Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Bringing Cancer Services to the Ground

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According to an article published on the, prostate cancer is one of the many deadliest cancer diseases which affect the men’s productive system, in the United States of America. Research shows that in a group of about seven men there exists one man who is suffering from the prostate cancer.

To fight with this increasing number of men suffering from this disease, groups like National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp organization have come together to increase the awareness and to advise men for the screening to know their health and educate men on the need for screening.

The men of around 40 years are advised to sign up with LabCorp to receive a free prostate cancer screening. The processes are aimed at helping more men and reducing the disease. Hence the organization is urging men to take this opportunity and know their health status.

About the CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

It’s an organization formed by a group of hospitals. The organization was formed as a nonprofit group that deals with cancer patients in the United States. The services the CTCA offers to patients include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as immunotherapy to combat cancer disease; other services include therapies which help the cancer patients to manage cancer side effects like the pain.

The hospitals that formed the Cancer Treatment Center of America which are:
• Southeastern Regional Medical Center, which is based in the Atlanta Georgia
• Midwestern Regional Medical Center, based in Chicago Illinois
• Eastern Regional Medical Center, which is situated in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania
• Western Regional Medical Center, located in the Phoenix Arizona
• Southwestern Regional Medical Center, which is based in the Tulsa Oklahoma
All these hospitals have joined together and offered themselves to bring the cancer services to the ground.

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