Shervin Pishevar Tweets About Financial Storm To Come

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Believers in financial turmoil coming up in the Trump Administration will love the things that Shervin Pishevar had to say on the matter. He is someone who is famous for having been an early investor in Uber. Even better, he took his early success in Uber and made a name for himself that still helps him get a lot of notice out in the financial world.

Shervin Pishevar recently went on a so-called tweetstorm to promote the ideas that he believes to be true about the economy. He wanted people to get a flavor of what he is all about as well as encourage them to continue to read his ideas and what gets him out of bed in the morning so to speak. He started this off with a tweet about how he feels that the economy is headed for a big decline. He personally put the number at a twenty percent decline for the stock market along with an even bigger fall for Bitcoin.

It was just a few days later that the market fell more than one-thousand points in a single day and Shervin Pishevar began to feel vindicated. He was tweeting about it at the time and had labeled it “#TrumpDump“. It was a proud moment for Shervin Pishevar who could honestly say that he had tried to warn others that this was a real possibility. It was up to them to decide to listen to him or not. When some failed to do so, it was their own mess to clean up.

There were other messages in the tweet storm that Shervin Pishevar had put out that deserved some notice as well. He did go on to talk about how he feels that the United States has done such a great job at exporting the American Dream that we may now see a lot of great ideas originate in other countries. He doesn’t necessarily see that as a bad thing, it is just something worth keeping an eye on. At the end of the day you have to decide if you agree with Shervin or not. To say that his views are interesting though is probably the understatement of the year.

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