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James Dondero Philanthropist Donator and Founder of Highland Capital Management

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Four years of planning and one year of construction went into returning hippos back to the Dallas, Texas Zoo. The Simmons Hippo Post is 2.1 acres and costs $14 million that is a modern habitat with a waterhole feature that has a large underwater viewing window area that measures 24 foot by eight foot. The waterhole is huge consisting of 120,000 gallons of water and located in the Wilds of Africa.

Dallas Zoo CEO and President Greg Hudson said the Simmons Hippo Outpost is the first in nearly 15 years since the zoo had any hippos. He said the zoo is dedicated to being a valued part of the community.

The project was made possible by financial support by philanthropists Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said of the new project.

The honorary chairman of the Simmons Hippo Outpost Mary McDermott Cook donations from the Harold Simmons Foundation began the project with a donation Lisa Simmons said they were proud to be a part of with a $5 million dollar donation.

Highland Capital Management Lp headed and founded by James Dondero donated $1,000,000 that was committed to the construction of a 4.485 square foot building. This building is a lodge for educational displays and private events. Mr. Dondero is known as a philanthropist and his company recently joined with Linda Owen the former president of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation. This was done for Owen to plan strategic management directions for philanthropic projects for Highland Capital Management’s charity donations to expand from the company’s current annual charitable organization donations of over $3 million dollars. Highland Capital Management has donated to other projects including the American Heart Association, the Center for Brain Health, the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, and the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

Mr. Donero’s company is devoted to investing in the Dallas community by donation support to organizations in the area that make it better and says the Dallas Zoo is just the type of organization the firm is pleased to help. The Highland Capital Management firm does not stop at financial donations; the executives offer guidance to various organizations with leadership roles and serving on boards.

Honey Birdette is Expanding In The UK.

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Honey Birdette is an Australian retailer that specializes in selling lingerie. Eloise Monaghan, who is a founder and creative director, started the company when in 2006 when she was drinking champagne with her friend. They were tired of the lack of luxury bedroom accessories and provocative lingerie. They felt that most of the existing products in the market were not sensual enough. They decided to start their own brand of products that expressed their sensuality in the bedroom.
Honey Birdette sells numerous products that spice up things in the bedroom. They sell innerwear for women such as bras, knickers, thongs, body suits, stockings, suspenders and chemises and robes. Additionally, the company sells toys that can be used by couples or individuals. They sell toys for both men and women. Customers can also purchase lubricants from Honey Birdette’s store, this ensures that they can use some of the toys safely. The company’s website also has card games and dice that can be played in the bedroom to increase the excitement of activities. The bedroom’s ambiance is very important in ensuring sex is enjoyable. Honey Birdette has an assortment of candles in different flavors. Kinky individuals haven’t been forgotten. Honey Birdette has some well-designed collars, handcuffs, riding crops and whips.
Honey Birdette has expanded from its humble beginnings in Sydney, Australia. The company has launched a website that is focused exclusively on the US market. The company also has plans to increase its UK portfolio to 40 from the three in 2017. The company has ten openings lined up in the UK in Liverpool, Leeds, Newcastle and Westfield Stratford. Honey Birdette has a strong presence in Australia, where it has 55 stores. The company has received funding and investment from BBRC, a private investment company. Users get free delivery for orders over $50.

Greg Secker Knows Forex

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Greg Secker is living proof that there are great opportunities in trading foreign currencies. He has realized a high level of success by trading in the foreign exchange markets also known as forex. He achieved an enviable degree of financial independence even to the point where he is able to indulge his propensity for philanthropy. He’s a successful, well-rounded individual who seeks to help others. The following paragraphs detail some important tips from Secker for aspiring forex traders.

He advocates spending ample time learning the basics of the forex markets. Getting to know the major currency pairs and learning new terminology is essential for those new to the markets. The next step is finding a mentor who has traded successfully. Successful strategies and risk management can be learned from the right person.

Greg Secker is convinced that beginners stand a better chance of success when they focus on one quality strategy. This removes the chance that aspects of multiple strategies could cause confusion when learning to trade. It also makes it easier to maintain the vigilant focus which is necessary for success in the marketplace.

An important factor when starting out is learning to control your emotions. If it feels like the excitement of a horse race or other types of gambling it will be much more difficult to trade successfully. Decisions, when made with strong emotional currents flowing, are often wrong.

A realistic outlook is critical to managing expectations. Obtaining enough money to retire on from the markets takes time and is rarely accomplished quickly. Secker knows firsthand the importance of reasonable expectations and coaches accordingly. He emphasizes dedication and perseverance.

