Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Grow Exponentially

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The field of inmate communications is fast developing, and it is all due to the efforts made by companies like Securus Technologies. The company is headed by the leading figure in the industry, Rick Smith, who has contributed significantly to the success of Securus Technologies since he took the post of company’s CEO in 2008. He has been associated with the telecom industry in the past and has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Eschelon Telecom as well. It has helped him understand what the industry is looking for, and what are the loopholes that he needs to fill at Securus Technologies to ensure sustainability, profitability, and achieve its long-term objectives.Securus Technologies is a very successful firm in the world of the correctional sphere and has been in operation for nearly three decades. Even though many other companies have been around for much longer, Securus Technologies has been able to make its name as the leader, primarily because of the company’s focus on research and development.

It has helped the firm develop many new and helpful products and services. One of the recent services that the firm launched recently is the video visitation service. Video visitation service would help the inmates to meet their relatives and friends online more frequently at a little cost. It would save the travel expense for the family members who had to drive or go all the way to the jail.Rick Smith has become highly popular in the industry because of the cutting-edge business strategies he has implemented. Such business strategies have ensured that the company can maintain its edge over the competitors. At present, the services of the Securus Technologies are being used by over a million inmates and close to 3,000 correctional agencies. In the time to come, this figure is expected to grow exponentially.

In a news release Securus Technologies published on the internet recently, Rick Smith asked for all the existing as well as potential customers and investors to visit the highly advanced Technology Center of Securus Technologies situated in Dallas. Here the investors and customers would get a presentation and a first-hand idea of the progress the company has made in the correctional sphere.Securus Technologies is working on many new products and services that it plans to launch in the future. Rick Smith believes that the customer service of the company should be top notch, and it is the reason he has not outsourced the company’s customer service abroad. Securus Technologies has an in-house call center that takes care of all the queries and issues of the customers. Securus Technologies has also been awarded the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service under the leadership of Rick Smith.

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