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Leveraging property listing services and local agents when selling homes

by VolvoDrive .

There are many advantages to be accrued by the tech-savvy home seller using online property listing services. It is easier for the seller and buyer to find the deal they are looking for when using the internet. Overhead costs are lower, translating in savings for both the seller and the buyer.

Online property listing services are also more convenient, faster and have a wider reach. However, there are disadvantages, the most common being difficulty in determining real prospects form browsers and handling the actual transaction.

Using local agents does have its benefits over using a property listing service whether online or not. For one, they have a better understanding of the local market. This means they can get the seller the best price possible and advise them on how to get the best returns. They will also help sellers and buyers with various papers and procedures required for the transaction.

Realtors and local agents can also help sellers get a better bargain and sieve serious buyers from many prospects who might express interest in one’s home. The major drawbacks are finding honest and professional realtors in one’s locality and high charges.

The good news is that home sellers now can enjoy the best of both worlds. With 990 Sells Homes, a home owner is able to enjoy the benefits of having the home they are selling listed by an online property listing website. They also get to enjoy the services of a 990 Sells Homes agent in their locality.

This enables the smart home seller to leverage both online and offline marketing to the fullest and for the best price possible. By using multiple marketing avenues, a home is more likely to fetch a higher price and in a shorter time. Local agents provide home sellers with expertise and knowledge to help them get great deals and smoothen out the process of selling homes.

There are many reasons for a home seller to list their property with 990 Sells Homes. Not only do they market the property online, they also use print media to reach potential buyers. Their agents have wide networks and knowledge of the real estate market. This means they may know of serious buyers whose attention a seller couldn’t have caught.


Their policy of no upfront fees is another feature home sellers love. One’s money is not further held up by their home when they need it the most. With 990 Sells Homes in every state, everyone can enjoy the benefits of the reach and power of e-commerce with the personal attention and expertise of a local agent.

Why Lime Crime Should Be In Your Makeup Bag

by VolvoDrive .

If you’ve ever had a passion for makeup, then you know what it’s like to long for more. More color, more pigment, more lasting effects, more power in your look. Sometimes these dreams can seem nearly impossible to achieve; trying brand after brand without receiving the desired results, but there is hope! Companies like Lime Crime design makeup specifically to stand out! To be bolder, brighter, and above all else, beautiful. In this article, we will discuss why LimeCrime is the brand you should be switching to and stocking your makeup bag with from here on out.

1)Free Shipping is always great When you place an order with LimeCrime Online, you automatically qualify for free shipping on orders of $50 or more, which helps take some of the out of pocket cost down as well as makes it a little easier for us to justify buying the makeup we truly deserve, online.

2)Vivid and Bright What if we told you makeup could do more than just cover imperfections and enhance your natural beauty but help express your personality as well? If you love living life to the fullest, and un-apologetically, LimeCrime may be right for you! With eye popping colors and heart stopping pigments, they’ve designed the best and the brightest lines to show the world exactly who you are and how you’re feeling!

3)Sparkle and Shine If you love to shine like the star you are, LimeCrime has a line just for you! Their eye collections include The Grunge Pallet, Zodiac Glitter and The Glitter Helper to make your eyes as bright as you are! You’ll shimmer like a star in the night sky using LimeCrimes makeup and grab everyone’s attention as you walk by.

4)Nails for days For modern day Antoinettes, LimeCrime offers nail colors in an array of options. From pastels to vivid color, you have the option to show the world your personality from face to finger. There is no limit to the way you can express yourself, from blue to yellow, orange to pink and even lime green, if bright is your thing, these colors are for you!

In conclusion, makeup should make you feel BEAUTIFUL. With a bit of color, or a lot of it and some bold moves on your part you can make beauty expression part of your every day life by adding LimeCrime to your makeup bag and every day routine.

Handy Home Cleaning Services Impresses Consumers with Its Simple

by VolvoDrive .

