The Rise Of Igor Cornelsen; The Brazilian Investment Adviser and Founder of Bainbridge Investment

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Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment adviser born in 1947. Before retiring, he was amongst the topnotch bankers in Brazil, as he was in charge of running some of the leading banking organizations around the globe.


Igor was admitted into the University of Parana to pursue an engineering degree in 1965. At the time, the university was the only institution that was offering engineering course in the whole of Santa Catarina and Parana. This made the admission process very selective and highly longed-for achievement. However, after two years of studying engineering, Igor made up his mind and switched from engineering to economics. He graduated with an economics degree in 1970.

Career journey

Igor Cornelsen secured his first job in an investment bank shortly after graduating. This was primarily contributed by the fact that, at the time, there were no computers and graduate engineers were able to compute compound interests using slide rules, making their competence highly marketable.

Igor progressed well in the banking sector. He then relocated to Rio after an opportunity to work with an investment bank emerged. His star later shined at Multibanco in 1974, earning him a promotion to the board of director of the organization, and in 1976 becoming the CEO.

Igor resigned as the CEO in 1978 after Bank of America acquired Multibanco. He then joined Unibanco, one of the prominent investment companies in Brazil. Igor served at the firm until 1985, a time when the inflation in Brazil was increasing.

He then moved to a London based Libra bank PLC. He later joined Standard chartered bank, as a representative in Brazil and a member of the board of directors.

The birth of Bainbridge Investment

Igor Cornelsen founded the company in 1995 due to his familiarity as an investment banker. Bainbridge Investment, whose head office is in the Bahamas, identifies viable investment opportunities and plans long-term investment strategies for them.

Igor’s investment mindset

Igor’s career life rotates around the stock market. He advises an investor to invest in damaged stock and not companies that are performing. He also encourages an investor to pay close attention to the exchange rates.

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