Sean Penn pens down the noel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

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Debut novels often do the honors of upholding the recognition of the author, and Sean Penn is no exception with his Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. This was a highly opinionated book, with social media platforms heating up in discussions about the book’s contents, with most people taking it for a factual setting and even believing that its fictional base is but a mask to the truth discussed in the novel.

Sean Penn was surprised at how fast people are at drawing up conclusions even to direct ideas, and not at any point giving a chance to the thought and the fact that a book can have a fictional setting and be nothing more or close to an opinion; just as the ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’

Sean Penn, a director, writer, and performer, has a dream to achieve more than what he already has in his 57 years. He has published award-winning books and plans on going on further to accomplish more. With a legacy in mind, he gets more inspired by how some writers express themselves in their work with a lot of freedom, something he says makes one want to have the same kind of freedom in writing.

Sean Penn explains further why he first released the audio version of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff before publishing the novel. His initial plan was to release the audio, and he did not at this time have the idea of publishing it. However, with the growing interest of the public, his choice to turn it to writing came inevitably.

He goes ahead to share his interest in writing more books and says that he feels and enjoys the peace that comes with and in writing. It is a common occurrence for writers to find themselves in solitary because writing in a way secludes one from the rest of the world. This is something that interests Sean Penn, and his growing liking to writing makes him want to write more, irrespective of whether his work will be published or not. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was one of the most reacted-to works of Sean and the reactions do not discourage him but instead work to motivate him more.

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