Setting goals are something that Greg Secker endorses and helps traders implement a master plan with his educational opportunities. The satisfaction of a goal accomplished is something that Secker knows can ignite a passion for trading and success.

Greg Secker’s career took off with his work at Thomas Cook Financial Services. By working with traders and learning their successful strategies, he was able to help develop their trading desk. He started his own trading business and was very successful. He now helps others learn how to trade successfully and is engaged in various philanthropic endeavors.


The Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund And The Fight For Human, Civil And Migrants Rights

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Even in today’s modern, civilized, world discrimination continues to rear its ugly head. In countries around the world people are being denied their civil, human and workers’ rights because of their race, country of origin or their immigration status. These people are subjected to human rights abuses, racial profiling, low pay, harsh treatment and illegal incarceration.

The silence of the suffers and the lack of information about the abuses taking place help these atrocities to continue. Fortunately, there is a growing number of individuals and organizations that are drawing attention to and combating these abuses. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

There are groups all over the world that are advocating for the civil rights, human rights and migrant rights of these oppressed populations. Their goal is to get more people to rise up and set right the systematic injustices that are taking place in communities all around the world.

These advocacy groups seek to empower the victims that are being forced to endure indignity and suffering at the hands of cruel, exploitative and greedy people. The advocacy groups are calling for the masses to end this oppression, demand a more just society and work together to ensure the rule of law is reinforced and all people are treated fairly.

Organizations in the United States like the American Civil Liberties Union, the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles and the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund are in the forefront of the battle to expose human rights violations and help to ensure the justice system is used to protect all people. These organizations have been working in close collaboration with a number of groups to force the federal, state and local government to address human, civil and migrants rights abuses and end discrimination in the United States on all level.

One state in which many immigrants are being discriminated against, criminalized, abused and exploited is Arizona. To address the serious problems related to human, civil and migrant rights violations there, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created.

Founded by journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, the publishers of Village Voice Media and the Phoenix New Times, the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund was created with the settlement money the two men got from the case they brought against

Maricopa County and Sheriff Joe Arpaio for false arrest and other violations.

In October 2007, a group of armed deputies led by Sheriff Joe Arpaio arrested Lacey and Larkin on trumped up charges. In fact, the sheriff was upset because the journalists published stories detailing the many ways he has violated the rights of immigrants and African-Americans in Arizona. When Lacey and Larkin refused to reveal the sources of their stories and a list of people that read the stories online, Sheriff Arpaio had them arrested. Lacey and Larkin sued and were awarded $3.75 million.

The journalists used the money to create a fund to support people fighting for human, civil and migrants’ rights in Arizona. The money has been very helpful in providing legal support.

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How to Advertise on Facebook like Lori Senecal

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According to Lori Senecal, three things determine the overall success of a modern day social media campaign. One, message ought to be succinct. Two, the advert has to reach the intended targets. Finally, the ad has to prompt the viewer to act accordingly.

Affiliate Dork recently published an insightful piece about what it takes to mount a formidable advertising strategy on Facebook. Lori talks about creating captivating and engaging content. Powerful adverts ought to come with superior quality video snippets. Getting a professional designer to help with choosing the background is a splendid idea.

Facebook Sponsored Ad’s Work

Lori Senecal constantly uses Facebook to generate leads for her clients. This portal attracts an estimated 100 million active mobile users every month. It is a gold mine for advertisers seeking to expand their reach and influence. What makes the social media platform attractive is that you can easily monitor and track the progress of your brand. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

The most important key performance indicators are often the page likes, the Facebook post shares and the conversation in the popular posts. This portal recently introduced flexible sponsored advertisements. Lori advises us to settle for Facebook advertising plans that are both economical and effective.

Immersive Experiences

Lori is a huge fan of using visuals in adverts. The more intriguing the advert, the more likely it is for the viewer to reach out to them. Lori Senecal also emphasizes the importance of creating adverts people can relate to. Instead of having ads with models, one could go for the regular-looking blokes and lassies to connect better with the viewers.

It is essential to create an advert which features people from various cultural backgrounds, lifestyles and age groups. Additionally, your Facebook adverts ought to be updated periodically to reflect the changing times and trends. Check out Forbes to know more.

About Lori Senecal

According to Adage, Lori has had an outstanding marketing career. All of the companies and individuals she’s touched have transformed into absolute works of arts. These companies include CP&B, Tag Ideation, Victoria Secret, TE Connectivity, American Express, McCann NY.

Lori’s selfless nature has seen her mentor and empowers a vast number of young women professionals in America. For her outstanding track record and performance, Lori got named as 2014’s Top Women to Watch in the creative advertisement industry. You can subscribe on her  YouTube account

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