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Lori Senecal Achievements and success story

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Lori Senecal is renowned for her advertisements expertise and entrepreneurship passion. Lori is an ambitious lady who worked hard to achieve her dreams. Her motivation came from her older siblings who encouraged and supported her to make sure she meets her goals. Lori Senecal success story was not an easy one, but she rose against all the odds to become what she is today. She holds a bachelor’s degree in sales and marketing from McGill University. After graduating, she joined the employment world. She was a talented young lady with magical hands and everything she got involved with became successful.


Lori Senecal had versatile skills in all aspects of the business world. She had exceptional leadership skills that created attention from her peers. She led many companies and ensured success. Her unique skills and commitment to help other companies and individual entrepreneurs made her stand out among other employers who wanted her to manage their firms. Lori can be best described as a genius; she is an expert in multinational accounting and data analysis. She has worked with various prestigious companies including; Nestle, Weight Watchers, Nabisco, Sprint and Molson. Check out Bloomberg to see more.




Senecal has served several positions in her career life. She worked as a global accountant director for Coca-Cola Company. She has also worked as the chief marketing officer for DDB Worldwide Communication Group. In 2003, she used her skills and established TAG Ideation, a young marketing unit where she later became the head of sales and marketing. In 2009, she was appointed as a partner, chief executive officer and president of Kirshenbaum Bond. In 2014 to 2015, Lori served as the chief executive officer and director of MDC partners. Her intelligence and hard work have resulted in many achievements. In 2015, she took up the role of the chief executive officer of the Crispin Porter& Bogusky. You can visit to see more.



Her excellent leadership and innovation skills have earned her several awards. In 2014, she was recognized as the woman to watch in the advertising industry. She also won the Quantum Leap Award by the AWNY game changer awards. During her reign as the chief executive officer of Global and kbs+, the company was ranked as the best company to work with in New York. You can visit their Twitter page.



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Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurship in the Mall Industry

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Roberto Santiago’s Entrepreneurship in the Mall Industry

Roberto Santiago is a thriving business investor who deals with the shopping mall industry in Brazil. He owns one of the largest shopping centers which is located in Paraiba, Brazil. Roberto Santiago established the mall back in 1989 which was two years after his relentless efforts of building it. Moreover, Mr. Santiago’s first worked at a company that was known as Café Santa Rose before establishing his own company that used to manufacture cartons. Prior to that, Mr. Santiago had has his education at Pio X Marist College and also pursued a Business Administration Degree at the University of Centre of Joao Pessoa.

About Roberto Santiago’s Mall Investment

Roberto Santiago’s mall which is known as Manaira Shopping Mall has over the years undergone expansion phases to fit the modern technology. Its most striking trademark is the Domus hall that is located at the roof top of the mall and was opened in 2009. The Domus Hall has been a source of attraction to many visitors as it has hosted many artists who have held concerts at the premises. Further, the hall also hosts a series of events whereby the space can be used to hold graduations, trade fairs, weddings, and presentations among others. The hall’s capacity can accommodate 10,000 people when standing and 4,000 when seated. Equally important, the Domus hall occupies two floors where it has private cabins and dressing rooms in its first floor.

Also, as a visionary entrepreneur, Roberto Santiago designed Maniara Shopping Mall with spacious floor space that occupies 75,000 square meters which fits more than 300 stores. The other features at the mall include the leisure amenities such as movie theatres that are of world-class standards. The movie theatres which are a total of 11 cinemas are fitted with the latest technology in terms of the cinematic projections. The mall further has a gaming section, shopping areas, food courts, financial institutions, a college, and a gym. Maniara Shopping Mall is simply a one-stop shop that not only provides all the shopping products for the people of Paraiba but a complete family recreation center that doubles up as an entertainment joint.

What’s more, with the establishment of the Manaira Shopping Mall saw the growth and economic development of the city of Paraiba. It is one of the five primary commercial centers in Paraiba which acts as the central place for sale whereas its space can be used for multipurpose activities. Rafaela Barros, the manager of Manaira Shopping Mall, points out that the mall continues to contribute significant developments including employment opportunities in the shopping mall industry. Better still, Roberto Santiago also opened another mall in 2014 that is known as the Mangabeira Shopping Mall in the south of Joao Pessoa as part of his entrepreneurship spirit.


The Career Life of Peter Briger

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Fortress Investment Group LLC is an institution that has a great reputation in the international arena. The large organization offers customers a wide variety of financial services, and it has customers coming from all parts of the world. At the moment, the global firm is believed to be the asset manager of over forty five billion assets. All of these assets have been managed by the investment company for a long time now. Fortress Investment Group was introduced to customers in the United States in the year 1998. According to the publications on the company website, the financial services company has more than eighteen hundred institutional clients and several other private investors who come from all parts of the world. These clients come from all departments. Most of them praise the services they have been receiving from the company over the years.

