Lori Senecal Achievements and success story

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Lori Senecal is renowned for her advertisements expertise and entrepreneurship passion. Lori is an ambitious lady who worked hard to achieve her dreams. Her motivation came from her older siblings who encouraged and supported her to make sure she meets her goals. Lori Senecal success story was not an easy one, but she rose against all the odds to become what she is today. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing from McGill University. After graduating, she joined the employment world. She was a talented young lady with magical hands and everything she got involved with became successful.


Lori Senecal had versatile skills in all aspects of the business world. She had exceptional leadership skills that created attention from her peers. She led many companies and ensured success. Her unique skills and commitment to help other companies and individual entrepreneurs made her stand out among other employers who wanted her to manage their firms. Lori can be best described as a genius; she is an expert in multinational accounting and data analysis. She has worked with various prestigious companies including; Nestle, Weight Watchers, Nabisco, Sprint and Molson. Check out Bloomberg to see more.




Senecal has served several positions in her career life. She worked as a global accountant director for Coca-Cola Company. She has also worked as the chief marketing officer for DDB Worldwide Communication Group. In 2003, she used her skills and established TAG Ideation, a young marketing unit where she later became the head of sales and marketing. In 2009, she was appointed as a partner, chief executive officer and president of Kirshenbaum Bond. In 2014 to 2015, Lori served as the chief executive officer and director of MDC partners. Her intelligence and hard work have resulted in many achievements. In 2015, she took up the role of the chief executive officer of the Crispin Porter& Bogusky. You can visit interview.net to see more.



Her excellent leadership and innovation skills have earned her several awards. In 2014, she was recognized as the woman to watch in the advertising industry. She also won the Quantum Leap Award by the AWNY game changer awards. During her reign as the chief executive officer of Global and kbs+, the company was ranked as the best company to work with in New York. You can visit their Twitter page.



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