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The Secrets behind Louis Chenevert’s Stunning Career Performance

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Louis Chenevert is one of the individuals who has contributed immeasurably to the success of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He has served this firm as both a Chief Executive Officer and as a chairperson. He served the company until 2014 where he retired. The incredible leadership that saw UTC grow into a reputable company was attributed to the outstanding leadership skills portrayed by Louis Chenevert. Before joining UTC, had worked as the president of Pratt and Whitney. Prior to working in this company, he had also served as a general manager in General Motors. By serving in all these leadership posts in different companies, Louis developed good skills that ensured him to carry on duties all along his career diligently.

Louis Chenevert serves as a leader in other boards of directors such as the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board and the Cargill Inc. Board of Directors. Being a leader and a successful entrepreneur, it is evident that he is not only well disciplined but also possess other outstanding traits. Different organizations realize his capabilities thus the reason behind being appointed for different leadership posts. Some of his habits which attribute to his success include being passionate about all the activities he partakes. Moreover, is passionate and spends most of his time in pushing the given agenda. To ensure good leadership of the firms that he manages, he disregards the internal politics and works hard to ensure that all the operational executives play their roles and deliver excellent results in time.

Louis agrees that if he were to start his career all over again, he would be keen on internal politics because they can negatively affect the results of a company’s hard work. Moreover, such politics has an impact on the future of the leaders. His advice is that energy drainers should not be tolerated in any business. This is because such people tend to slow down the progress in business. One thing that has attributed to his success as an entrepreneur is working with the right team which is essential in overcoming obstacles. In addition to his habits, his vast knowledge in business administration attribute to his stunning career performance. Louis pursued higher education in HEC Montreal where he attained a degree in Business administration.

Academy of Art University: the pillar of the art and design world

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In San Francisco city, California it was reported that the highly rated Marvel movie, The Avengers: Infinity War, has been continually breaking numerous records and achievements in the film industry. The movie was reported by Disney to have raked in over six hundred and forty million dollars in the opening weekend of the entertainment. This was just through the movie’s international box office sales. This record has steered them to the leader of the movie list in an opening weekend defeating every other film.


Jan Philip Cramer was an intricate part of the movie production as he was the supervisor under the animation category in the movie set. The accolade was also an alumnus in the Academy of Art University. He is also the department head at Digital Domain. In a talk with the university, he was thrilled to have been trusted to be part of the production crew to a film that was highly anticipated and had a considerable following.


Jan Phillip pursued and achieved a BFA from the university under the Animation & Visual Effects School. This was done in 2004. Apart from the Avengers other shows he has been a part of includes: Deadpool, Spider Homecoming which is another Marvel movie as well as the X-Men: Days of Future Past and Independence Day: Resurgence.


Cramer revealed that his work career in animation, as well as VFX, was his calling. He was acknowledged, seven years ago, with an award by the institution as being an alumnus with a rising trend in the industry. He was also inducted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. He prides himself on learning from the institution as it has nurtured him to be the person he is now.


Cramer’s story is just one among the numerous successful individuals to come from the institution. The Academy of Art University is the most prominent private university with an accredited license to teach art as well as design in the US. The school was started in the late 1920s. Various alumni of the academy have been awarded and acknowledged for their outstanding work ethics in their fields.


The courses offered by the institution include acting and film writing, motion pictures as well as television or digital media, as well as the visual effects and animation. These courses can lead the students to career paths such as graphic designing, composing and writing as well as production.


The institution offers a strong base of information in every field of arts as well as design. This also pertains to the needed skills and attributes that an individual requires achieving a successful career in the art industry.


Richard Dwayne Blair: Benefits Of Choosing An Investment Advisor

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Are you interested in saving for your children’s education or investing for retirement? Do you want to learn how to diversify your portfolio? Perhaps you’re looking for an experienced investment professional who can help you reach your goals.


Many people all over the globe are interested in investment opportunities and money management strategies but do not know how to get started. That’s where an investment advisor like Richard Dwayne Blair can help. Richard has the resources to provide the right guidance or advice.


If you are planning to invest in mutual funds, business, stocks, bonds or real estate, you may need to consult an advisor. Your advisor will help you determine what type of investment is appropriate in your situation. Your advisor will also let you know the risks involved in each investment.


There are many companies and professionals out there that offer to guide and advise new investors. You need to choose a professional who has been providing financial planning for years. You also need to consider reputation of the advisor.


Richard is a hardworking investment professional and owner of a well-established investment company. Richard Dwayne Blair has been rendering great services for years and is respected in the industry. His firm, Wealth Solutions, has been providing outstanding advisory services to clients and comes recommended.


