Dallas’ Own James Dondero Succeeds both in Philanthropy and Business

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James Dondero is Highland Capital Management’s chief executive officer. He studied his Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Virginia which he has used to thrive in the business world. Besides business and finances, James is also a renowned philanthropist who has partnered with various charitable organizations who are committed to giving back to the community. Dallas Foundation is one of his partners, they have managed to budget economically for their charitable projects both locally and internationally.

James Dondero sees philanthropy as one of his major goals in life, and he has worked tirelessly with many other organizations with the same passions to ensure that the needs of the less fortunate are met. Agencies such as Dallas Foundation have been of great help to the company for it has helped it connect and establish strong relationships with these needy people.

James Dondero as the head of the company has set some goals for the company and charity is one the major one. The company, therefore, ensures that every employee works to their level best hence earning the company great profits of which some gets channeled into generous giving. James has had education and healthcare be the driving force behind his philanthropic work because he believes that a healthy and educated society has a secure future because the needs of its next generation are met actively. Charity and business go hand in hand. It works on the policy that the more you give, the more you receive, and indeed James’ company has seen the light of this.

James has achieved great success and enormous blessings due to his generosity. He has employed ways of ensuring sure that his company doesn’t sink in its operations despite his involvement in philanthropic work. He has therefore managed to oversee the company’s operations as its CEO and has been able to maintain the amounts of profits it earns at the end of every financial year. For some time now, the company has increased its earnings hence upholding its success.

All in all, a hand that gives receives even more, and Highland Capital Management under the leadership of James Dondero is living proof.

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