Brian Torchin

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Brian’s facebook is very informative concerning the fact of all hiring that is going on and who they are looking to hire. What types of experiences is needed and so forth. It is a very and peaceful site.

Anybody that goes onto the facebook page will instead feel welcomed. His cover photo has a lady smiling on it and it is very welcoming and friendly. It has a nice feel to it and anyone who had a bad day would instantly want to keep looking onto the site. Brian definitively knows how to keep people informed on the site as well.

The site contains people that brian has hired or is hiring. It is a very warm and friendly site that is eye catching as well. It also contains reviews of people that Brian has hired or is planning to hire. It shows whos he recruiting for healthcare and also the college and he went to and where he lives at currently.

The facebook shows how Brian is going about trying to get together a solid group of healthcare professionals and recruit them. It is very informative and welcoming. It gives people an idea of who is being recruited as healthcare professionals. Brian Torchin shows on his facebook page how he going about recruiting people.

Glassdoor reveals that Brian Torchin also has a twitter page that shows what he doing and how he is going about his daily life. For instance he has a tweet about practicing for urgent care. He shows how he is going about recruiting people and and what is going on his daily life.

It shows how he looking for the right physicians and so forth. It shows how much time and effort Brian is putting into this and how he is going about doing it.

It shows how he doing things one step at a time trying to go about recruiting the right people at the right time. His twitter page shows how skilled his in recruiting others that fit the right mandate.

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