The success of Susan McGalla in paving the way to leadership

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Statistics that have been carried in previous year’s show business that have the gender diversity most likely they will outperform companies by 15%, then for the ethnically diverse companies, they are 35% when compared with those firms that are not diverse. The reason why these companies will be able to outperform is that they are ready for new ideas. The diversity will bring about the perceptive in the workplace, and they will be more diverse. Even after the statistics above, when considering the C-level positions in the S&P 500 companies, a small percentage will be held by women.

Within an organization, there will be women that will struggle to reach the high-level positions. Then, for women like Susan McGalla, they have been able to assist other women in leading the way when it comes to leadership. She has been able to rise from the level that he had in the comfort of having males and females as her colleagues. Her father was a football coach, and she had two brothers, so there has not been a time in her life that she was given breaks because she was a girl. For everything that Susan McGalla wanted she had to work hard for it. With that perceptive growing up she has carried on with it in her life thus achieving incredible success, and in her career, she holds so many positions.

Through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla has been able to work her way up. From the time she started her career, all the executives were men. She managed to change that because before she left the company, she was the president. She is the one that founded the P3 Executive Consulting, and currently, she is the vice president of a business strategy and creative development, and that is for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The men were dominating the industry. In the campaign that was conducted so that to encourage people to purchase from Steeler gear “wear what we wear” she was part of the whole thing. In all position that Susan McGalla has been able to secure, she never forgets one, and that is her confidence, and that has helped her to move up the rank.

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