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Rodrigo Terpin: the Most Outstanding Rally Driver in Brazil

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Rodrigo Terpin’s boldness, tact, passion, and dedication gets most of his peers and colleagues in the rally fraternity by surprise. How he manages to stay committed and satisfied at the same requires a great deal of discipline: a virtue that he has cultivated since he started car rallying, two decades ago. In observing these qualities and values, Rodrigo is a leader on and off-track due to his ability to drive his ‘community’ of rally drivers towards a common of the objective.

His Dedication and Zeal

In the competitive and crowded rallying sport in Brazil, finding personalities such as Rodrigo, who despite their experience and age remain discipline and dedicate to this game becomes challenging. He has won numerous awards both in and out of Brazilian soil, and through this, he has remained a force to reckon with as far as Brazilian motorsport championship is concerned. One outstanding rally event that he participates in refers to the Rally dos Sertoes which is an annual event held in over ten towns in Eastern Brazil. It is through the Sertoes Rally event that he even horned his rallying skills and hence his consistent participation in the annual event as a gesture towards nurturing other drivers.

His Achievements as a Rally Driver

Regarding his participation in the previous Sertoes rallies, Rodrigo is credited with bagging 7 top finishes and several other top 5 finishes. Such incredible performances make him the most decorated rally driver in the event since its inception in 1992. As a member of the Bull Sertoes team, he also inspired his brother to quit motor racing for the sake of the T1 car category. As inexperienced as Michel was, he was patient with him and nurtured him to perfection as a professional rally driver. Check out Terra to know more.

Other Responsibilities

Apart from his life as a professional life as a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpin is also a renowned spiritual writer who has amassed over ten years of experience in editorial work. His editorial work is mostly centered in major Brazilian magazines and journals. Terpins is also a businessman with interests in the entertainment and real estate sector.

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How Sweetgreen is Revolutionalizing the Fast Food Business

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The success of Sweetgreen has seen the company emerge as a pacesetter in the restaurant business. The company’s immense success in the food industry is attributable to their use of healthy, organic, fresh and local ingredients in the preparation of their delicious salads.

The resonation of the recipe with diners has further increased their clientele at all Sweetgreeen’s 40 locations.


Nathaniel Ru the company’s CEO posits that their primary focus is to create a brand that not only stands for something but also serves better, healthier food to more people. A pacesetter in the food industry, Sweetgreen has gone an extra mile to streamline their operations through the incorporation of technology.

That has been greatly facilitated by the fact that the company’s co-CEOs have been tech pioneers. Speaking regarding the use of technology in their business, Ru holds that technology has always been at the core of their business.


Ru and his co-CEOs are also reshaping their management strategies. For instance, Sweetgreen shuts down all its corporate offices, each year a total of five times to ensure that all of their employees get to work in its restaurants.

The overall aim of this strategy is to ensure that their workforce stays close to their clients, hence obtaining a better understanding of customer needs.


The decentralization of the company’s headquarters is also part of the change in management strategy. Read more: Nathaniel Ru | Crunchbase

To date, Sweetgreen operates without centralized headquarters despite the exponential growth that has seen the company recently open offices in Los Angeles.


The trio of Ru and his fellow co-CEOs Neman and Jammet were classmates at the Georgetown University. Coincidentally, their parents are immigrant business owners, making them first-generation immigrants.

Their business venture is said to have been born out of the realization that Georgetown didn’t have enough healthy eating options.


Realizing this untapped potential, they jointly opened the first ever restaurant in August 2007 after their college graduation. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:

Situated in the heart of Georgetown, this casual restaurant would later grow into a vast network of restaurant chains which currently boasts over 27 locations in different states countrywide.


Nathaniel Ru, Neman, and Jammet are also proud founders of Sweetlife, the largest music plus food festival in the region. The event, which attracts over 20,000 people, features food from top-notch chefs, local purveyors, farmers and even food trucks.

High profile musicians are also featured. It is an event that embraces healthy living, sustainability and well being.


Canada’s own Dr. Cameron Clokie Spearheading the use of Regenerative Medicine

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The sedentary lifestyle and poor eating habits demonstrated by many Americans have led to an increase in the number of Americans suffering from some relatively “new” diseases.

Medical experts such as Dr. Cameron Clokie are looking in unexplored areas such as regenerative medicine to offer solutions to life-threatening conditions currently afflicting humans.

Although the field is somewhat controversial, Dr. Clokie and other like-minded individuals are out to make the area more acceptable to everyone.

Dr. Clokie has had success with regenerative medicine in musculoskeletal reconstruction; one of his eight patients, Peter Russel, can attest to this fact. The 60-year old Russel lost part of his jaw to a benign tumor in 2003, but a look at him now reveals nothing of the sort.

Dr. Cameron Clokie performed a procedure on him that stimulated his stem cells into becoming a bone tissue to fill the lost part of his jaw. Unlike traditional methods that are often painful and difficult to perform, regenerative medicine as practiced at Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai Hospital is less painful and relatively easier to implement.

Although Russel still needs a little support to move his jaw, pundits agree that the procedure carried out on him is promising.

Presently, Dr. Cameron Clokie is the CEO of Induce Biologics Inc. The organization is focused on using regenerative medicine to offer new ways of musculoskeletal reconstruction.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Clokie’s experience spanning over three decades in academic dentistry and clinical practice has given him an upper hand in matters regenerative medicine. His work in the academic and clinical fields culminated in his appointment as the Head of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in 1998 in the University of Toronto.

Before Dr. Clokie retired (in 2017), he was the Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at the same university. Dr. Clokie is an accomplished academician who has published numerous papers and done many presentations both in Canada and abroad on his dear subject: regenerative medicine.

Unlike other academicians, Dr. Clokie is interested in using his discoveries in building commercially viable ventures. At one point, Dr. Clokie worked under Dr. Urist; one of the people credited for contributing immensely to the field of regenerative medicine.
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Cassio Audi Move From Music To Finance

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Cassio Audi is a household name, across the Brazilian business market. He is highly sought for his skills in investment management and finance. As a result, international corporations, private and public firms, seek his consultation. However, what most people may not know is that Cassio had an earlier professional career in music.

Cassio’s music history began in the 80s when a group of talented boys from Brazil formed a band. This band, by the name -the Viper Band, is a Brazilian speed metal band that was highly influenced by Iron Maiden. After its formation, each member had a role, with Cassio taking an integral part as the drummer. In addition, through his tactical skills of drumming, he gained fame for spreading the heavy metal in Latin America.

During the Viper’s first demo recording in 1985, of the’ Killer Sword’ Cassio played a vital role. This was a job well done, bearing in mind that the band was new and made up of teenagers. With the influence of the New Wave of the British heavy metal, the band was not relenting, as soon after their first demo,’The Soldiers of Sunrise’, was released.

With Cassio bringing in a heavier sound, the band produced a new album known as ‘Theatre of Fate’. This was one of the best albums, released in Europe and Japan. It became the turning point in their music career, as they secured several trips across the world, including Japan. This album was popular due to its metal and classical mix, making it the favorite of Vipers fans.

In 1989, despite the fame from the music, Cassio went out to explore other venues. Among them the business sector, where he has tremendously become a successful financial manager in Brazil. However, even with his absence from the band, his influence is highly felt, as it influenced the heavy sound in their album ‘The Evolution’.

More information on Cassio Audi can be found by following him on Facebook.