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Zika Is Uphill Battle Says Dr. Sergio Cortes

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Until now, the Zika virus has been considered relatively harmless, However, with millions infected, and links to deformities, this thought pattern has changed. According to previously reported information by medical expert, Dr. Sergio Cortes, the Zika virus has been known to scientists for almost 70 years. Discovered on the African continent in the late1940’s, the virus wasn’t pinpointed in humans until the early 1950’s, yet it remained in Africa and Asia.

The virus is transmitted primarily from the tropical mosquito, Aedes aegypti, which can also spread Dengue, Chikungunya and Yellow Fever. The vast majority of those infected show no symptoms, and those that do display early signs have mostly disregarded the flu-like symptoms. As quickly as the symptoms appear, they disappear within days.

Doctors suspect that there might be a connection between Zika and the rise of the rare Guillain-Barré syndrome, and microcephaly in Rio de Janeiro. “Indications that infected pregnant women have a higher risk of severe cranial deformities have everyone concerned,” says Dr. Sergio Cortes. Microcephaly is a malformation of the skull, which results in mental and physical disabilities.

Impact on Olympics in Rio

Currently, several countries have voiced concern on the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, however, Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) says he there really isn’t any reason for alarm. The competitions take place during the Brazilian winter, and with cooler temperatures and a dryer climate, the risk of contagion is low. Nevertheless, athletes are thinking twice about the impact of the virus, and questioning whether they are really safe in Brazil. “Since there is no vaccine to protect anyone from the Zika virus, the focus is mainly on prophylaxis,” says Dr. Sergio Cortes.

The Brazilian government says the risk for visitors and athletes in Brazil was “zero” – but this does not apply to pregnant women, and there’s also a risk of sexually transmitting the virus. Meanwhile, none of the Olympic athletes have pulled out of competitions.

For more information and updates about the Zika virus, visit the official blog of Dr. Sergio Cortes, or join his Facebook and Twitter feed.

George Soros Predicts Changes For Economy World Wide

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A Bloomberg prediction is a possibility or forecast that something is going to happen. The statement that an event may or may not happen is a question you must wait and see. Forecasting something like a global crisis must be on the basis of some past or future information. George Soros, a billionaire financier, has forecast a possible crisis in the global market like the one in 2008. The United States was in a pickle in the year 2008. There were issues involving investments and people’s retirement savings. People lost money from their investments. Stock and bonds were dropping and people were losing so much money. The possibility of another depression was high. At this time, oil prices and gas prices went sky high. It cost more to live because food prices were higher too. Anything depending on transportation went up in price because gas prices went above $3 per gallon.
According to George Soros, the world’s investors need to be on the watch for struggling economies. China is already Their currency is deviating and dropping in value. They are thinking that switching from investments to consumption will help their economy maintain. There has been a halt in some trading because of the Chinese Equities. The Asian Market has begun the year and is not doing so well. In the beginning of the year, The Nikkei rose to 43%. According to investors like Merrill Lynch, the possibility of price changes could cause a rise in stock.

George Soros has made some great decisions in his lifetime. He began in Europe and ended up in the United States. He was a refugee at first. He went to school in the US and began his career earning money in the 1950’s. George Soros net worth was around 27 billion in 2011. He is instrumental in donating to the Clinton’s campaigns in the past few years. Soros recently donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign so that she can make her commercials.

The prediction for China’s economy is, that if they could cut their rates and pump more into their economy, that they may survive. The European market is close to a crisis as well. They allowed thousands of refugees in. Their open policy allowed over a million refugees in causing a strain on the economy. It is a prediction, can bounce back or not? Soros is instrumental in informing others about the possibilities of poor economies. He interviews in Forbes Fortune 400. He is one of the world’s richest people so he must know what he is doing.

Sergio Cortes Heads The Response To The Xerem Disaster

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The people of the world are always at risk from natural disasters that can strike at any time, such as was seen during the 2013 Xerem flooding that caused major problems for the people of the area of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Many different issues were caused by the flooding and its aftermath, which saw the response of State Secretary of Health Sergio Cortes play an important role in the way the disaster unfolded. The people of Xerem saw the response of the team headed by Sergio Cortes bring them the vital supplies of medicine and water they required over the course of the disaster, according to Extra.

Across the globe the chances of enjoying the best life possible are being increased by the increase in the information available on wikipedia to the public about how to live a happy and active life. Sergio Cortes is a major user of social media and Online platforms in his bid to make sure the people of Brazil and the world have access to the most up to date health information. A good example of the dedication to public health and information Cortes has towards the people of South America can be sen in his quick response to the Zika virus spreading throughout Latin America at the start of 2016. In an interview published by Dino Dr. Sergio Cortes did his best to explain the symptoms to watch out for by those who are worried they have been exposed to the mosquito spread virus.

A fast response was also shown on wikipedia by Sergio Cortes during the 2013 crisis in Xerem, which included his arrival in the area soon after the flooding had taken place. After taking in all the issues facing the area the first hand the State Secretary for Health determined water was an important issue that needed to be addressed, which led to the establishment of hydration centers in the area. Working with the national emergency response agencies gave Sergio Cortes the chance to call for an individual response to the problems facing the region.

Sergio Cortes can be followed on Linkedin and Twitter.

Adweek Reveals Interesting App Figures

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Apps are incredibly popular. Not all apps are hits, but those apps that meet a need a niche is craving for have the potential to be huge hits. Adweek chose to highly a few of the top apps of Quarter 4 in 2015. If 2015 is any indication of what the future holds, 2016 should be a year filled with great apps. Looking back at the top apps of Q4 2015 has another benefit. Checking over the list gives someone who missed the release of a new app to take time to download the elusive one.

Tango, a messaging app, was the number one iOS app in October. November and December were topped by iFunny and Words With Friends. Millions of people are using these apps and using them on a daily basis.

The overall unique daily users (UDU) of apps is fairly high and impressive. Both the daily uniques and monthly uniques of all the top apps are in the millions. Some even top the 10 million range for monthly uniques.

As long as an app is able to deliver something people want, the app has a strong chance of doing well in the market. Skout, a dating and friendship app, has a large and loyal following of users. Skout is one of the top-growing apps in the tech world. Skout helps people connect with others all over the world. Meeting new people in the same city or in far off parts of the world is easy. The user-friendly platform and chat features are perfect for those who may be new to social apps.

Skout is perfect for people who travel. Those bouncing around the can meet people while they are heading to their destination. Whether traveling via plane, train, or automobile, as long as a reliable internet connection is present, a member of Skout can log into the platform. Skout also ranked quite well on Android during Q4 2015, and was in the top 15 in October, November, and December. Likely, as more people learn of the features associated with Skout, the app will climb further up the charts.

The statistics reported in Adweek are credible. The numbers are not based on unscientific speculation. Rather, a cross-identity device known as Drawbridge was employed to analyze the figures. Drawbridge definitely does have credibility or else Adweek wouldn’t even give the figures it reveals any serious consideration.

The data analyzed by Drawbridge was not miniscule. More than one trillion fourth-quarter in-app ad requests were examined. As such, the figures revealed by Drawbridge are credible. For many apps, the figures provide a lot of promise for 2016.