How to Advertise on Facebook like Lori Senecal

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According to Lori Senecal, three things determine the overall success of a modern day social media campaign. One, message ought to be succinct. Two, the advert has to reach the intended targets. Finally, the ad has to prompt the viewer to act accordingly.

Affiliate Dork recently published an insightful piece about what it takes to mount a formidable advertising strategy on Facebook. Lori talks about creating captivating and engaging content. Powerful adverts ought to come with superior quality video snippets. Getting a professional designer to help with choosing the background is a splendid idea.

Facebook Sponsored Ad’s Work

Lori Senecal constantly uses Facebook to generate leads for her clients. This portal attracts an estimated 100 million active mobile users every month. It is a gold mine for advertisers seeking to expand their reach and influence. What makes the social media platform attractive is that you can easily monitor and track the progress of your brand. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

The most important key performance indicators are often the page likes, the Facebook post shares and the conversation in the popular posts. This portal recently introduced flexible sponsored advertisements. Lori advises us to settle for Facebook advertising plans that are both economical and effective.

Immersive Experiences

Lori is a huge fan of using visuals in adverts. The more intriguing the advert, the more likely it is for the viewer to reach out to them. Lori Senecal also emphasizes the importance of creating adverts people can relate to. Instead of having ads with models, one could go for the regular-looking blokes and lassies to connect better with the viewers.

It is essential to create an advert which features people from various cultural backgrounds, lifestyles and age groups. Additionally, your Facebook adverts ought to be updated periodically to reflect the changing times and trends. Check out Forbes to know more.

About Lori Senecal

According to Adage, Lori has had an outstanding marketing career. All of the companies and individuals she’s touched have transformed into absolute works of arts. These companies include CP&B, Tag Ideation, Victoria Secret, TE Connectivity, American Express, McCann NY.

Lori’s selfless nature has seen her mentor and empowers a vast number of young women professionals in America. For her outstanding track record and performance, Lori got named as 2014’s Top Women to Watch in the creative advertisement industry. You can subscribe on her  YouTube account

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