Lime Crime And Doe Deere A Colorful Combo

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If you know the name Lime Crime, you already know about their CEO Doe Deere. However, many are still not in the loop when it comes to this colorful combination. Doe Deere is so many things it is almost impossible to talk about her in black and white. Lime Crime is a cosmetic company that was started when Doe realized that there was a need for colorful makeup that many of the cosmetic companies were not making. Doe saw the need for this and started Lime Crime with a hundred dollars of her own money and a huge dream. She started to create a line of full color makeup and sold it to people who wanted to live a more colorful life.


Today, in addition to being the CEO of Lime Crime, Doe speaks to youthful business people and inspires and encourages them to live their dreams. Doe tells them to follow their heart and go where the road leads them. This is what Doe did with Lime Crime and many other successful ventures in her lifetime. She knows that the heart never leads you in the wrong direction and she wants future business owners to know that too. Many people seem to love the idea of being whatever they want to be and who better to lead them to greatness than the Unicorn Queen Doe Deere?


Doe Deere was born in Russia and spend several years there before moving to the United States. At age 17 she grew up in NYC and never looked back. Doe loved New York and will always remember her years there. However, she followed her heart and moved to L.A. and kept making more colorful products and creating her company Lime Crime with her partner and husband. A combination that has been successful for both people because they followed their heart and still do to this day.


Doe is more than a pretty face in the cosmetic industry, she is a marketer, a writer, an artist and a creator. She is motivational speaker and corporate CEO. Success has found Doe Deere on so many levels but she always seems to follow her heart and credit that for her success. It is all part of being who you are and finding and expressing your personal freedom, the freedom to be you or anyone you want to be, even a queen of the unicorns. This is what makes Lime Crime and Doe Deere so successful. Learn more:

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