Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurship in the Mall Industry

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Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurship in the Mall Industry

Roberto Santiago is a thriving business investor who deals with the shopping mall industry in Brazil. He owns one of the largest shopping centers which is located in Paraiba, Brazil. Roberto Santiago established the mall back in 1989 which was two years after his relentless efforts of building it. Moreover, Mr. Santiago’s first worked at a company that was known as Café Santa Rose before establishing his own company that used to manufacture cartons. Prior to that, Mr. Santiago had has his education at Pio X Marist College and also pursued a Business Administration Degree at the University of Centre of Joao Pessoa.

About Roberto Santiago’s Mall Investment

Roberto Santiago’s mall which is known as Manaira Shopping Mall has over the years undergone expansion phases to fit the modern technology. Its most striking trademark is the Domus hall that is located at the roof top of the mall and was opened in 2009. The Domus Hall has been a source of attraction to many visitors as it has hosted many artists who have held concerts at the premises. Further, the hall also hosts a series of events whereby the space can be used to hold graduations, trade fairs, weddings, and presentations among others. The hall’s capacity can accommodate 10,000 people when standing and 4,000 when seated. Equally important, the Domus hall occupies two floors where it has private cabins and dressing rooms in its first floor.

Also, as a visionary entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago designed Maniara Shopping Mall with spacious floor space that occupies 75,000 square meters which fits more than 300 stores. The other features at the mall include the leisure amenities such as movie theatres that are of world-class standards. The movie theatres which are a total of 11 cinemas are fitted with the latest technology in terms of the cinematic projections. The mall further has a gaming section, shopping areas, food courts, financial institutions, a college, and a gym. Maniara Shopping Mall is simply a one-stop shop that not only provides all the shopping products for the people of Paraiba but a complete family recreation center that doubles up as an entertainment joint.

What’s more, with the establishment of the Manaira Shopping Mall saw the growth and economic development of the city of Paraiba. It is one of the five primary commercial centers in Paraiba which acts as the central place for sale whereas its space can be used for multipurpose activities. Rafaela Barros, the manager of Manaira Shopping Mall, points out that the mall continues to contribute significant developments including employment opportunities in the shopping mall industry. Better still, Roberto Santiago also opened another mall in 2014 that is known as the Mangabeira Shopping Mall in the south of Joao Pessoa as part of his entrepreneurship spirit.


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