Modern Therapy With the Talkspace App

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Modern Therapy With the Talkspace App

The internet and smartphone devices have made it much easier to communicate with each other than ever before. In today’s day and age, there are 24/7 news cycles, a plethora of social media platforms, and digital stimulation everywhere at the touch of a button. According to some research, however, the highly-connected and fast-moving digital world has come with some drawbacks. A medical journal in South Korea recently reported that some people are negatively affected by the internet, with over 10 percent of teenagers who frequently use the internet suffering from depression. Experts believe this could be due to the social disconnect that communication online tends to foster, meaning the lack of biologically necessary face to face or in person social interaction.

Thankfully, the internet has also given rise to mental health-related venues and apps, such as the award-winning service called Talkspace. Talkspace is a mobile app that allows people to reach out to certified mental health professionals through a video chat platform similar to Skype. The ease of use for the Talkspace service allows depressed teens or adults to immediately open up an online chat session with a counselor when they feel the need, rather than having to schedule an appointment later in the week or possibly commute for hours to finally talk to someone. Apps like Talkspace are revolutionalizing mental health counseling and therapy, as they are able to offer support to their users that just isn’t as readily available to someone who uses a more traditional means of face to face counseling.

Many experts in the mental healthcare field believe that in the future most counseling will not take place in an office building or be done face to face. Thus far research has shown that counseling conducted online through a video chat based platform is as effective as traditional face to face counseling. This convenient system also works great for counselors and therapists themselves, as it could potentially save them hours a day in commuting, meaning they are able to sit down and talk with more clients during their workday.

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