An Increase in Relations Draws Closer to Peace

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The world is a scary place, especially for individuals of the rest of the world does not understand. Such as the case is the state of Israel, a nation that is actually not that old, but is already faced so much hardship since its Inception. When Israel first became a country shortly after World War II, it was attacked on all sides by its neighbors.

They wanted his real to disappear just as quickly as it first arrived. Luckily for Israel, they had God on their side and were able to defeat the combined might of the Islamic countries surrounding them. Time has not served its purpose well though, and the countries surrounding them still distrust and hate them. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

It is a job of ambassadors of the nation of Israel, such as Daniel Taub, to increase the relations with other countries in order to develop a time of peace. Daniel Taub is a representative of his country currently serving as an ambassador in the United Kingdom.

Since arriving in England four years ago Taub has been able to increase international trade relations with the British Isles and has built a strong bond between them and his country. Sadly it would seem that Taub’s time in Britain has come to an end, as he has resigned his post on social media and on the news.


Daniel Taub is actually from the United Kingdom and only moved to Israel to become a citizen there after his family traveled to Israel for vacation. The Taubs are devout Orthodox Jews, and moving to Israel has been a dream of theirs.

Daniel Taub considers his move to be a return to his motherland and a return from exile after 2,000 years of being away. While some people, especially those who live within the British Isles, see his resignation as being a decisive blow to peace within the world, returning to Israel might actually be a good thing.

He will be able to bring his expertise to his home country, and can begin to work on building relationships with the surrounding countries there. He, along with other ambassadors to the nation, have already drastically increased their relationship between Jordan and Egypt. These two countries were at one point in time involved in the Six-Day War, but now Sharon healthy and happy relationship with the state of Israel.

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