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White Shark Media is a Great Place to Work

by VolvoDrive .

Most employees rank White Shark Media a 4 or 5 out of 5, revealing that it is a good place to work. Some report that it is obvious that the company really cares about their clients.

They report a great business culture and value system. They show a major interest in the work done for their clients. Employees are treated fairly and management is interested in helping employees grow and learn. They offer good opportunities for employees to move up in the company. Most report good salary levels. Some reported that they appreciate that the company offers outside activities for employees. Get more of that here: and

About White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency. They help small to medium sized businesses promote themselves online. They have helped thousands of businesses increase their clientele by using their online marketing programs. They track all their clients marketing practices, to help isolate the ones that work most effectively. They use keyword tracking, Google Analytics and special software for reporting results.

The company started in 2011, by three Danish friends with a lot of experience in marketing offline as well as online. Their objective was to serve the small-medium business market in the U.S. and Latin America. They built a talented work force of bilingual people, and became one of Google AdWords SMB Partners in the U.S. The firm currently employs over 150 people.

The company is committed to continuing the excellent support of their clients, in building their customer bases and brand names. White Shark Media expected to double their size by 2015. They are in a tough industry, but they are up to the challenge.

They approach their client’s business as though it was their own, by embracing the new changes in the industry as they become available. Leaders of the firm are open to all new ideas for improving their service, so they can help their clients today and five years from today with the tools of the industry.

White Shark Media strives to over-deliver all services to their clients. Their motto is to think two steps ahead of the game. They plan to continue to grow their business at a rapid rate, by being the best solution for businesses looking to use the new age of digital media to the max.

DEVCO Continues To Rebuild New Brunswick

by VolvoDrive .

The Middlesex County Improvement Authority last month failed to make its payment of $1 million in principal and interest on a loan extended to it by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority of $20 million. For five years, the Improvement Authority had been in arrears totaling $7 million in missed payments. The loan was used in the construction of The Heldrich was bankrolled in 2005. The Heldrich is a Brunswick Hotel and conference center that was developed by the New Brunswick Development Corp.

The corporation has been pointed out as an example of the consequences of funneling public funds through private firms to execute large-scale projects by state Senate President Stephen Sweeney. The New Brunswick outfit is Atlantic City Development Corp’s outfit. Atlantic City Development Corp expects to oversee public and private funding in excess of $200 million. Both corporations are headed by Chris Paladino, an attorney.

The Heldrich, with its 235 room capacity, opened in 2007 as the economic downturn rolled in. The hotel has struggled to attract customers, with an occupancy rate of 63.5% last year. Johnson & Johnson was the largest hotel account. The executives sit on the board of directors of the New Brunswick Development Corp.

New Brunswick Development Corporation, commonly referred to as DEVCO, is a nonprofit development company dating back to the mid-1970s. The private company deals with urban real estate development. The company was founded to stir revitalization of the city. The efforts of the company have led it to receive recognition from the New York Time, which referred to DEVCO as a powerful engine for economic growth.

DEVCO has overseen investments of almost $1.6 billion in New Brunswick since inception. The unique approach that DEVCO takes toward redevelopment has ensured that redevelopment remains robust in the city even during the challenging times in the country’s history. The projects under DEVCO have gone ahead to receive various awards.

The original article by Press of Atlantic City can be found here.