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There’s No Place Like Home

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In one of the biggest and busiest cities on the planet, when you need to relocate and find a house, New York City would seem like the hardest place to complete this kind of task. with each neighborhood difference and so many people moving in and out, there are many facets to consider when looking for real estate in New York City. That’s why it is so important to find an experienced and professional real estate firm with the knowledge and know how to get the job done.

Town Residential is an established and experienced firm that has a stellar reputation in this field. Focusing mainly on residential properties, their services will meet all your real estate needs.

Town Residential began in 2010. Founded by Andrew Heiberger, he quickly gathered a team of professionals with an expertise in residential properties. Gearing his focus on residential properties allows his company to provide expert advice and know a specific market. They provide great services to enable buyers to find that perfect home in a timely fashion. Navigating property in a city as large as New York City takes time and knowledge that only comes with years of experience.

When using Town Residential, they not only provide you with properties to look at, they provide you with a comprehensive guide and guidance to enable you to feel comfortable about the buying process. They make sure they provide you with the knowledge of properties, prices, and the process. They are with you every step of the way and this makes buyers comfortable. The fact that they are experts in the field of residential properties draws many buyers to their firm.

If you are in the New York City area and are looking for a home to purchase, you must investigate the firm of Town Residential. They are known for their great service and excellent results in helping families find the home the dream of.

Adam Goldenberg: Changing The Dynamics Of The Fashion Industry

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Adam Goldenberg’s lengthy accomplishments over his life has granted him endless recognition that proves he is one of the best entrepreneurs around. At just a young age of 15, Goldenberg ran his first company, Games Alliance, until he later sold it to a Myspace parent company just 3 short years later in 1999. This was the start of his business ventures that would continue to carry on throughout his life. Surprisingly, Goldenberg quit high school in pursuit of a move across the country to take on an amazing job opportunity at Intermix, where he became the Vice President of Strategic Planning. He was eventually promoted to Chief operating officer, making him the youngest COO and preparing him for what would come.

One of Goldenberg’s greatest accomplishments is his very popular fashion company JustFab, founded with the help of his friend Don Ressler. Their goal with JustFab was to do three things: provide social interaction while shopping, cutting-edge fashion, and affordable prices. Together, this combination allowed Goldenberg and Ressler to tap into a market that had yet to be penetrated. In 2013, JustFab earned 55 million dollars in funding. Today, JustFab brings in an estimated revenue of $400 million, is a global leader in the ecommerce subscription category, and has expanded to other countries outside of the U.S. If that’s not enough, JustFab is parent company to Fabletics, Fabkids, and Shoe Dazzle. Perhaps what makes this company so successful is that Adam Goldenberg and his partner Ressler are dedicated to continuously crafting Justfab into something their audience can connect with. For this reason, the two entrepreneurs put a lot of emphasis on expanding their market to reach new audiences. One of the ways they did this was by recognizing that their existing customers were parents. This is what led to them making the executive decision to purchase Fabkids. Other contributions to JustFab’s success was that both Goldenberg and Ressler have always been willing to change their business processes on YouTube, ensuring that they remain efficient and can live up to their customer’s expectations. In fact, according to Goldenberg, they look at their metrics daily and sometimes even hourly.

Adam Goldenberg is a mastermind when it comes to business and JustFab is a living proof of it. Goldenberg’s success comes from his persistence and desire to only produce valuable products on that he knows his customers will love, his willingness to not only study weakness in his business, but improve on it, and his impeccable ability to adapt to the world of fashion. It is safe to that that he is truly a dynamic entrepreneur.