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Puppy 101

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Getting a new puppy is a much bigger responsibility than most people imagine it will be. Along with being adorable and about the most loveable little things on the planet, they also need attention and an exceptional amount of care. In addition to bringing joy and companionship into your life, they will also bring frustration and the occassional and unfortunate damage to property in the form of a chewed shoe or a tinkled on couch cushion. The best thing that you can do for yourself and your puppy is to keep your expectations realistic and to be as prepared as you possibly can. Knowing what to expect from a puppy behaviorally can be difficult to exactly pin point. Breed, gender and natural disposition all play a role in the personality of your puppy. Most puppies, just like with human children, need the most amount of time when they are very young. Do not be surprised when your infant puppy is in need of attention. Rather than being upset at your puppy for whining when you are leaving, maybe free up your social calendar so that your puppy’s acclimation to their new home is as smooth as possible. This transition may be even more traumatic if you rescued your puppy from a shelter. As your puppy grows this seperation will become easier on both of you. There are many different ways to potty train and command train a puppy and everyone seems to have an opinion on which is the best. My advice would be that no one knows what your dog needs better than you do so take what applies to your situation and your furry companion and discard what doesn’t. The supplies that a puppy typically needs are relatively simple. A collar (complete with identification tags), a lead, food (I’d recommend Beneful), water, a place for your dog to sleep, and a brush to keep shedding to a minimum. Be prepared with Beneful when it comes to your puppy’s scheduled doctor visits. They will more than likely be seeing a lot of the vet, especially in the first few months. It is impossible to completely predict the personality that your puppy will have after they have grown. You won’t be able to anticipate health complications or energy levels.


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Born in 1993, Yeonmi Park was born to a middle-class family with her father working as a fairly paid civil servant. Miss Park grew up during the reign of Kim Jong-II, where there was too much oppression and freedom was limited to North Korea’s citizens. She epitomizes the oppression and brutality faced by the people of North Korea. Her stories offer inspiration and hope to all freedom lovers in the world. She has delivered speeches in different parts of the world that have created awareness of the tyranny of Kim Jong-II. The tyranny experienced under the North Korean regime has become a global phenomenon which made Yeonmi Park to be named by BBC as among the top hundred global women. Born in Heyman, North Korea, Miss Park grew up in a society that was highly devoted to the worship of Kim Jong-II and stood up against the enemies of the regime. Miss Park grew up in constant fear and-and panic. With freedom being limited under the leadership of a cruel and tyrant leader, Miss Park’s mother would always warn her of the birds and mice having ears. At a very fragile age, Miss Park experienced the world’s cruelty, more so when she witnessed the gruesome murder of her mother’s best friend under the hands of a firing squad. Yeonmi Park narrated the on her first taste of freedom by watching the film, Titanic, which gave her a different perspective of the world. Yeonmi’s father smuggled various valuable goods to Chinese traders to earn little extra money to sustain his family. However, his stroke of luck turned sour when he was arrested in 2002, receiving a sentence of seventeen years with forced labor. He further underwent gruesome torture which eventually made him ill. At the time, North Korea was experiencing great famine and to avoid the starvation and death of his family, he decided to smuggle them to China. The escape would start with the women then he would follow them later on. Yeonmi’s sister departed first, crossing over to China in the late winter of 2007. Miss Park of and her mother followed later on. However, the escape was one full of obstacles and terrible hardship. At the time, Chinese officials and authorities were on the high alert for illegal Chinese immigrants. Adding salt to injury, along the journey, Yeonmi Park’s mother was raped by one of the traffickers and her sister got lost and was presumed dead. Miss Park had gone through ordeals that up to now have left her with emotional scars. Eventually, after Miss Park’s father joined them, he, unfortunately, died of colon cancer and miss Park paid her due respects by burying his ashes in China. Despite these terrible ordeals, Miss Park, and her mother kept their hopes high enough and they were fortunate to make it into Mongolia where they found refuge under the South Korean embassy. As fate would have it also, Miss Park’s sister made it into Mongolia, reuniting with her family in 2014. Miss Park, now a Korean defector-turned activist on The Guardian, has inspired millions with her gruesome ordeal in North Korea under the regime of tyrant leader.

The Growth of Kenneth Griffin’s Investment Company

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Ken Griffin on turtletrader is an award winning hedge fund manager whose most notable accomplishment is his company, Citadel. Citadel is a diverse financial institution that has profited by billions of dollars in investment capital. What this company specializes in is selling security for the future for those who are looking for financial stability.

The CEO and founder of Citadel is Kenneth C. Griffin who was educated at Harvard University. Mr. Griffin founded this company on by humble means in his dorm room at University. 25 years late, Citadel is one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. Mr. Griffin’s hedge fund company has also been ranked as one of the largest hedge fund institutions in the world. In 2012, Mr. Griffin was ranked as one of the highest earning hedge fund managers in the world.

Kenneth Griffin was born in Daytona, Florida. By his Freshman year at Harvard, Mr. Griffin had already begun investing. By Sophomore year, Mr. Griffin had established his first hedge fund company that focused on convertible fund arbitrage. This hedge fund company was invested in and capitalized by both friends and family. One largest investors was his grandmother who invested a considerable portion into the startup company.

To evaluate real-time market data, Mr. Griffin had even installed a satellite right by his dorm room. After the stock market crash of 1987, Mr. Griffin, thanks to his unique strategy, was able to preserve his capital. When is came time to graduate, Mr. Griffin was worth over 1 million dollars and had graduated in 1989 with a degree in economics.

Citadel was officially founded in 1990 with only 4.6 million dollars invested in the company. By the year 1998, Citadel had grown to have over 100 employees with an annual profit of over 1 billion dollars in investment capital. By 2002, Mr. Griffin had made it onto the CFO Magazine’s Global 100 which is a list of the top influential people around the world.

Mr. Griffin by his early 20s had established Citadel and had grown the hedge fund company to be worth billions of dollars. Mr. Griffin’s long history in the world of investment has made him one of the foremost experts on government intervention with the global market. He states that regulation of the global market would fall to pieces because of the fact that the regulations would not be able to keep up with the changing of the global market.

Mr. Griffin is not only a notable investment capitalist, but is also a notable philanthropist. Mr. Griffin is a believer in the power of education. That is why Mr. Griffin has donated over 500 million dollars to various institutions in the United States. Mr. Griffin even funded the creation of a new charter school in Chicago that is named Woodlawn High School. Hospitals and Schools have become the number one receivers of Mr. Griffin’s generous donations. Mr. Griffin, in every business decision that has ever been made, has kept in mind the people and how to better society.