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Rick Smith – Helping Securus Technologies Grow Exponentially

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The field of inmate communications is fast developing, and it is all due to the efforts made by companies like Securus Technologies. The company is headed by the leading figure in the industry, Rick Smith, who has contributed significantly to the success of Securus Technologies since he took the post of company’s CEO in 2008. He has been associated with the telecom industry in the past and has served as the Chief Operating Officer of Eschelon Telecom as well. It has helped him understand what the industry is looking for, and what are the loopholes that he needs to fill at Securus Technologies to ensure sustainability, profitability, and achieve its long-term objectives.Securus Technologies is a very successful firm in the world of the correctional sphere and has been in operation for nearly three decades. Even though many other companies have been around for much longer, Securus Technologies has been able to make its name as the leader, primarily because of the company’s focus on research and development.

It has helped the firm develop many new and helpful products and services. One of the recent services that the firm launched recently is the video visitation service. Video visitation service would help the inmates to meet their relatives and friends online more frequently at a little cost. It would save the travel expense for the family members who had to drive or go all the way to the jail.Rick Smith has become highly popular in the industry because of the cutting-edge business strategies he has implemented. Such business strategies have ensured that the company can maintain its edge over the competitors. At present, the services of the Securus Technologies are being used by over a million inmates and close to 3,000 correctional agencies. In the time to come, this figure is expected to grow exponentially.

In a news release Securus Technologies published on the internet recently, Rick Smith asked for all the existing as well as potential customers and investors to visit the highly advanced Technology Center of Securus Technologies situated in Dallas. Here the investors and customers would get a presentation and a first-hand idea of the progress the company has made in the correctional sphere.Securus Technologies is working on many new products and services that it plans to launch in the future. Rick Smith believes that the customer service of the company should be top notch, and it is the reason he has not outsourced the company’s customer service abroad. Securus Technologies has an in-house call center that takes care of all the queries and issues of the customers. Securus Technologies has also been awarded the Gold Stevie Award for the best customer service under the leadership of Rick Smith.

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Betty DeVos, A Champion for the Importance Early Education

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Betty DeVos was born Elisabeth Dee Prince to Edgar Prince, the founder of the Family Research Council as well as the founder of Prince Corporation and automobile parts supplier. She attended Calvin College where she earned two bachelor’s degrees; one in business and one in political science. Her degrees led to her involvement in politics on campus and later on, politics on the national stage: she served as chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years; and, she also worked for Gerald Ford 1976 presidential campaign.

In the 1980’s she married Dick DeVos of the Amway DeVos family. Dick, an heir and successful business also dabbled in politics. He thrust the DeVos family into the political limelight when he run for Governor in 2006.

As a businesswoman, Mrs. DeVos serves as the chairman of the Windquest Group; a group founded by the DeVos’ in 1989. The Group invests in technology, manufacturing, and clean energy; businesses that open job opportunities for others. As a philanthropist, Betty Devos has served on boards of numerous non-profit organizations that advocate for educational programs, as well as companies that are focused on developing business opportunities. However, her strongest philanthropic efforts focus on her role as an advocate for children educational issues. As a mother and grandmother, DeVos and her husband founded the Dick and Betty DeVos Family Foundation The Foundation is focused on interests that are dear to DeVos family: education, and cultivating leadership in other areas that include community, arts, and justice. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

DeVos is motivated by her faith to serve children. When she was a mother of young children, Betty DeVos visited a Christian School that had been long-serving low-income residents. The visit and subsequent visits helped motivate her to improve education opportunities for all children. This interest led to her husband’s interest in serving the families and children on the State Board of Education in her home state of Michigan. After their success locally, the DeVos set their sights on helping children at the national level.

The millions of dollars that the DeVos family has given away in the form of scholarships represents her interest in supporting educational programs. The programs supported include the Dick and Betsy DeVos Scholars for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Scholarship which awards scholarships to college students at Northwood University. In 2015 alone, the DeVos’ Foundation supported organizations dedicated to education with gifts totalling over 10 million dollars. She also shows her support to education program by supporting college programs devoted to launching young people into successful careers. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

Despite her continued philanthropic efforts, Mrs. DeVos still finds the time to mentor children at the school where she first kindled her interest in the importance of childhood education.

James Larkin’s Dream of an Open Labor Market

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History remembers Larkin as the man who caused uproar in Ireland in the early 20th century. Larkin was a talented organizer and managed to stage several successful strikes in his time. Born in Liverpool, Larkin’s heritage was in Ireland as his parents were both Irish. His early life was spent mostly in poverty and only acquired little formal education.

At a young age, he worked to contribute to his family‘s income which was common at the time. However, the loss of his father set him up to start working full-time earlier on in his teens. Eventually scoring work at the docks, Larkin became intrigued by the socialist agenda and partook in a strike for which he lost his position. Learn more about Jim Larkin: and

National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL) recruited him after recognizing his vigor as an organizer. His position at the union was made permanent within a short time, and he was deployed to Belfast by 1907. Larkin sought to integrate unskilled and skilled workers as a union for equal pay and work distribution. Seeing as the employers were adamant, NUDL leaders settled the dispute leaving Larkin out.

