Fabletics and the Power of People

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In the past few years, consumer reviews and ratings have become major factors in the success of businesses across various areas. Online stores see an increase in purchases of items that have multiple positive reviews, restaurants with even an increase of half a star in their ratings see almost twenty percent increase in them selling out. One company that has taken advantage of this development has been Fabletics. On average they receive and respond to thousands of online reviews.To date, their TrustScore is an 8.2 and they have received 30,000 reviews on Trustpilot with more coming in every day. This attention to customer satisfaction has led the company to see over two hundred percent growth and $235 million in revenue since it began in 2013. It has also managed to gather over 1 million paying members. Shawn Gold, the Corporate Marketing officer with TechStyle Fashion,(Fabletics’ parent company) attributes the growth to the companies attention to the customer’s desires. This trend of customer demands defining a companies success has not only led to an increase in sales but an uptick in customer longevity and recruiting new customers to a brand.

A study found that eighty-four percent of people will trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation, which is a statistic that continues to rise. This use of consumer reviews to boost sales has become commonplace in today’s marketplace with over seventy-six percent of top consumer brands surveyed using reviews on their sites and product descriptions to improve sale numbers. According to research firm L2, this number has increased 70% since 2014. These reviews even dictate search results. A study by Moz and the Local SEO guide showed that positive reviews increased a companies chances to show up in Google’s Local 3-Pack and top the organic local search. This trend also shows in various e-tail sites. They all reported that items with more reviews ranked higher and were more likely to be purchased than comparable items with a lower number of ratings. On the customer side, a survey suggests that seventy-four percent of said they would be willing to purchase a product or service if they saw user reviews on the product or landing page for a business. Fabletics foresight and catering to this groundbreaking shift has allowed the company to grow and thrive, becoming a major player in its field.

Helming this growing company is Kate Hudson. The popular actress has been involved with every aspect of the business from its beginning. She was picked because of her “approachability and commitment to being fully invested in what she is a part of. Although Fabletics faced some setbacks early on, Hudson was able to spearhead their growth and development, not just as a retail business but a company that places its customers’ satisfaction as paramount in the business plans and actions. Hudson received criticism in the early stages of Fabletics’ from other celebrities but has overcome any negative press and has become a positive role model for millions of customers seeking a truly innovative brand that is sure to leave customers happy with their purchase.

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