A partnership for a difference: Cancer Treatment Centers of America joins with Allscripts and NantHealth

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network made of five hospitals. The headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida. They treat cancer patients who spread all over the United States. The hospitals adopt an approach that is integrated into treatment of cancer. This approach makes use of conventional methods which include chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation for the treatment of cancer. In addition, they offer therapies that are integrative so as to overcome the side effects of this treatment.

The inspiration behind the founding of these centers came after the death of the founder’s mother died of cancer. Stephenson J. Richard’s is the founder. Dissatisfied with options for treatment available for his mother then, Stephenson opened the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital. The hospital was opened in the year 1988. Others were opened from 2005 to 2012. The hospitals are accredited. They have earned awards for quality and gained recognition for patient satisfaction.
In their endeavor to get the right treatment for cancer and give their patients the best, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with AllScripts and NantHealth. The collaboration is aimed at executing a technical solution that is custom. This solution will enable eviti, a product of NantHealth, gain entry to clinical workflows of Sunrise electronic health record at the Allscripts. The program, referred to as Pathways program will allow the process of cancer treatment without interrupting the workflow of the physician.
The work of coming up with the clinical operating system known as NantOs involved oncologists numbering hundreds spread all over the nation. The program holds a collection of data for cancer care which is comprehensive and evolving. The program is set mindful of the patient and integrates research for cancer that is latest, treatment and therapies that are complementary.
The program will offer transparency in the delivery of care and selection of therapy. In addition, efficiency and quality will be improved. The confidence of the patients will be improved since the program will offer a discussion between the clinical team and the patient on the appropriate treatment given their diagnosis.

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