Fortress Investment Group first ventured into the American market due to the combined effort of two personalities who felt that customers in the world lacked great financial services. Wes Edens and Peter Briger felt that they could do more for the people who wanted great services at affordable rates. At first, these two co-founders did not know the kind of approach they could use. However, both of them had been in the finance department for a long time, and they were equipped with some skills that could assist them in the starting the company. These professionals knew that the competition they were going to face was tough, and that is why they braced themselves and prepared well. One decade, later, these founders are very proud of the success their company has achieved.

Peter L. Briger, a renowned personality in the world of finance, the businessman is currently a principal and also the co-chief executive officer of Fortress Investment Group. The San Francisco based investor has been working with Fortress since the year 2006, and he has been the force that has introduced so many changes. Peter is a busy man who has so many activities to carry out in the large organization. His primary duty, however, is the credit business happening in Fortress. Peter has been fortunate to work in various duties in the past, and this is why he is skilled in all the activities he is in charge of. Peter has all the academic qualifications many people wish to have. The businessman went to school in a great university in the country.

The Life Legacy Of Dr. Saad Saad

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From infants to teenagers, Dr. Saad has handled thousands of complex pediatric cases on children of all ages. Since coming into the medical sector as a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad Saad has been widely associated with several medical assignments, such as developing several new pediatric surgical procedures, patenting 2 inventions and performing free complex surgeries on less-privileged children while participating in 8 Medical Missions.


How it all began


It all started in 1965 when Dr. Saad was attending high school in his country home, Kuwait. According to him, he had wanted to study engineering like his two older brothers who were already working as construction engineers . But he soon realized that he would be more comfortable working indoors in an A/C fitted facility as a medical doctor than working outdoors in the heat as an engineer.


He said it was this “self-discovery” that inspired him to study medicine and become a pediatric surgeon performing operations in an air-conditioned theatre. Despite possessing a natural talent for engineering, Dr. Saad Saad considers medicine to be his calling. Nonetheless, it is interesting to know that he combines these skills together to not only solve pertinent health challenges but also improve the lives of many people.


His biography


Despite being raised in Kuwait, it is important to note that Dr. Saad Saad is a Palestinian by birth. But he later moved to Egypt to attend Cairo University where he earned his medical degree in 1971 as the second-best student in his class.


After successfully completing his formal medical education and passing his ECFMG exam, he was allowed to train in the United States where he had his residency done in surgery and pediatric surgery. Dr. Saad Saad served as the co-medical director of K Hovnanian Children Hospital, New Jersey and also as the Surgeon-in-Chief of the same hospital during his career.


In a bid to benefit his young patients, Dr. Saad Saad has always been seeking out new ways to improve surgical techniques which has enabled him earn a very productive surgical career while treating patients needing pediatric care both within and outside his community until he was called up by the Saudi Royal family to serve as a pediatric surgeon in 1985.


His Achievements


Dr. Saad spent four and half years in Saudi Arabia before returning the U.S. to continue as a high-demand surgeon. Based in Eatontown, New Jersey, the surgeon has been affiliated with several hospitals in the areas, including Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus, and Jersey Shore University Medical Center.


As a pediatric surgeon, Dr. Saad, MD has acquired over 3 decades of experience in the field of pediatric surgery and thoracic surgery. He is certified in Pediatric Surgery by the American Board of Surgery and has gained several recognitions, honors, and awards in this field. Learn more:


The Philanthropic And Hospitality Mark Shiraz Boghani Has Made

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If there is a healthcare organization that has acquired indisputable global recognition, call it Sussex Healthcare. The kind of work they have done in the health area is exceptional. They have managed to give the elderly the best care they need together with other patients. The European Union at one time rated this organization top among others in maintaining quality services and excellent health standards. All this was achieved through the help of the top management experts like Shiraz Boghani who happens to be the chairman. You can actually know where an organization is headed just by looking at the skills and expertise of the leader. They say that everything in every area rises or falls on leadership.

The kind of leadership Shiraz has offered in this organization is unmatched. He doesn’t just ensure the patients get the healthcare they need but also the healthcare they are entitled to. The board members of Sussex Healthcare quite often inspect the facility with the intention of knowing the patients more. The healthcare service providers in this organization show much love to the patients. They actually monitor and serve the patients with diligence and compassion. It has been affirmed that Shiraz usually donates millions of his money to this organization just to help it maintain the excellence expected of it.