In 1908, attempts to mobilize workers in Dublin led to Larkin’s removal from the union on claims of funds misappropriation. After prosecution, Larkin ended up in jail but was pardoned within a few months by the Lord-Lieutenant. Still motivated to level out the industrial arena, Larkin initiated the Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGWU).

He used his persuasive speeches to gunner more support and managed to grow ITGWU into the country’s largest union in three years. In 1913, the Dublin Lockout between Larkin’s union and the Dublin United Tramway Company (DUTC) representing the skilled workers disrupted his union prominence.

Larkin was seeking funds to resuscitate his union and went to America where he also engaged politics as a pro-socialist. His propaganda on the matters of World War I landed him in jail after a conviction on criminal anarchy. He was deported after a pardon three years later. Unfortunately, he was unable to reclaim ITGWU but later established Worker’s Union of Ireland (WUI) in 1924.

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The Profession of Vincent Parascandola of AXA Advisors

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Vincent Parascandola is the senior executive president of AXA Advisors, LLC. Vinny has a couple of responsibilities, ranging from management development, recruiting, retention, sales, and marketing, productivity and development of financial professionals. He began his career in 1987 as an agent. He was named the National Rookie of the year. In 1990, he joined MONY life insurance where he held regional and field management positions. From MONY life, he joined AXA Advisors in 2004 where he serves to date. He has an experience of more than 25 years in various capacities in different organizations. Before he became the divisional president at AXA Advisors, he was the president of the advantaged group, a unit of AXA Equitable. The group was formed to attract seasoned financial professionals. Earlier on, he was the company’s co-manager at New York Metro branch, the branch had about four hundred financial professionals.

Having known for his leadership, Vinny has earned much respect and many awards during his career. One of the awards is the GAMA’s career development and mastery agency awards. He is a known speaker, he has spoken at several conferences such as the GAMA national LAMP meeting and LIMRA distribution conference. In the past, he served as the chair of LIMRA’s field officers committee. Vinny holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Pace University in New York. He not long ago went back to his alma mater where he gave the commencement speech to the graduating class of 2014.

About AXA Advisors

AXA Advisors LLC is a broker or a dealer and a retail distributor for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. It is the leading protection company and among the nation’s leading premier providers of life insurance and annuity products. The advisor’s network has more than 6,000 financial professionals. They are equipped with strategies and financial products for investment, asset allocation, financial protection, retirement, and business. They are determined at helping clients with their financial needs throughout their lives. AXA Equitable which is a subsidiary of AXA Advisors LLC is the leader in financial protection strategies and management of wealth. It works with both high and low-income individuals in offering financial advice. Vinny currently operates out of New York.


Securus Technologies and Their Innovative Drive.

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Securus is an international communication technology company based in Texas. It has a large workforce of over 1000 people. The company provides crucial communication and security services to many correctional facilities within the US and Canada. The company affords inmates the opportunity to communicate with their loved ones. Securus has many offices around the US, and some are also situated in the neighboring Canada. Currently, the company is reported to be working with over 2200 correctional facilities.

Securus is also engaged in the scientific advancement of its technology, and as a result, it has invested heavily in patents and acquisitions. Securus has spent in the recent past a whopping 600 million dollars on patents and acquisitions. Securus has also partnered with other companies in a bid to create cutting edge technology. One of the companies it has entered into a partnership with is the Harris Corporation.

Together with Harris Corporation, Securus came up with a piece of technology that is phenomenal. The technology is known as ‘’cell defender’’. The purpose of this technology is to ensure that inmates who are in possession of contraband phones are not able to connect to mobile networks. The services that Securus provides have benefited prison staff and law enforcement agents greatly.

With the technology offered by Securus, crime can be stopped at the point of inception. The great piece of work has resulted in better living conditions for both inmates and prison officials. Consequently, the word that Securus CEO gives promising to ensure the safety of the social gains meaning, thus verifying that indeed security forms part of Securus’ DNA.

PR Newswire has reported that the company comes up with different technology every week to ensure that the correctional facilities remain safe and free from crime. PR Newswire also went through some of the correspondence Securus gets from its clients. It did so in a bid to ascertain how much the company’s services have impacted the society.

One of the writers was happy with the work that Securus has been doing in ensuring that criminal activities within and outside the prison facilities have been reduced thanks to their technology. Another writer commended Securus technology for boosting the war against drugs in correctional facilities. One of the writers happened to be a prison official who also commended Securus technology. The prison official said that the technology offered by Securus has been instrumental in fighting corruption within the correctional department.


