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How Fabletics Will Survive in the Future Against Amazon

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Fabletics is the company to beat when it comes to athletic clothing for women. This is the brand that has manage to give new insight to what it means to workout in style. Kate Hudson was sure that she was on to something big when she decided to create a clothing company that would cater to women that wants to look their best while working out.


What Hudson would manage to do is create the type of brand that encouraged women to wear their workout clothes as they did errands before they even hit the gym. This is the type of comfort that she has giving people with athletic leisurewear. This allows people to get up and go about their day and still be ready for the gym without carrying a gym bag. Some people have even worn this leisurewear to the workplace. That is how comfortable and stylish this type of clothing is.


When Kate Hudson put her mind towards creating a brand that was comfortable she also wanted to create one that would lure consumers of many different age groups. That is why she has recently partnered with Demi Lovato for an expansion of the Fabletics clothing line. Hudson is aware that getting access to the youth is going to be the thing that helps this brand survive many years after she is no longer in the entertainment spotlight. The founders for Fabletics are aware that people recognize Fabletics largely because they are familiar with the actress – not the entrepreneur – that is known as Kate Hudson.


She knows that once she stops acting that a whole new generation of consumers may miss out on her brand if she is not there advertise it through social media. What Demi Lovato is able to do is reach a whole new consumer group that would otherwise be inaccessible. She also realizes that there is a lot at stake when it comes to keeping the brand relevant to a youthful consumer-based.


These are going to be the ones that spread the news about Fabletics to other people. These are also going to be the ones that will go to the stores after they have seen some of their favorite clothes online. She knows that having a youthful fanbase will allow her to compete successfully with stores like Old Navy and eCommerce sites like Amazon. The youth drives this Fabletics brand.

The Ambitious Real Estate Developer Jason Halpern

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Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern founded JMH Development. He is the Managing Partner at his firm, a third generation in the real estate investment sector that has had an experience of more than 50 years. He is involved in constructing and managing of the properties in New York. Their family has built a series of residential houses; in Westchester County, New York City and all of New York. His contribution and expertise are unique and full of ambition that has a tinge of innovation attracting property buyers all over the USA. He has original and historic properties of high market value and historical significance.


This man, Jason Halpern has a passion for creating properties in historic districts and this feature makes him stand out from the crowd of developers. He is respected for this uniqueness in the towns where he is interested in for his love for history. He keeps the JMH Development’s culture intact while respecting the community in which they are developing.


Jason is a philanthropist, and he has shown this by contributing to several charitable associations with his personal time and resources. The communities around New York like him for the positive impact that he has made to them. Opening the Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at the Westchester Medical Centre has given the people facilities to use for heart surgeries, complicated neurosurgeries, orthopedic surgeries and correction of severed limbs. Individuals who have burnt can recover well there because of the care victims receive and people who get threatening internal injuries, the pregnant and children get the best services.

Jason Halpern with his Working Mates

At his workplace, he still is generous and has opened the charitable initiative at JMH Development. He has partnered with global water firm that is a non-profit charitable organization. The JMH donates money helping people in Nepal and Ethiopia. People will have access to clean safe water in these countries.

jason_halpern_scale_modelWe can see from all these that Jason Halpern is a valuable asset to the society. He remains committed to finding more innovative ways to come up with buildings that do not diverge from the societal cultures and norms. His rental property and commercial business space rule the New York State.


Importance of advocating for human rights

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Human rights is a fundamental principle found in constitutions of many countries across the world. Constitutional powers are always bestowed upon the citizens of a particular country and can be exercised directly or indirectly. As a result, this has seen rise to many human right organizations that have continued fighting for the rights and freedoms of oppressed individuals. Thor Halvorssen is one powerful advocate of the rights to fare treatment of citizens and right to just hearing. He was born in Venezuela and developed interest in human rights advocacy.

He started championing the human rights activism in London during his early childhood where he organized protest against the emergence of apartheid rule in SouthAfrica. This made him to receive publicity and international recognition. Currently he is the president of Human Rights Foundation which is an international human rights body that focuses in ensuring that every person’s rights are protected. Thor Halvorssendepute in the world of activism and advocacy of public policy and intrest was championed by his background. He came from a powerful family that allowed him access to good education. The oppression the Venezuelanswere going through necessitated his spirit of activism.

