Whitney Wolfe Shines In Battle Against Tinder

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Bumble is the dating app to beat. People that have seen the way that the social media buzz has increased about Bumble are well aware that this is the main competitor for Tinder. The logic behind this is simple. During a time where the me-too movement is exploding it makes perfect sense for a woman that was sexually harassed during her time at Tinder, a company that she helped co-create, to become successful with Bumble.

It was just a matter of time before people started to take a serious look at what Bumble was doing. Whitney Wolfe was already in powerful position after winning a lawsuit to become the top competitor against Tinder. After her app started to soar it became something that the Tinder family was displeased with. This is why the Match Group tried to create a lawsuit against Bumble.

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Whitney Wolfe has continued to stay in a place where she is gaining even more exposure. All that the lawsuit that the Match Group did was bring more people to Bumble. It is still something of a novelty in some aspects so people are curious about the nature of this app. They want to know what this company is doing, and now that there is a lawsuit from the Match Group against Whitney Wolfe it has become rather obvious that more people will find out about the entire history of Whitney Wolfe during her time at Tinder.

It is not going to paint Tinder in a good light. It would actually make more sense for Tinder to take on a silent roll since Whitney Wolfe actually won the lawsuit against Tinder. When people look at the history of the sexual harassment and the statement that Whitney Wolfe has made about bullying that is going on with Tinder it is only going to make this company even more of a monster in the eyes of single female women that are looking for a change of pace. This app does not paint anything in a good light for Tinder. All it does is magnify an issue that was already present.

What this essentially does is give Whitney Wolfe an even greater platform to build an audience that is ready for a feminist dating app. Fortunately, this is already what Whitney Wolfe has classified Bumble to be. It is the feminist dating app that has expanded into a social media extravaganza.

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