LimeCrime Brand Introduces Shimmering Colors

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Lime Crime Dictates Beauty

You always want your makeup to present the color you need, be safe on your skin, and something you can afford. Are you familiar with vegan skin care products? Essentially, they’re skin care products made from a completely clinically tested hypoallergenic formula. However, vegan products are also cruelty-free. Find your unique identity with bold colors meant to highlight your best features. Thousands of women and guys alike swear by the shimmering matte formula available in the exclusive collection of LimeCrime cosmetics. You can choose from a top brand of cosmetics preferred by makeup artists, entertainment professional, young adults, and self-identity seekers.

The Birth Of A Brand

Find cool containers designed for each of their beauty care products and easy to locate and store containers. You can’t miss their original packaging at select retailers. Discover rich colors like Red Velvet to bring out every detail of your lips or an amazing eye-shadow shade to go along with any eye color. Join the cosmetic family that shares their beauty tips on their original social media site. Their cosmetics are modeled on all skin types and shades to give you an exact idea about how it will look on your skin.

Recent News About Lime Crime

They’ve been able to create an e-commerce market that allows their customers to choose from thousands of authentic products that are safe for your skin. They will offer exclusive products in their Chinese e-commerce market. Customers will be able to have LimeCrime products shipped to their door overseas. Their creator, Unicorn Queen, marketing expert, and successful female entrepreneur, Doe Deere says, her focus has always been creating unique colors that will help wearers find their amazing self-identity with color. You’ll love being able to choose from many popular colors; already a favorite to the industry’s top makeup professionals, celebrities, and young adults.

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