Thor Halvorssen was also involved in the political activities in Venezuela when his father was arrested. He started demonstration to free his father who was innocent of the accusation against him. This made the international bodies to intervene and his father was found innocent of the charges that had been labeled against him. As such, this led to increased political awareness and respect of the democracy in Venezuela. As a result of his involvement in the democratic space, his father was later awarded to head the Pan-American Committee.Thor Halvorssen has also developed vast interest in the production and film industry. Due to his utmost passion of film, he established the Moving Picture Institute which has grown to international standards. He is currently producing a film called the Moon Is a Harsh Mistress Which he expects to enhance his career in production. These achievements have propelled him to appear in different publications and journals across the world including the New York Times.


Five Eco-Friendly Destinations In The World

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Wild Ark is the establishment of Mark Hutchinson and Sophie Hutchinson. With the support of their team, they aim to raise awareness of the dangers facing the world’s eco-friendly places. They identify green belt regions and provide opportunities for people to conduct research that will help protect their indigenous status and connect individuals with the environment’s biodiversity. To date, Wild Ark has identified many natural travel destinations such as the Kenyan beaches, Botswana forests and Patagonia Mountains. There are hundreds of beautiful destinations across the globe that inspire tourists and locals to help reduce their destructions.


Kenya’s wild, diverse lands, and beaches

An African safari is rarely complete without a close view of Kenya’s big five: Lion, buffalo, elephant, rhino and leopard. These animals live in the vast Savanna lands protected in reserves and national parks. Other destinations in the diverse Kenya include virgin rain forests, beaches with pristine white sand and colorful coral reef, snow-topped mountains and waters that shape the contour of the land.


Norway’s well-preserved terrains and waters

Norway is home to world famous fjords, snowcapped mountains, tall, massive waterfalls and crystal clear waters. These features house a variety of wildlife including eagles, seabirds, seals and porpoises. Tourists can walk or bike in the rugged topographies, navigate mighty waters or engage with the small fishing communities that have survived in the region for centuries.


Costa Rica’s widely varied nature

The name Costa Rica is synonymous to the term ecotourism. Refugee wildlife often find a home in Costa Rica for some reasons. It has dark cloud jungles and forests, thick unaltered rain forests, and black sand beaches. A great array of beings live in this humid and gorgeous landscapes, such as jaguars, sea turtles, monkeys, sloths, poison dart frogs, and crocodiles.


Palau’s diving destinations

In December and March, the Republic of Palau attracts divers who enjoy warm and calm waters, and less rain. The government is proactive about protecting the environment and has designated 500 miles of the reef as no fishing zones to repopulate the fish. The small country is located in Guam, Pacific Ocean, and the Philippines and has over 500 islands.



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Eduardo Melzer’s Expertise in The Business World Manifests in His Rich Legacy

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Eduardo Melzer grew up in an enterprising family setup. This exposed him to the business world from an early age. It, therefore, became natural for him to pursue business when he became of age. Duda Melzer has since become a household name in the Brazilian business scenes. His background training was in BA at the respected Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul. He later furthered his training at the prestigious Harvard University where he pursued two executive courses as well as his MBA.

Career Development

According to Acaert, Duda Melzer’s impressive career dates back to the year 2002 when he started working at a North American firm Delphi Corporation as a senior financial analyst. He then worked for two other companies in the United States: BoxTop Media as the M.D. and the Family Communication Network. Duda joined RBS Group as the firm’s National Market’s Director General in 2004. His impeccable work saw him rise through the ranks to be named the Chairman in 2012 and the Board of Directors Chairman in 2015. Duda has always had mentors in the business world who he has continually consulted in his roles. This merged with his belief in the success of well-run family businesses has always given him the inspiration to build the rich legacy that he holds.

More Roles

In a report by Clicrbs, Duda Melzer founded e.Bricks Digital, a subsidiary of RBS Group that ventures in the digital sector both in Brazil and the United States. He serves as the Chairman of the company. He also acts as a director for Ibere Camargo Foundation’s international art show in Portal Alegre. He as well heads a wine shop named


Duda Melzer’s efforts have not gone unrecognized as his name was among the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise’s list of leaders in 2016. The list recognizes reputable business leaders that head family-run businesses across the globe. He was also named the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year last year.

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