Healthcare startups are changing, Ara Chackerian knows this best

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As a graduate from Florida State University, Ara Chackerian has influenced the world of business in the medical field in a huge way. Ara has taken his determination and ability to inspire to new levels, not just in the US, but also abroad in places like Nicaragua and Armenia. As Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics, Executive Vice President at PSS/World Medical and Executive Chairman of PipelineRX and TMS Health Solutions Ara has shown that medicine is not just a business but a venture that deals with real people. Being the founder of several nonprofits which deal primarily with youth education, Ara understands that the Healthcare industry is rapidly changing, using his experience to bring understanding to type of changes is what he does with confidence.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation a concept invented by Ara reveals that innovation is crucially important in the healthcare arena. Ara’s work and ideas reflect the importance of skilled entrepreneurs that can actually sell new proposals. You can visit for more.



Ara Chackerian’s background as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and an angel investor beneficially brings to the table the concern that many investors have when investing in healthcare ventures. Mr. Chackerian understands the uneasiness of investors due to the initial loss of revenue associated with many healthcare undertakings. A fan of “Precision/Personalized Medicine”, Ara concentrates on moving new healthcare startups into the mainstream of medicine. For more info check out Crunchbase.


Healthcare is becoming a huge part of the service sector which will demand that new healthcare startups embrace the newest innovation along with the ability to provide the most positive patient outcome possible. Creating a more welcoming atmosphere for fearful investors is more than a pastime for Ara. Being an investor himself, and the co-founder of several diagnostics companies he understands the initial lack of cash flow, which can appear dismal, however with new technology and current streamlining efforts that may be changing in the near future. You can visit

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