Volcanic Water Benefits of Waiakea Water

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One of the very best natural water is out on the market, would you like to know what makes it special? Waiakea’s bottled water is one of the best, better than others because of its alkaline level. The PH levels of food and liquid is important to your body, you don’t want anything too acidic or something too high in alkaline in your water. It all started in 2012, in Hawaii where the founder of Waiakea’s water spent a large part of his life. He discovered the water at the base of a very high volcano, he was very much impressed with the taste of the water and wanted to share it with everyone else.

Waiakea’s water is the only bottled water that is filtered by nature because it goes through the volcanic rocks of a very large volcano. There are no chemicals or anything added which also makes it safe for the environment. It rains on the island on a constant basis, almost every day of the year so there is no shortage of water for the company to use. Another positive point is that the water does not just sit in a storage facility, it is constantly a running stream which makes it fresh water on a continuous basis and it picks up healthy minerals along the way so it’s loaded with electrolytes.

Because of the natural process of the water filtering through the rocks of the volcano, it has benefits for the health of everyone drinking it. There is also something called silica that comes in some drinking water and can slow down the process of getting older as well as slow down brain deterioration, luckily Waiakea water contains this marvelous property. The bottles that they put the water in is a high grade level of “polyethylene terephthalate” which takes very little energy to make as compared to the normal bottles being used for other water bottle products. The very best part is the bottles are free of BPA so there is no plastic putting bad chemicals in your water to make you sick.

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