Stream Energy’s Dedication To Philanthropy

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Stream Energy takes their efforts towards community outreach as seriously as they do their business model of direct selling energy. Stream’s senior event manager, Kimberly Gerard, made a statement featured in an article on about the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. Their track record for philanthropy further illustrates Stream Energy’s charitable principles. Through their foundation Stream Cares, the company sponsors a variety of events to provide communities with different services and resources.

Stream Cares consistently works with the organization Hope Supply Co. to serve the homeless community. Not only do they provide essential material resources, the organizations also create events that offer valuable life experiences to those in need.

One example of such experiences is the Splash for Hope event. Every year the organization funds a trip to the local water park for over 1,000 homeless children. Operation Once in a Lifetime is yet another event, this one providing an afternoon of enjoyment for local area veterans in Dallas.

Stream is based in Dallas and works primarily within the local area. However, when extreme cases like natural disasters venture outside of the local North Texas boundaries, so does Stream Energy. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston, and Stream made no hesitation to step into action. Stemming in Texas and spreading nationwide, Stream Cares teams up with other non-profit and charitable organizations to make the most significant impacts possible. They’ve maintained an ongoing relationship with the Red Cross in a mutual effort towards philanthropy. In 2016, Stream joined the Salvation Army to combat yet another natural disaster by helping tornado victims recover from losing homes and businesses.

Stream Energy embraces philanthropy as a form of generosity towards the public, as well as social proof. The company prioritizes giving in more ways than just money. Stream also serves as a leader in the corporate business world, setting a standard for giving back. They join the tally of nearly $19 billion in corporate funding through charities around the world. Further support is provided by joint efforts with corporate employees donating their time and money.

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