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All the different groups of patients who come to this facility find a safe haven. The environment that Shiraz has provided in this organization has made it possible for the workers to cultivate effective communication with the relatives of the patients and explore various walks of life as well. Patients who need cardio exercise and rehabilitation enjoy the therapeutic hot tub Shiraz has built for them. Shiraz Boghani understands the science behind the hot tubs. He knows that warm water loosens sore bones and tight joints, and that the jets also stimulate the body muscles. He has also created a private wing and provided qualified staff for patients who need specialized healthcare services such as those with neurological disorders and dementia.

Boghani is not just a passionate individual when it comes to the healthcare issues. He is also a philanthropist, hotelier, innovator and business owner. He happens to be a co-founder of this great home care organization called Sussex Healthcare. At Splendid Hotels Group, Shiraz is the chairperson. He left Kenya in 1969 and went to the UK where he went at the Chartered Accountant to train as an accountant. He later joined the Thompson McLintock & Co. He has changed many lives through different platforms such as the Aga Khan Foundation and Ismaili Community.

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Stream Energy’s Dedication To Philanthropy

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Stream Energy takes their efforts towards community outreach as seriously as they do their business model of direct selling energy. Stream’s senior event manager, Kimberly Gerard, made a statement featured in an article on about the company’s commitment to making a positive impact on people’s lives. Their track record for philanthropy further illustrates Stream Energy’s charitable principles. Through their foundation Stream Cares, the company sponsors a variety of events to provide communities with different services and resources.

Stream Cares consistently works with the organization Hope Supply Co. to serve the homeless community. Not only do they provide essential material resources, the organizations also create events that offer valuable life experiences to those in need.

One example of such experiences is the Splash for Hope event. Every year the organization funds a trip to the local water park for over 1,000 homeless children. Operation Once in a Lifetime is yet another event, this one providing an afternoon of enjoyment for local area veterans in Dallas.

Stream is based in Dallas and works primarily within the local area. However, when extreme cases like natural disasters venture outside of the local North Texas boundaries, so does Stream Energy. In 2017, Hurricane Harvey swept through Houston, and Stream made no hesitation to step into action. Stemming in Texas and spreading nationwide, Stream Cares teams up with other non-profit and charitable organizations to make the most significant impacts possible. They’ve maintained an ongoing relationship with the Red Cross in a mutual effort towards philanthropy. In 2016, Stream joined the Salvation Army to combat yet another natural disaster by helping tornado victims recover from losing homes and businesses.

Stream Energy embraces philanthropy as a form of generosity towards the public, as well as social proof. The company prioritizes giving in more ways than just money. Stream also serves as a leader in the corporate business world, setting a standard for giving back. They join the tally of nearly $19 billion in corporate funding through charities around the world. Further support is provided by joint efforts with corporate employees donating their time and money.

Whitney Wolfe Shines In Battle Against Tinder

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Bumble is the dating app to beat. People that have seen the way that the social media buzz has increased about Bumble are well aware that this is the main competitor for Tinder. The logic behind this is simple. During a time where the me-too movement is exploding it makes perfect sense for a woman that was sexually harassed during her time at Tinder, a company that she helped co-create, to become successful with Bumble.

It was just a matter of time before people started to take a serious look at what Bumble was doing. Whitney Wolfe was already in powerful position after winning a lawsuit to become the top competitor against Tinder. After her app started to soar it became something that the Tinder family was displeased with. This is why the Match Group tried to create a lawsuit against Bumble.

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Whitney Wolfe has continued to stay in a place where she is gaining even more exposure. All that the lawsuit that the Match Group did was bring more people to Bumble. It is still something of a novelty in some aspects so people are curious about the nature of this app. They want to know what this company is doing, and now that there is a lawsuit from the Match Group against Whitney Wolfe it has become rather obvious that more people will find out about the entire history of Whitney Wolfe during her time at Tinder.

It is not going to paint Tinder in a good light. It would actually make more sense for Tinder to take on a silent roll since Whitney Wolfe actually won the lawsuit against Tinder. When people look at the history of the sexual harassment and the statement that Whitney Wolfe has made about bullying that is going on with Tinder it is only going to make this company even more of a monster in the eyes of single female women that are looking for a change of pace. This app does not paint anything in a good light for Tinder. All it does is magnify an issue that was already present.

What this essentially does is give Whitney Wolfe an even greater platform to build an audience that is ready for a feminist dating app. Fortunately, this is already what Whitney Wolfe has classified Bumble to be. It is the feminist dating app that has expanded into a social media extravaganza.

Campaigns, Distributed Canvassing and Easier Work

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NGP VAN provides an easy-to-use volunteer canvassing tool that makes door-to-door grassroots organizing much easier than it used to be. In the days before Distributed Canvassing became the method to use, volunteers had to complete about seven steps in contacting voters and other volunteers. This app also meshes easily with social media.


