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Glenn Beck Accuses Billionaire George Soros of Anti-Semitism

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George Soros is a very famous billionaire who is currently based in the United States. He is believed to have been born in Hungary. He went to school in Britain and later relocated to the US where he has managed to build a strong emperor. In the US, Gorge Soros become very successful, starting his foundation, known as Open Society and several other companies. Apart from being very wealthy, the billionaire is very influential, and his opinion on important matters is not taken lightly.

Recently, Fox News, one of the biggest stations in the country aired some anti-George news. The station is recognized for exposing politicians and wealthy people in the US. The report was broadcasted by one of the most respected and highly rated star, known as Glenn Beck. This time, Glenn Beck decided to dedicate three hours to broadcast information that has shocked everyone.

This is not the first time the billionaire is dealing with such criticism. For many years now, Soros has addressed many issues, and it seems that the current rumors have not managed to distract him. If you have been keen in reading the papers, you will realize that Soros has been attacked several times by individuals who are very skilled and more armed who were actually better than Glenn Beck. Regardless of the source of the criticism, George never seems to bother.

In the 20th century, George Soros had to go through a lot. He was blamed of communism and even fascism. This experience made him an expert in politics, and it’s evident that nothing scares the billionaire.

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In the three hour episodes done by Glenn Beck, George Soros is accused of anti-Semitism. Glenn Beck believes that Soros is just a Nazi tool. This is because the billionaire managed to survive during the violent Holocaust that took place in Europe. During this time, most of the influential and powerful people in Hungary and other places were brought down. George Soros did not get affected by the Holocaust. He, however, managed to become very successful. By posting this type of news, the top journalist has proven that he is ignorant of the recent happenings in history.

Everyone knows that Soros played a major role in ending communism, one of the practices that were common in the Nazis. Glenn claims that George Soros is a powerful individual who has the ability to bring down the post powerful governments. Although he is right to some extent, he doesn’t indicate the governments brought down by the billionaire.

After acquiring a lot of wealth in the US, Soros founded the Open Society. In 1984, George Soros is believed to have started an office in Budapest, something he had hoped for a very long time. After a lot of hard work, he managed to smuggle and get into the Xerox machines, exposing information which was highly guarded by the police. This information was highly confidential to the government. Since then, the Open Society has helped many people in the world, at the moment; it has spread to more than 100 nations.

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