Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers has a Drive to Innovate and Improve

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two music producers from the East Coast. Alex Pall was working as a DJ on the side while living in New York City; Andrew Taggart was living in Maine and also interning at Interscope Records. It was at these points in their lives they were introduced to each other. It was Pall’s manager who was responsible for their business partnership.

Since they linked up, “Roses,” “Paris,” and “Closer” are some of the songs they’ve produced. Each of these songs features a guest vocalist, but “Closer” differs slightly. Andrew Taggart is singing along side Halsey. This is the first time either Pall or Taggart have sang on their own records.

This is a necessary change, according to The Chainsmokers. Their live shows were held back by the necessity of a loud speaker for guest vocalis. Obviously, every guest artist on everyone of their songs couldn’t be on tour with them, and since there was no lead vocalist for the group, this was their only option. Now, with Andrew Taggart as lead singer, the show is no longer bottle necked by having no lead vocalist.

With the release of “Closer,” The Chainsmokers marked Halsey off their list of future collaborations.

“She’s incredible,” Pall said in an interview about Halsey. “If you had asked us over the last year who was an artist that we wanted to work with, Halsey was number one on that list.”

More changes are on the horizon, according to The Chainsmokers. They say they are always looking for ways to reinvent themselves and improve their music.

Alex Pall, in the aforementioned interview, stressed the importance of the changes regarding their live show. “We bring it upon ourselves to bring a new and exciting show,” he said. “We want to keep doing exciting things and pushing ourselves.”

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