Academy of Art University: the pillar of the art and design world

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In San Francisco city, California it was reported that the highly rated Marvel movie, The Avengers: Infinity War, has been continually breaking numerous records and achievements in the film industry. The movie was reported by Disney to have raked in over six hundred and forty million dollars in the opening weekend of the entertainment. This was just through the movie’s international box office sales. This record has steered them to the leader of the movie list in an opening weekend defeating every other film.


Jan Philip Cramer was an intricate part of the movie production as he was the supervisor under the animation category in the movie set. The accolade was also an alumnus in the Academy of Art University. He is also the department head at Digital Domain. In a talk with the university, he was thrilled to have been trusted to be part of the production crew to a film that was highly anticipated and had a considerable following.


Jan Phillip pursued and achieved a BFA from the university under the Animation & Visual Effects School. This was done in 2004. Apart from the Avengers other shows he has been a part of includes: Deadpool, Spider Homecoming which is another Marvel movie as well as the X-Men: Days of Future Past and Independence Day: Resurgence.


Cramer revealed that his work career in animation, as well as VFX, was his calling. He was acknowledged, seven years ago, with an award by the institution as being an alumnus with a rising trend in the industry. He was also inducted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He prides himself on learning from the institution as it has nurtured him to be the person he is now.


Cramer’s story is just one among the numerous successful individuals to come from the institution. The Academy of Art University is the most prominent private university with an accredited license to teach art as well as design in the US. The school was started in the late 1920s. Various alumni of the academy have been awarded and acknowledged for their outstanding work ethics in their fields.


The courses offered by the institution include acting and film writing, motion pictures as well as television or digital media, as well as the visual effects and animation. These courses can lead the students to career paths such as graphic designing, composing and writing as well as production.


The institution offers a strong base of information in every field of arts as well as design. This also pertains to the needed skills and attributes that an individual requires achieving a successful career in the art industry.


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