The Lessons Learned by Rocketship Education in the Last Decade

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Rocketship Education is a group of elementary charter schools that serve low-income families in Washington D.C., California, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. This non-profit organization has been operational for over a decade. Below are the lessons the charter school has learned:

Learning starts at home

Rocketship Education is the leading facility in advocating for personalized learning. This kind of training provides a better understanding of various topics. Rocketship Education encourages parents to employ personalized education at home. This way, students can be able to learn from both parents and teachers.

Respect for the powers of the parents

Rocketship Education has an extensive parent leadership program that allows guardians to help in making critical decisions pertaining school activities. Under this project, parents are given an opportunity to organize how children will join the middle and high school.

Student-teacher integration

Rocketship Education has realized that teachers are responsible for creating culturally responsive schools. These charter schools are open to children from all walks of life. Rocketship Education has also embraced teacher diversity, enabling students to learn from a pool of professionals.

Rocketship Education is all about actions

Numerous parents have enrolled their children in these schools. Some of the teachers confessed that their children go to Rocketship Education.

Inclusion of all children

Rocketship Education has a program that caters to children with various needs. This program ensures that these kinds of children spend three-quarters of time in classrooms. This inclusion criterion ensures that all kids benefit.

Learning is an ongoing process

Rocketship Education launched a strategy known as the flex model to assess the learning process in the school. These model provided information on the effectiveness of real-time coaching, weekly goal setting, and student agency.

Redefining one’s mindset

Rocketship Education hires educators whose mindset is always changing. This strategy has over the years enabled the school to evaluate teachers’ cultures and student’s outcomes.

Teamwork is key

Rocketship Education has learned the importance of collaboration. This organization believes that individuals who work alone don’t go far. According to Rocketship Education’s administration, developing transparent, stable, and productive partnerships.

Rocketship Education’s pride

Rocketship Education provides better services than most private facilities. According to happy parents, public education is the core foundation of the American dream.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was established in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. This non-profit organization operates on donations and grants. Rocketship Education is categorized into three

divisions, including E-learning, EdTech, and Education. This facility caters for children from low-income homes across the United States.

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