Securus’ Clients Express Their Appreciation for the Innovations That Help Solve Crimes

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Securus is a communications providing company that serves prisons in the United States and Europe. The firm does not shy away from embracing the era’s digital revolution as it releases at least one new technological improvement or innovation that facilitates prisons to run smoothly. The chief executive officer of Securus Richard A. Smith stated that his firm has a relentless commitment to increase safety within and without the prison system.

Due to the satisfactory results attained from utilizing their gadgets, prison staff often express their appreciation to Securus for the products. A recent online publication detailed some of the reviews from customers who used Securus’ tech to improve security. The report released by Securus retained the commenters’ names to protect their identity.

One review stated that the LBS Software was particularly handy in enforcing the law. The tool was used to confiscate illegally held arms, mobile phones, money and drugs within prisons. The staff stated that the LBS Software simplified their search by a significant degree. Another comment read that the combination of the LBS Software with Investigator Pro was enough to ensure maximized safety in the business.

Securus’ efforts in increasing safety in the community have manifested with the success of prison staff collecting valuable information through the phone service. The published report entailed a case of a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount and another obtaining information from an inmate that could possibly cause harm. Securus has a transparent business policy and encouraged interested persons to visit their facility in Texas for a firsthand look at how they solve crime.

Securus’ headquarter office is located in Dallas and currently services more than 3400 prisons. It utilizes emergency response, communication, and investigation skills to build valuable devices. The development team employs extensive biometric analysis and information management software to optimize their hardware and software.

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