Rodrigo Terpin: the Most Outstanding Rally Driver in Brazil

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Rodrigo Terpin’s boldness, tact, passion, and dedication gets most of his peers and colleagues in the rally fraternity by surprise. How he manages to stay committed and satisfied at the same requires a great deal of discipline: a virtue that he has cultivated since he started car rallying, two decades ago. In observing these qualities and values, Rodrigo is a leader on and off-track due to his ability to drive his ‘community’ of rally drivers towards a common of the objective.

His Dedication and Zeal

In the competitive and crowded rallying sport in Brazil, finding personalities such as Rodrigo, who despite their experience and age remain discipline and dedicate to this game becomes challenging. He has won numerous awards both in and out of Brazilian soil, and through this, he has remained a force to reckon with as far as Brazilian motorsport championship is concerned. One outstanding rally event that he participates in refers to the Rally dos Sertoes which is an annual event held in over ten towns in Eastern Brazil. It is through the Sertoes Rally event that he even horned his rallying skills and hence his consistent participation in the annual event as a gesture towards nurturing other drivers.

His Achievements as a Rally Driver

Regarding his participation in the previous Sertoes rallies, Rodrigo is credited with bagging 7 top finishes and several other top 5 finishes. Such incredible performances make him the most decorated rally driver in the event since its inception in 1992. As a member of the Bull Sertoes team, he also inspired his brother to quit motor racing for the sake of the T1 car category. As inexperienced as Michel was, he was patient with him and nurtured him to perfection as a professional rally driver. Check out Terra to know more.

Other Responsibilities

Apart from his life as a professional life as a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpin is also a renowned spiritual writer who has amassed over ten years of experience in editorial work. His editorial work is mostly centered in major Brazilian magazines and journals. Terpins is also a businessman with interests in the entertainment and real estate sector.

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