Sweetgreen’s Exquisite Food and Resolute Management

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The Sweetgreen restaurant is popularly known for its salad chain, organic, healthy, local, and fresh foods. The restaurant is also incorporated with famous investors such as Daniel Boulud, Danny Meyer, and Steve Case. Nathaniel Ru, a co- CEO states that they are developing a brand that represents something huge, and they aim at feeding a higher number of people with better food. The co-CEO’s of this company were classmates in an entrepreneurship course back at Georgetown University and have been tech pioneers since then. A percentage of the transactions made by Sweetgreen are developed through its mobile application or website. Ru continued to state that Technology has been part and parcel of their initiatives. Learn more:


The founders have been reconsidering the company’s management initiatives. Sweetgreen partly closes the corporate office, at least five times in a year, with the aim of staying close its customers as well as to allow different people to serve in its restaurants. The company does not have a main headquarters office as they want to develop the company in all parts of the country. Ru claims that they do not believe in big central headquarters as they aim at decentralizing their headcount.


The three co-CEOs, Nicolas Jammet, Jonathan Neman, and Nathaniel Ru identified that Georgetown did not have any establishment focused on healthy eating. This inspired them to open a restaurant immediately after they graduated from college, in 2007. Nathaniel Ru states that if he were 20 years old at the moment, he would read as many books as possible. He continues to say that when managing a business, it is important to build a team from the very start. Learn more:


Mr. Ru looks up to Kevin Plank, the Chief Executive Officer of under Armour, as he has created it to become a corporation that represents something greater than itself. Lastly, he said that his favorite restaurant, other than Sweetgreen, is the Johnny Monis Little Serow. It offers excellent Thai food and their services are commendable.


Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of Finance from the School of Business at Georgetown University. After founding Sweetgreen in 2007, it has rapidly grown to 27 other locations. This expansion has occurred within five states and is continually increasing. The three CEOs are inspired by food that matches one’s tastes, community, budget, imagination, and values. Sweetgreen has emerged as the region’s greatest food and music festival. This event is attended by over 20,000 people, alongside top chefs, high profile musicians, local purveyors, farmers, and many food trucks. Learn more:

Clay Siegall: The Brains Behind Seattle Genetics

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Clay Siegall is the CEO as well as the founder of a biotechnology company known as Seattle Genetics. The company focuses on developing targeted drugs for various diseases. The aim is to use the drugs as therapy drugs for diseases like cancer.

Most people know Seattle Genetics but they do not know the brains behind it. Clay Siegall may not be a familiar name to some but in some circles he is an influencer and inspirational person. Mr. Siegall is an alumnus of the University of Maryland where he earned his B.S in Zoology. He is also a Ph.D holder from the George Washington University where he specialized in genetics.

Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics was established in 1998. Ever since it was founded, the company has realized a lot of success in the targeted therapy industry. The company will go down in history as being the first to develop the first antibody conjugate that was also FDA-approved. The conjugate presently has many approved indications and Seattle Genetics is still in the process of developing other drugs to go into this pipeline.

Seattle Genetics has also entered into several partnerships with some of the strategic drug manufacturers in the industry. Some of the manufacturers which the company has partnered with include Genentech, Pfizer and Bayer.

When asked where the idea to start Seattle genetics came from, Clay Siegall is quick to point out that he has always had an interest in medicine. He is also keen on knowing how technology can be harnessed to offer medical solutions for illnesses such as cancer. He is specifically interested in the treatment of cancer after a family member almost died from the effects of chemotherapy.

Seattle Genetics has grown over the years and continues to offer a solution to cancer patients. The drugs are made in such a way that they help the patient deal with the side effects of chemotherapy better. Most people die, not because of the cancer, but because they are not able to deal with the harsh effects of chemotherapy.

Whitney Wolfe Makes Dating Apps Easier

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Whitney Wolfe is killing the competition when it comes to the dating app for the new generation. She has been able to build a solid dating app called Bumble, and people are excited about what she is doing. She has managed to reach millions of users and establish a user base that resembles the early numbers that were associated with Tinder.

This is the other dating app that she co-founded Tinder, and it appears that she may be on the brink of a dating app that is even more popular then Tinder.

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It is no surprise that Whitney Wolfe is as successful as she is. She has implemented concepts that were associated with Tinder, but she has also branched out to include other concepts for Bumble that resemble Snapchat or Twitter. This is where her success lies. She has been able to borrow a concept from apps here and there and create a much more powerful app with Bumble. She has been able to help singles rethink the dating app world because it has become so crowded with ambiguous apps.

So many people go on dating apps that are premium-based services where they are paying for an opportunity to connect with someone. Whitney Wolfe could have implemented this type of model for Bumble, but she made a conscious decision to stay in touch with the free dating apps. She is, however, making dating app history by presenting a dating app that has merchandise for sale. This is something that has not been done before, but it definitely is a conversation starter.

So many people that are seen in Bumble merchandise may strike up a conversation with someone else that knows about the app. This is what people are seeing when they look at the innovation that she has brought to the free dating app industry. She has made it possible for millions of people to find the perfect match, and this is just the beginning of her reign. Whitney Wolfe is proving that dating apps are very important to millions of singles that just cannot seem to find the right one.

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