How Lacey and Larkin Made Joe Arpaio Pay for His Sins

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Joe Arpaio was a notorious Sheriff in Arizona. He sent agents to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin who he accused of disclosing grand jury investigation details and imprisoned them. By then, the two worked for a village Voice media newspaper.

They had published a piece about the probe. The two didn’t know that Grand Jury was investigating them and that Arpaio was not happy with the coverage. Arpaio had been aggressively enforcing the law since his inauguration in office in 1992.


During his tenure, there had been multiple cases involving him and in 2011, Judge Murray told the sheriff not to detain the immigrants because the ground for detaining them was not sufficient and that the evidence that the victims didn’t have proper status wasn’t adequate. The judge said that it was unconstitutional to continue holding such persons.


The conditions faced by inmates were exposed and a lawsuit was then filed against Arpaio. Subsequently, Arpaio was charged with abusing and violating the rights of immigrants including Latinos. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and
Joe Arpaio was defiant and continued encouraging racial profiling of the Latinos. Lim Larkin and Michael Lacey began to expose Joe to the public. They also criticised the department and they were eventually arrested. Newspapers started releasing articles derived from Lacy and Larkin stories. The scandal was magnified and it received a national coverage.

Eventually, Larkin and Lacy were released from prison and sued Arpaio for exposing corruption and malpractices. The matter was settled for about $3.7 million. Later Arpaio lost his sheriff position after he failed to be re-elected for the 7th time. He was also indicted with contempt in court.


In 2016, he endorsed Arpaio in a presidential campaign and Trump promised to forgive him in one of the campaign speeches. Trump finally pardoned Arpaio but lacy thinks that he did so as to appeal to nationalists who believe that Arpaio is a hero.


Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt in 2017 and many of his opponents thought that his political life had ended. It should be remembered that when Trump started his campaigns against President Obama who he accused of being born outside U.S. Arpaio supported him. This explains why the president saw it fit to pardon him against the contempt conviction.


The pardon means that the former sheriff will not be committed to jail but opponents celebrated when he lost the 2016 election because it was a result of the pain he had inflicted on people during his career.

Joe Arpaio is a hardliner who is a self-proclaimed Toughest Sheriff in America. He did everything he could to fight the illegal immigrants in Arizona which are dominated by people from Latino countries. The sheriff was on record for violating the people’s rights in the name of fighting illegal immigrants.


It was Susan Bolton who convicted Arpaio of criminal contempt arguing that he willfully violated her orders including failing to ensure that his employees obeyed court orders. In fact, in one of the evidence adduced before the court, it was demonstrated that Arpaio ordered his employees to detain Hispanic and Latino drivers.

Following the conviction which came exactly one year after he failed to be re-elected, many people believed that his star had finally started falling and that he would pay for his actions.

Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

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