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How Agora Financial Helps Average Investors Find Opportunities To Make Money In

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Average investors want to invest their money for really important financial goals like retirement. Most people, though, really don’t know how to invest because they’ve spent their professional lives in other careers like dentistry, not researching companies to invest in. They do know enough to know, though, that they don’t want to get ripped-off by broker-dealers who are really just looking out for their own interests. Also, they want to keep the government hands out of their money as much as possible plus all the other vultures that want to get at their money.
Agora Financial, LLC is a company that helps these average investors know how to invest and how to avoid the money-eating vultures. They do this in a number of ways such as publishing newsletters, holding symposiums, creating movies, and otherwise informing people of their options for investing.
The team at Agora Financial can help you find companies to invest in before news about them hits the mainstream. Once the mainstream has gotten hold of something it’s already been heavily invested in by industry experts. Agora Financial helps people get into opportunities early when the best stock value increases occur.
At Agora Financial they have three areas that they key in on. These are how to protect your wealth, the best way to create income, and what companies they should invest in that are on the cusp of rapid growth. This company offers their research and perspective that is completely free of bias and has that has been created independently.
Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, and they offer both free and paid publications for their readers. Their editors have made many appearances on media that covers financial news such as Fox Business News, The Daily Telegraph, U.S. News & World Report, The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and more.
It is through Linkedin that Agora Financial offers jobs they are seeking to hire for. They have a wide range of positions that they offer job applicants. They are looking for managing editors, front end web developers, marketing interns, marketing specialists, news editors, and more. All of the jobs that they offer are in the Baltimore area.

Securus Technologies’ Clients Praise the Firm For Aiding in Crime Prevention

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The role of technology within crime prevention is constantly adapting and changing. And while we are still many decades away from a “pre-crime” police force or the type of complete policed nation referenced in George Orwell’s classic, technology still plays a very valid role in today’s crime prevention and prosecution. As the streets are patrolled by officer equipped with recording devices designed to aid in the prosecution of criminals, the prison system has begun to utilize high tech tools to help maintain facility order and prevent further crimes from taking place within the prison walls.


Securus Technologies and Crime Prevention


The leader in prison and inmate communication technologies, Securus Technologies, actively provides prison officials and facilities with their state of teh art tech to help officials intercept criminals before any crimes can be committed within the facility. Though not a company to solely say that they are actively stopping crimes, Securus Technologies recently took to publishing an online piece showing just how they are helping fight crimes from happening in the first place.


The piece which was published recently, contains several excerpts from real clients’ testomonials about the Securus Technologies services as they apply to crime prevention.


Within each published comment, a trend becomes immediately apparent, the services and technologies supplied by Securus have helped officials and prison administrators prevent major crimes from happening with early detection. Though the crimes may be different, one client sang the praise of Securus for helping uncover a corrupt prison official’s contraband ring and another mentioned the technologies use in solving a shooting, the common theme of crime prevention and aid in prosecution rings true throughout each clients recorded testimony.


If you would like to read more about Securus Technologies and their role in crime prevention within the prison system please click here.


Building The Roc Nation Brand With Desiree Perez

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The Roc Nation record label and media outlet have grown over the course of the decade since its founding to become a global success with the aid of the good work completed by Cheif Operating Officer, Desiree Perez. As the daughter of a Las Vegas nightclub owner, Desiree Perez has been around the media industry for the majority of her life in and around the entertainment industry before making her way to New York and building a business partnership with rapper Jay-Z. In 2008, the Roc Nation brand was born following the negotiation of a contract by Desiree Perez between Jay-Z and the Live Nation events brand.

It was at this point Desiree Perez began to be noticed by the majority of executives in the entertainment industry as she had managed to secure more than $100 million in funding for a new record label and a ten-year commitment with Live Nation. As she was named to the list of most influential female music industry executives in 2017, Desiree Perez had once again managed to secure a major piece of funding for Roc Nation with a new contract secured with Live Nation to maintain their partnership and add a further $200 million in funding to the company.

