The Secrets behind Louis Chenevert’s Stunning Career Performance

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Louis Chenevert is one of the individuals who has contributed immeasurably to the success of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He has served this firm as both a Chief Executive Officer and as a chairperson. He served the company until 2014 where he retired. The incredible leadership that saw UTC grow into a reputable company was attributed to the outstanding leadership skills portrayed by Louis Chenevert. Before joining UTC, had worked as the president of Pratt and Whitney. Prior to working in this company, he had also served as a general manager in General Motors. By serving in all these leadership posts in different companies, Louis developed good skills that ensured him to carry on duties all along his career diligently.

Louis Chenevert serves as a leader in other boards of directors such as the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board and the Cargill Inc. Board of Directors. Being a leader and a successful entrepreneur, it is evident that he is not only well disciplined but also possess other outstanding traits. Different organizations realize his capabilities thus the reason behind being appointed for different leadership posts. Some of his habits which attribute to his success include being passionate about all the activities he partakes. Moreover, is passionate and spends most of his time in pushing the given agenda. To ensure good leadership of the firms that he manages, he disregards the internal politics and works hard to ensure that all the operational executives play their roles and deliver excellent results in time.

Louis agrees that if he were to start his career all over again, he would be keen on internal politics because they can negatively affect the results of a company’s hard work. Moreover, such politics has an impact on the future of the leaders. His advice is that energy drainers should not be tolerated in any business. This is because such people tend to slow down the progress in business. One thing that has attributed to his success as an entrepreneur is working with the right team which is essential in overcoming obstacles. In addition to his habits, his vast knowledge in business administration attribute to his stunning career performance. Louis pursued higher education in HEC Montreal where he attained a degree in Business administration.

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