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IAP Worldwide: The Global Superhero in Logistics & Other Services

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IAP Worldwide is a leading provider of advanced technical services, advanced professional services, worldwide logistics, and facilities management. They have over 2,000 employees in over 25 countries worldwide, and they solve the most demanding challenges for their private and public sector clients.

IAP Worldwide Services are always ready for service for the most complicated technical and complicated challenges as they operate, maintain, and manage military installations. And with their talented workforce, program management, and technologies, they are always committed to their mission. The values and mission include them taking and making their clients’ goals their own, and they won’t rest until the required results are accomplished. Their mission states that they are there to solve their clients’ most challenging problems with the use of proven technology, and ingenuity, and expertise. It further states that to partner with them, they take their clients’ ultimate goals as theirs, and they would not rest until they have delivered the required results. They achieve these results by relying on four competencies which is the cornerstone of their approach.

IAP Worldwide Services have been providing services for over 60 years now. They have been adopting their clients’ missions as their own for those several decades and counting, and with that, they have been channeling their conviction, passion, and experience in providing innovative solutions and extraordinary results. They went beyond the call in exceeding, not just meeting, their clients’ expectations.

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IAP Worldwide has also partnered up with a plethora of businesses that assisted in servicing their clients globally. The site has more information about their partners, and the site also shows ways on how you can become their partner. IAP on also has government contract vehicles that allow them to share their ingenuity, experience, and dedication with defense, national security, and government agencies.

With their high standards, superb leadership, and superior qualities, they are always committed and excel in results. Other qualities that make them ultimate in their field include the following: Trust, passion, teamwork, and positive thought, and all these qualities help in preserving a virtuous cycle of professional and personal growth. And lastly, their values consist of the following: 

• Practicing rigor and intellectual curiosity

• Act with humility and integrity

• Provide leadership and followership inspirationally along with empathy

• Act responsibly, nicely, and swiftly

• Act with resolve to embrace and adapt to change

• Allow others and themselves to be successful and happy

• Pursue learning and growth

• Partner with customers, community, and colleagues for our mutual success

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Spark Tank is changing the world

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Marc Sparks is a brilliant businessman. He has worked in several industries for many years. His favorite role within the business community is that of a venture capitalist. As a venture capitalist, Marc has the opportunity to hear brilliant new ideas that can change the world. He knows that brilliant entrepreneurs can change the world by offering new and exciting ideas that established businesses would never consider. Marc has helped numerous businesses reach new heights with his funding and his willingness to guide companies to new levels.
Marc Sparks has appreciated the funding process for young companies for a long time. The start-up world is extremely competitive and only the best ideas get through. Marc has interviewed numerous future CEOs and he loves taking in these new ideas. Marc has long believed that the process that brings the most out of every company could also help charities reach the next level.

Marc Sparks has become incredibly successful, but he also wants to give back. He believes that start up philanthropies can have an enormous impact on the world, and he wanted to find the best possible philanthropies. A few years ago, Marc was captivated by the show Shark Tank. He loved seeing a panel of experts grill entrepreneurs on their ideas, and he knew this process could help him find the best possible charities.

Recently, According to Crunchbase and GoodReads, Marc launched Spark Tank. Spark Tank is a new program designed to find the best start-up philanthropies. Spark Tank’s main goal is to find the charity within the Dallas area that will produce the greatest social good. Marc worked with an expert team to create the best possible process.

The Spark Tank process starts with a simple application. Charities are asked to describe their mission and give other key details about their organization. When the application deadline hits, Marc and his team of experts go through each application to find the three best applicants. Marc cares deeply about the process and personally looks over each application. The Spark Tank team invites the top three applicants to present their idea.  Learn more about Marc Spark:

The top three applicants have an opportunity to present their ideas on a panel of experts. Each applicant has a limited amount of time to present their ideas, and the judges can ask any question. After each organization has presented the judges discuss the merits of each organization. The philanthropy that presented the best ideas will receive $5,000.

Spark Tank is a truly unique program. Marc Sparks loves using the program to find charities that will produce a great deal of social good. The program has already given funding to several important charities, and Marc Sparks hopes to give funds to several other charities in the Dallas area.

Protecting the Honest: How This Law Firm Shields Financial Whistleblowers

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The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act was passed in 2010, and was the largest federal regulation of Wall Street to occur since the Great Depression. One of its most important features is a program that ensures employment protections and even financial incentives for those willing to speak out against wrongdoing in the financial world. Finally, those willing to expose lawbreaking that goes against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) can be protected and rewarded.

Labaton Sucharow, an American law firm, was the first of its kind to rush to establish a practice solely for the purpose of protecting and advocating individuals who are bold enough to accuse some of the most powerful companies in the United States, and even the whole world. Labaton Sucharow built on its preexisting securities litigation platform, and thus armed its Whistleblower Representation Practice with a world-class in-house team that includes investigators, financial analysts, and forensic accounts. These employees often had federal and state law enforcement experience to truly give whistleblowers the best protection possible. Jordan A. Thomas leads this special practice, and he definitely is qualified, as he is a former Assistant Director and Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel in the Division of Enforcement at the SEC. When he was at the SEC, Jordan was a leader in the development of the Whistleblower Program there, as he wrote up the proposed legislation and the final implementing rules for the Commission.

When a whistleblower comes forward, SEC rules state that the Comission must pay the individual anywhere between ten to thirty percent of the monetary sanctions that the SEC imposes on the company following its punishment of the offender. If sanctions exceed one million dollars, whistleblowers might receive additional rewards based on sanctions in related actions found by other regulatory and law enforcement organizations. While the Dodd-Frank Act prevents companies from retaliating against former employees who became whistleblowers, these honorable individuals can also report violations anonymously with an attorney for additional protection.

The Labaton Sucharow Whistleblower lawyers can be contacted in a number of ways. including telephone, email, or their website for more information. Any initial consultations and case evaluations are free and kept entirely confidential.