Roc Nation has benefited as a whole from the work of Desiree Perez alongside the individual success she has achieved in securing a brighter future for many of the established recording stars of the label. Perez has been involved in negotiating sponsorship contracts for artists including Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna but remains committed to creating opportunities for new artists to build a career in the music industry; to further her goal of assisting in the development of new artists, Desiree Perez has begun creating playlists for the Tidal music streaming service of Roc Nation containing many of the new artists she believes have a bright future.

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Equities First Holdings: Securities-based capital in the UK

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Established in 2002, Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) provides capital and methods of funding against traded stock. They help individuals meet their professional and personal goals by offering loans and financial products. With low costs for access to capital as well as competitive loan-to-value options, EFH has a significant advantage over traditional lending institutions and agencies. Equities First (London) Limited is a subsidiary of EFH and is based in the UK. EFH has offices in several other countries outside of the UK including the USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Their lending and investment strategies were developed by CEO Al Christy Jr. He developed the these practices personally, using his own resources and capital to test and confirm the efficacy of each technique. Fifteen years ago, he used the findings of his research on investments to establish Equities First Holdings. Since then, EFH has completed over seven hundred transactions and released billions of dollars to customers.

Philanthropist, Doctor & Futurist: Dr. Clay Siegall

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Are you interested in cancer research? Have you ever heard of a guy named Dr. Clay Siegall? If you haven’t heard, then you’re not along. Dr. Clay Siegall is one of the most well-respected names in cancer research. He is the current CEO, president and co-founder of Seattle Genetics. This oncology biotech company just so happens to be at the top of its class in the fight against cancer. Located in Bothell, Washington, this company has around 1,000 employees, it specializes in the development of cancer-breakthrough therapies, and it provides cancer-fighting drugs to over 65 countries.

With so much breaking news in this exclusive field of work, Dr. Siegall is well-informed of any and all changes. Cancer research’s status as of today is very promising. The American Society of Clinical Oncology reports that cancer research of today is delivering much faster treatments. This is great news, especially for the millions of people who suffer with the disease on a daily basis. There are various forms of cancer in society today. The good news is that the Food & Drug Administration has cleared and approved up to 20 new treatments that progressively-fights the various forms of cancer. Thanks to the advanced-technologies of the 21st century, these new therapies can detect any changes at the molecular level in a patients’ free-floating DNA as well as detection in tumors. Research and medications are truly helping to detect and eradicate these dangerous diseases much more effectively than treatments of past eras.

On the other hand, Seattle Genetics’ ADCETRIS drug is technologically advanced, and it yields great results on a consistent basis. As of today, this medication has brought in over $350 million in revenue. Dr. Siegall’s strong passion and principles are paying-off in huge returns as well as paying-off in saving lives. Since ADCETRIS is entered into multiple strategic-licensing deals, the medication is being distributed all over the globe.

Greg Secker Is A Self-Made Success

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If you are interested in the business of Forex trading then you undoubtedly have heard of Greg Secker. The English business guru has published many articles on the subject as well as his own book, Financial Freedom Through Forex, Trading Your Way to Success. He recently sat down with the folks at to discuss his approach to the foreign exchange marketplace in today’s economic environment and his passion for life. He believes that you must “pre-vision” the change you want to make in the world in order for that change to occur. The one habit that he attributes his success to is giving himself the time to think about what you want out of life. Then, after you’ve gone through the thought process, implementation is the easy part. he recommends that beginning entrepreneurs spend time reading books about things that interest them, which will help you learn to avoid mistakes that others have made.

A native of Norfolk, England, Greg Secker is a graduate of the University of Nottingham with a degree in Agricultural and Food Sciences. Directly after college, Greg joined Thomas Cook Financial Services and began to develop some of the first foreign exchange trading systems. His systems allowed him to become a highly successful trader and he became a millionaire by his mid-20s. He immediately became one of the UK’s most sought after experts in the field.

At the age of 25, Secker was name a Vice President at Mellon Financial Corporation, where he worked until 2003. He then focused his time and energy on trading on the foreign exchange full-time and teaching others his strategy. He established the Greg Secker Foundation in 2010 in order to help the less fortunate around the world. He is still active in trading and teaching his method to other forex traders in the UK and abroad. Always one to impart his wisdom on those who seek it and is currently the owner and CEO of financial giant, Learn to Trade.