Investment advisors study and analyze the industry and other factors pertaining to the economy, and are knowledgeable about investment opportunities. These experts have a good understanding of the problems, challenges and issues that may occur. They know how to assess their clients’ current circumstances and determine how to help them become successful.


An experienced investment advisor like Richard Dwayne Blair will discuss with you and create a customized plan based on your situation. He will create reports of his findings, along with recommendations or steps to be taken.


Numerous clients in the Austin, Texas area, have enlisted the services of Richard Dwayne Blair and his firm and are completely satisfied. Richard Dwayne Blair provides high quality tips, advice and expert strategies, which help investors become successful.


How Malcolm CasSelle Is Changing the World of Gaming World

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Malcolm CasSelle is the current CIO of OPSkins as well as the President of WAX. Before holding these two prestigious positions, he also had a stint as the President of Tribute Publishing which was later rebranded as the New Ventures at Tronc, Inc.

As the top man of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle has always wanted to his company to spearhead innovations that’ll make the world a better place. And this explains the recently forged relationship between WAX, Robot Cache, and Cryptocurrency.

The Liaison Between WAX, Robot Cache and Cryptocurrency

Speaking of cryptocurrency, WAX and Robot Cache, a popular game developing company, have agreed on incorporating crypto-transactions in video game development and distribution while using the WAX Platform.

During a candid podcast interview with William Quigley, the CEO of WAX, he openly admitted to their newfound relationship with Robot Cache and cryptocurrency. Mr. Quigley, just like Malcolm CasSelle, is confident that everyone is bound to benefit from this strategic alliance.

Some of these benefits, according to Mr. Quigley, will include cheaper costs for game developers and the enthusiast gamers alike. And apart from the WAX involvement making the acquisition of Robot Cache games a tad easier, the entire partnership will end up making the gaming platform secure than it was before.

More Information on Malcolm CasSelle

Before becoming the President of WAX, Mr. CasSelle attended Stanford University from where he graduated with an MIT. From there, he tossed himself into the world of entrepreneurship – a craft that he’s managed to master with pinpoint precision over the years.

Apart from having a Master’s Degree in Computer Science and a Degree in MIT, Mr. CasSelle is also fluent Mandarin and Japanese –a skill that he chooses to remain humble about. Apart from being popular for his contributions in PCCW, Xfire, MediaPass, SeaChange International, and Tencent, Malcolm CasSelle has also made a name for himself in the world of investment.

His investor side has been revealed time and again especially in his involvement with a number of Bitcoin-related firms, Facebook and Zynga. Last but not least, Mr. CasSelle has also an interest in Afrocentric culture. And this explains why he co-founded the CTO of NetNoir back in 1995.

Alex Pall of The Chainsmokers has a Drive to Innovate and Improve

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Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are two music producers from the East Coast. Alex Pall was working as a DJ on the side while living in New York City; Andrew Taggart was living in Maine and also interning at Interscope Records. It was at these points in their lives they were introduced to each other. It was Pall’s manager who was responsible for their business partnership.

Since they linked up, “Roses,” “Paris,” and “Closer” are some of the songs they’ve produced. Each of these songs features a guest vocalist, but “Closer” differs slightly. Andrew Taggart is singing along side Halsey. This is the first time either Pall or Taggart have sang on their own records.

This is a necessary change, according to The Chainsmokers. Their live shows were held back by the necessity of a loud speaker for guest vocalis. Obviously, every guest artist on everyone of their songs couldn’t be on tour with them, and since there was no lead vocalist for the group, this was their only option. Now, with Andrew Taggart as lead singer, the show is no longer bottle necked by having no lead vocalist.

With the release of “Closer,” The Chainsmokers marked Halsey off their list of future collaborations.

“She’s incredible,” Pall said in an interview about Halsey. “If you had asked us over the last year who was an artist that we wanted to work with, Halsey was number one on that list.”

More changes are on the horizon, according to The Chainsmokers. They say they are always looking for ways to reinvent themselves and improve their music.

Alex Pall, in the aforementioned interview, stressed the importance of the changes regarding their live show. “We bring it upon ourselves to bring a new and exciting show,” he said. “We want to keep doing exciting things and pushing ourselves.”

The success of Susan McGalla in paving the way to leadership

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Statistics that have been carried in previous year’s show business that have the gender diversity most likely they will outperform companies by 15%, then for the ethnically diverse companies, they are 35% when compared with those firms that are not diverse. The reason why these companies will be able to outperform is that they are ready for new ideas. The diversity will bring about the perceptive in the workplace, and they will be more diverse. Even after the statistics above, when considering the C-level positions in the S&P 500 companies, a small percentage will be held by women.

