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Getting to Freedom

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Yeonmi Park wrote of her childhood in North Korea. It was a time when she and her parents and sister were often starving. This made them willing to eat whatever they could find, even if it was not real food. When she was thirteen, she and her mother escaped to China. Her older sister, Eunmi, aged sixteen, had escaped the day before, going so quickly that there was no time to tell anyone of her plans. Her story is one of empowerment in spite of the evil that was from the rule of Kim Jong-Il. She lived in a state of fear because she believed that no place was safe in North Korea. Any person could be killed for no reason. When Yeonmi’s father was punished, the rest of the family was marginalized they saw their struggles increase. Though they believed that they would have an easier life with more food in China, Yeonmi and her mother became sex slaves. Each had a knife that they could use in defense. After being raped daily, Yeonmi threatened to kill herself and she eventually received her freedom. Now they live in South Korea where they do not feel fully free. The North Korean government is aware of autobiography written by Yeonmi and they try to discredit her words and experiences on NY times. However, she is using her voice as a powerful means of advocating for those who still live in North Korea. It is her dream that one day, the twenty-five million people who still live in North Korea will have freedom. Yeonmi continues to have hope that the injustice will change. This motivates her and her sister to travel the world to share their story that exists in

Fashion Innovation With Doe Deere

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The world of fashion is one that people often turn to in order to help them get new ideas and new ways of seeing the world. Fashion sticks to rules in some cases. In others, fashion innovators demand the right to break them. Someone who well and truly understands the many ways that rules can be broken and people still look is fashion entrepreneur Doe Deere. In a recent article for Bustle Magazine, Deere shares with readers what she knows about the ways that nearly rule in fashion can be broken. Readers are reminded they can follow in her footsteps and still look really great.

In the article, Doe Deere talks about many common fashion rules that her readers know about. Such rules have been typically handed down from generation to generation and from mother to daughter. In many case, such rules can be useful in many ways. However, they can also make it hard for someone to express their creativity and even harder for the person to develop their own sense of personal style. Deere understands this and wants to help her clients feel more comfortable breaking such rules even if they have never done so before. As she reminds us, confidence is one of our best accessories.

Deere is a fashion consultant who has done much to help provide her clients with all kinds of assistance. Her particular field of specialty is makeup. It was her interest in the subject that helped her start her company. Lime Crime is one of the leading sources of online makeup for the client in search of fun items. Deere started the site to help provide her fans with a place where they could buy the kind of products that she has used herself in her daily life. Many fans have followed her advice highly happily.

Part of her philosophy is that we all need to let out our inner creative eye. In the article she tell her fans that a smoky eye that draws attention can be perfect even when it is paired with a lip color that is attention getting as well. Despite what her fans may have heard elsewhere, the combination can be striking and elegant even as it breaks the rules that many have seen. The same is true of many other basic fashion rules. Breaking them can help any client get a look that is unusual and yet still works on every possible level.

Someone can follow her advice and learn why mixing prints can be the ideal way to create a look that works despite rules that suggest that it should not. Mixing up two wildly different prints can help create a look that works on multiple levels despite the fact that the rules suggest that it should not. It is this kind of fashion daring that has helped make Deere a fashion icon and brought her many loyal fans. They appreciate her daring and her skill as well as her enormous energy, creativity and wonderful ideas.

New York Real Estate – Buying And Selling

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Matt and Jenny looked at five houses in New York before finding their dream home. It took only a month for them to zero in on the property they were looking for, thanks to the relentless efforts by TOWN Residential, a New York luxury real estate company. The couple worried that they were overpaying for their house built in 1975 but remodeled in 2000, but five years on, their house will sell for double the price they paid including closing cost.

Recent years have seen a significant influx of people moving into New York city. For another couple in their mid forties, offering the asking price for another house didn’t seem so far out of line due to demand and popularity of the neighborhood. These and many other people have learned that doing a good amount of research and having a reliable real estate firm to assist them can go a long way while saving them dollars. The experts at TOWN Residential completely agree with this notion. New Yorkers are embracing new way of lifestyle when it comes to homes and offices. Employers are preferring to have casual office cubicles with bespoke office spaces for their employees. Homeowners want to give their old homes a modern touch as well. Buying a home in New York is a big deal for many given the skyrocketing price and short supply of homes at the same time. It is a major life moment for some – a difficult step and a decision that needs to be proceeded with caution. Getting into this phase of life in the city is tricky unless they are guided by a trustworthy real estate experts like TOWN Residential.

When it comes to buying a property in New York, being flexible will also help. The buyers or investors will have to see what their wish list translates to in terms of dollars. Due to demand, some many have to settle for two bedrooms instead of three. And there are other issues that you may have to agree on. Do you want to move to a particular neighborhood with a specific school district? Does it make sense to upgrade later? All these questions will be answered by TOWN Residential in New York.

TOWN Residential is a real estate firm that serves real estate buyers, sellers and investors in New York and surrounding regions. It offers down-to-earth service to its clients. More information about New York real estate can be found on a Real Deal report below:

Wholesome Ingredients in Beneful Brand Dog Food

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Pay close attention to the ingredients label on the food that you feed your dog. If you are having trouble pronouncing most of the words in those ingredients, chances are you are not providing your dog the healthiest of food choices. One only need listen to the employees at Purina from their accounting team to the people packing the food to see they all trust Beneful brand dog food as the only food for their pets. These folks get to see exactly what goes into the food and they would never trust anything else. Consider a few of these delicious varieties of Beneful dog food the next time you are shopping for your pet.

Beneful Adult Dry Dog Food
Your dog is past the puppy phase and needs wholesome ingredients in their food in order to thrive each day. Beneful dry dog food is made with only the most nutritious ingredients to help them to live a more active and longer life. These dry foods are packed with proteins like beef, pork, and lamb, flavors your dog simply can not resist. Take a close look at the label and you will quickly discover every ingredient is all natural and a healthy option for your furry family member.

Beneful Puppy Dry Dog Food
The first year of that puppy’s life is the most important on here is where they will shoot up seven years worth of growth in a single year. To ensure their muscles and bones are getting all the nutrients that they need to thrive, you should be feeding your puppy Beneful puppy dry dog food. Each serving has the proteins and nutrients your puppy needs to grow healthy and strong, the perfect balance of delicious and healthy food to put them on the path to a long healthy lifestyle.

Beneful Wet Dog Food
The Beneful on target company also makes 20 different varieties of wet dog food. Available in small travel packets or resealable tubs, these chicken, pork, lamb, or beef, meals come in a hearty thick chunk style or thin slices, perfect for even the most finicky of eaters. The meals are full of healthy vegetables like beans, rice, and barely too.

Beneful Dog Treats
In addition to all the food the Beneful company produces, they make a variety of dog treats you pup will love. Oven baked goodness comes in either a light airy cracker or a hearty shortbread cookie. These snacks are the perfect addition to the healthy foods made at Beneful, keeping your dog on that road to a long healthy lifestyle.