Lawrence Bender’s Movie; Four Rooms

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Lawrence was born in 1957, October 17, in Bronx New York. Lawrence Bender was born to two parents. His father was a college history professor while his mother was a kindergarten teacher. Currently, Lawrence Bender is a celebrated American movie producer. He has over two decades experience in the TV and film industry. For all those years, Lawrence Bender has overseen the production of several movies like Jackie Brown, Safe, Pulp Fiction, Good Will Hunting, and Reservoir Dogs, and two among others.

Also, in the movies that Lawrence Bender produces, he takes other small roles to see to it that the film becomes successful. While still in high school, Lawrence Bender was inspired by his grandfather. His grandfather was his role model. After graduating from high school, Lawrence joined the University of Maine. He registered for an engineering course. In the year 1979, he graduated with a degree in Civil engineering, just like his grandfather.

After he completed his University studies, Lawrence Bender became a dancer. He danced for several years before getting an injury that made him quit dancing for good. Before the injury, Bender had the opportunity to travel to every corner of the USA where he performed in different shows.

With his massive experience in the industry, Bender proudly produced the movie The Four Rooms’. The film was proudly featured by the collaborative directorial efforts and ideas of four filmmakers. Each filmmaker took a specific segment of the comedy movie. The movie was set on the evening before New Year’s at a specific hotel known as Mon signor hotel. This was a former outstanding hotel. It had fallen upon difficult times in the production phase.

The movie was set on sight gags and physical comedy. The chronicles of the film include the misadventures that actor Ted was facing. Ted is handed his first job that was scheduled at night. He is requested to cover some witches that are in their honeymoon suite. Things get worse when Ted delivers ice cream in the wrong room, and a domestic argument arises at the wrong time. Another drama happens when he agrees to watch over a gangster’s kid.

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