Within an organization, there will be women that will struggle to reach the high-level positions. Then, for women like Susan McGalla, they have been able to assist other women in leading the way when it comes to leadership. She has been able to rise from the level that he had in the comfort of having males and females as her colleagues. Her father was a football coach, and she had two brothers, so there has not been a time in her life that she was given breaks because she was a girl. For everything that Susan McGalla wanted she had to work hard for it. With that perceptive growing up she has carried on with it in her life thus achieving incredible success, and in her career, she holds so many positions.

Through the ranks of American Eagle Outfitters, McGalla has been able to work her way up. From the time she started her career, all the executives were men. She managed to change that because before she left the company, she was the president. She is the one that founded the P3 Executive Consulting, and currently, she is the vice president of a business strategy and creative development, and that is for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The men were dominating the industry. In the campaign that was conducted so that to encourage people to purchase from Steeler gear “wear what we wear” she was part of the whole thing. In all position that Susan McGalla has been able to secure, she never forgets one, and that is her confidence, and that has helped her to move up the rank.

The Impressive Management Team at Fortress Investment Group

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Fortress Investment Group was established in 1998. The three highly experienced investors who started the company were Wesley R. Edens, Rob Kauffman, and Randal Nardone. Both Mr. Nardone and Mr. Edens were alumni of the BlackRock Financial Inc. Edens had been a Managing Director, and Nardone was a Principal at BlackRock. Kauffman, who has since retired, had been a Managing Director at UBS prior to co-founding Fortress. Mr. Nardone had also worked at UBS. The three led the investment management firm to astounding success. By the second quarter of 2016, Fortress Investment Group managed about seventy billion dollars in assets.Today Wesley Edens serves as Co-Chief Executive Officer and is a member of the Management Committee of the Board of Directors.

An interesting fact about him is that he has been a mountaineer. He climbed The Grand Teton and in Switzerland ascended the Matterhorn. He is also co-owner of the basketball team the Milwaukee Bucks and is diligently engaged in helping people in Milwaukee. Another Principal in the firm is Peter L. Briger, who also serves as Co-Chairman of the Board of Directors. He oversees the Real Estate business at Fortress and is also in charge of the Credit Business at the company. Mr. Briger was formerly a Partner at Goldman, Sachs & Co. He graduated from Princeton and has an MBA from the Wharton School of Business. Working out of the San Francisco office, Peter Briger is very active in the community and the great charitable organizations there. He serves on the Board of Tipping Point which helps the needy in that city. He is also on the Board of Caliber Charter Schools.

In February 2007 Fortress became a publicly traded company on the NYSE. Its traing symbol is FIG. That move on that date made Fortress Investment Group the first private equity group to be traded publicly on the stock exchange. FIG practices strategies in real estate, credit funds, private equity, capital investment, and hedge funds.In 2017 Soft Bank Corp. bought Fortress Investment Group. Shareholders at Fortress had voted to authorize the deal on July 12, 2017. The acquisition cost was 3.3 billion dollars. Soft Bank Corp. is based in Tokyo. It has been established that Fortress will remain headquartered in New York City and continues to conduct business independently. FIG is a well-respected investment management firm that maintains and grows assets for over fifteen hundred investors, including both institutional and private financiers. Fortress Investment Group is an international entity.

Communication Between Students And Teachers Is Greater Than Ever With Class Dojo

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Class Dojo is one of the leading educational platforms on the market today, seeing use in more than 90 percent of all schools in the United States within grades K-8. Unlike most other educational tools aimed at young students, Class Dojo is focused on communication and greatly expanding on what is capable within the normal classroom environment. With Class Dojo, students are able to stay connected with each other through a special app and participate in a unique Class Story tailored to each classroom. Parents are also able to use this great app to stay in contact with their child as well as their teachers throughout the day. This allows parents with busy schedules to stay on top of their child’s schoolwork and classroom activities.

Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don started up Class Dojo in 2011 and in less than a decade they are already finding their way into schools around the world. Within Class Dojo’s app, students are able to share videos, among other things, but this is not limited to specific regions. Students from around the world can share videos with each other to show what it is like learning and living in other countries around the globe. This is a special experience for young students and is one of the few ways to help teach important life lessons in the classroom. Allowing students from different cultures to socially connect builds their communication skills and creates an understanding between people of all different backgrounds.

Vastly improving communication for students allows them to feel better about their schoolwork and find more fun in the learning process, especially when parents are able to stay involved. Parents that take the time to help their children at home build their confidence as a student and help motivate them to excel in the classroom. Thanks to one of Class Dojo’s leading features, being free, pretty much everyone can participate in this great program with a simple invitation from a classroom teacher. Once invited, students are able to set up their own profiles and unique avatars to stand out on the platform without using any personal information, keeping the platform entirely safe.