Explaining Distributed Canvassing

Distributed Canvassing makes NGP VAN volunteer campaigner’s workflow much easier to manage. In this way, they are spending more time in face-to-face contact with voters, rather than completing all the steps necessary to speak to the voter, then recording their responses to canvasser’s interview questions.


Volunteer canvassing organizers can set up a canvassing universe (the entire area to be canvassed). Next, they enter the script that volunteers are asked to use.


Canvassing organizers can even specify how many doors they want their canvassers to knock on. From there, the NGP VAN system sets up a list number, which is given to the canvasser.


How It Works

Canvassers and organizers can create canvassing areas, called “turfs.” Once the canvasser knows how many doors they have to knock on, it’s easy for them to get started—the canvassing tool can even be downloaded as a smartphone app that includes every function the canvasser needs. This includes entering the voter’s data straight into the app, rather than filling everything out on a paper form. Just as a single demonstration, this makes it clear how easy it can be to use the app.


A New Tool for Democratic and Progressive Groups

Street team canvassing allows field organizers and their volunteers to gather fresh lists of names and their contact information at political rallies and protests.


Voter and protester information can be quickly gathered and with MiniVAN, which is another part of NGP VAN social groups can begin to mobilize like-minded protesters and voters, using social media apps. By using these tools on social media, field organizers and volunteers can put public pressure on politicians and organization leaders.


Marginalized groups, such as ethnic groups, LGTBQ and even undocumented workers can make their presence known with NGP VAN.

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Sean Penn pens down the noel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

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Debut novels often do the honors of upholding the recognition of the author, and Sean Penn is no exception with his Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. This was a highly opinionated book, with social media platforms heating up in discussions about the book’s contents, with most people taking it for a factual setting and even believing that its fictional base is but a mask to the truth discussed in the novel.

Sean Penn was surprised at how fast people are at drawing up conclusions even to direct ideas, and not at any point giving a chance to the thought and the fact that a book can have a fictional setting and be nothing more or close to an opinion; just as the ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’

Sean Penn, a director, writer, and performer, has a dream to achieve more than what he already has in his 57 years. He has published award-winning books and plans on going on further to accomplish more. With a legacy in mind, he gets more inspired by how some writers express themselves in their work with a lot of freedom, something he says makes one want to have the same kind of freedom in writing.

Sean Penn explains further why he first released the audio version of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff before publishing the novel. His initial plan was to release the audio, and he did not at this time have the idea of publishing it. However, with the growing interest of the public, his choice to turn it to writing came inevitably.

He goes ahead to share his interest in writing more books and says that he feels and enjoys the peace that comes with and in writing. It is a common occurrence for writers to find themselves in solitary because writing in a way secludes one from the rest of the world. This is something that interests Sean Penn, and his growing liking to writing makes him want to write more, irrespective of whether his work will be published or not. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was one of the most reacted-to works of Sean and the reactions do not discourage him but instead work to motivate him more.

Watch the full interview with Sean Penn:;eyJ0b3RhbCI6MTMsInR5cGUiOiJ0YWciLCJpZCI6ODAyM30

Randal Nardone Runs His Business the Right Way

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Randal Nardone helped start Fortress Investment Group. As the co-founder of the company, he knows what it needs to succeed. He wants to see it get better and grow because of everything he invested in it. He also wants people to realize there is a chance they can do things the right way as long as they’re making things easier on their own. For Randal Nardone, the point of running the business is to always give attention where they need it. The ideas he has all go back to the hard work he put in and the opportunities he created for people to be successful.Thanks to Randal Nardone, there are times where people can use Fortress Investment Group to do better on their own. He knows what it will take to be better at what he does and he plans to always show them they can do more on their own.

For Randal Nardone, the business grows and the company knows how to help people with the opportunities they have. It is his way of giving them what they need. Clients see how dedicated Randal Nardone is to Fortress Investment Group. While he doesn’t always work exclusively with clients, he does other things that allow him to make an impact on them. It is his way of giving them the things they need. No matter how hard Randal Nardone works to give people what they need, he feels confident he can grow the relationships people have with the company. It is his way of providing positive interactions between the company and the clients.

For Randal Nardone, the company will get better and will make more sense for people to enjoy. It is his way of trying to help people through different things. It is also how he makes the company better. When Randal Nardone started looking at different options for Fortress Investment Group, he realized acquisition was a great option. When Softbank approached the company to acquire them, Randal Nardone found they were making a great offer. They knew what they wanted and Fortress Investment Group was their chance to do things right. They wanted people to realize they could try things on their own and make more money from it. He also knew there were other ways they’d help by offering all the resources they had available to them. As a big corporation, they could contribute a lot to Fortress Investment Group.