Campaigns, Distributed Canvassing and Easier Work

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NGP VAN provides an easy-to-use volunteer canvassing tool that makes door-to-door grassroots organizing much easier than it used to be. In the days before Distributed Canvassing became the method to use, volunteers had to complete about seven steps in contacting voters and other volunteers. This app also meshes easily with social media.


Explaining Distributed Canvassing

Distributed Canvassing makes NGP VAN volunteer campaigner’s workflow much easier to manage. In this way, they are spending more time in face-to-face contact with voters, rather than completing all the steps necessary to speak to the voter, then recording their responses to canvasser’s interview questions.


Volunteer canvassing organizers can set up a canvassing universe (the entire area to be canvassed). Next, they enter the script that volunteers are asked to use.


Canvassing organizers can even specify how many doors they want their canvassers to knock on. From there, the NGP VAN system sets up a list number, which is given to the canvasser.


How It Works

Canvassers and organizers can create canvassing areas, called “turfs.” Once the canvasser knows how many doors they have to knock on, it’s easy for them to get started—the canvassing tool can even be downloaded as a smartphone app that includes every function the canvasser needs. This includes entering the voter’s data straight into the app, rather than filling everything out on a paper form. Just as a single demonstration, this makes it clear how easy it can be to use the app.


A New Tool for Democratic and Progressive Groups

Street team canvassing allows field organizers and their volunteers to gather fresh lists of names and their contact information at political rallies and protests.


Voter and protester information can be quickly gathered and with MiniVAN, which is another part of NGP VAN social groups can begin to mobilize like-minded protesters and voters, using social media apps. By using these tools on social media, field organizers and volunteers can put public pressure on politicians and organization leaders.


Marginalized groups, such as ethnic groups, LGTBQ and even undocumented workers can make their presence known with NGP VAN.

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