successful, proven results.


Graeme Holm currently serves as the director of Infinity Group Australia, with locations in Cronulla, Port Macquarie, Brisbane and Bella Vista. Greene’s financial service career extends over 17 years. The first decade of Holm’s career was spent in the Big Four banking environment.


It was during the first part of the decade that Graeme became annoyed dealing with a single brand of services and products and most Australian households were receiving lack luster deals from financial institutions. Thus, in 2013 Rebecca Walker (his partner) and Holms formulated the Infinity Group Australia and their passion to give Australians better deals from a financial institution.


Infinity Group Australia, Background


Graeme Holm, discovered that most financial institutions sorely lacked proper services for families, advice, guidance and ongoing support. As a result, Graeme spent over 6 months developing and researching the Australian mortgage market. Also, the Infinity Group Australia changed the dynamics of the mortgage industry by helping clients pay their loans off as quickly as possible and offer personal banking. In addition, the Infinity Group’s clients received assistance in developing and maintaining budgets to secure their success, performance reports and help monthly.


The Infinity Group Australia has provided support and leadership to help their customers get rid of $41k in debt on average within a 12 month period. If their clients were using the old banking system it would take them twelve months, however with the Infinity Group Australia it only takes their clients 3 months to pay off their debt off. Other services the Infinity Group Australia offer is wealth creation and retirement solutions.


Pulling From Either To Reality


Rebecca and Graeme had an understanding that most of their clients live from paycheck to paycheck and would pay just the minimum mortgage for a 30-year term. They aimed to change the Australian loan market, so they adopted the model of ongoing guidance that would be parallel to what a personal trainer would give to their clients. The key focal point was to obtain better results throughout the life cycle of the customers loan journey.

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