Traditional cleaning services may not meet the demands of homeowners, and therefore, Handy has come up to provide a unique way of offering home cleanup services. The lifestyle people are leading is causing a lot of trouble in time management and having to handle many things. People do not have time to accomplish all the tasks they have.

A home cleaning company like Handy has realized the problems homeowners have in cleaning their homes and aligned itself to meet these needs. Handybook is a service that was founded by two individuals named Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua. The concept of Handy Home Cleaning Services is based on the understanding that people are busy and do not want to go through complex, lazy process of seeking for cleaners.

Handy uses an app to allow customers reach the professionals and book an appointment for cleanup of their home. According to Hanrahan, this home cleaning app is like the Uber of home maintenance. Handybook is a home cleaning marketplace, which helps in the handling of payments and scheduling for cleanup.

It just makes the process of cleaning very easy and straight forward. This home cleanup concept has made Handy to grow fast. The brand has been able to record increased sales since its inception. Handy raised close to $12 million within two rounds. This New York-based company has close to 50 employees and employs freelancers to help in the cleanup work.

People consider Handybook cleanup services as an ATM in their pocket. It creates convenience and saves homeowners a lot of time and hassles. Cleaning professionals working with Handy are paid up to $22 an hour for the services they render. The average hourly rate is $18 and because of the freelancing concept, workers can pick their own hours and decide when they can be available for cleanup work, according to Hanrahan.

Consumers are now embracing the idea of using a mobile phone to book their clean up services. The workers are taken through a rigorously screening program to ensure only the best and most respectable are picked for the work. Handy not only handles cleanup work but also plumbing services and handyman or repair work.

The company has diversified its presence, and it has now covered over 25 cities within U.S. and is available in Canada and London. The conventional home cleaning services can be complicated and unreliable.

People can easily find a cleaner by just tapping an app on their mobile phone. They do not need to have stacks of cash at home to pay the cleaners. Homeowners do not need to worry about paying more or being overcharged by a company. Similarly, a homeowner does not worry of underpaying a cleaner.

Susan McGalla-A Successful Career and Businesswoman

by VolvoDrive .

Who is Susan McGalla? I was asking myself this question after finding this name populated everywhere on the internet. I started my research to find the science behind this name; little did I know the encouragement and motivation that awaited me in my research. I found several pages on the internet highlight the things that this woman has achieved. It is not common to find several sites posting positive things about a woman. The successful life and career of Susan McGalla is what encouraged me to write this article.

I found out that Susan McGalla is one of the successful American businesswomen who have achieved a lot in life. She runs an executive consultant firm based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. As the adage goes, Success does not come on a silver plate, Susan didn’t find it easier when she was trying to achieve success in life. She found herself struggling in a corporate world that was dominated by men. Competition from men did not deter her from building her career and achieving the success she had craved for. After graduation, she had hoped to start and run her own business.

Her career journey started when she got her first job with the American Eagle Outfitters immediately after graduating from University. He worked with this company for several years and because of her dedication and hard work, she was promoted to the position of the Chief Merchandising Officer and later as the president of this organization. During this period, Susan wanted to climb higher up the ladder. She wanted to experience the challenges of working in other bigger corporations. As a result, in 2011, she resigned from her position as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and employed by the Wet Seal, Inc. serving as the Chief Executive Officer.

After working at Wet Seal for few years, Susan realized that she had garnered enough experience to run her own consultation firm. She founded P3 Executive Consulting Company with the little money she had invested. Since then, P3 Executive Consulting has grown and become one of the largest consultant firms in the United States. The firm provides its clients with a broad variety of services such as online reputation management, business branding, operational efficiencies, marketing, talent management and many more. The company also provides expert advice in the field of fashion, retail business, and sports management.

Susan is also committed to helping women get back on track in life. She supports women who want to achieve success in both business and leadership positions. After learning from the internet how Susan has helped many women achieve success in life, I managed to attend one of the business symposium organized in her name. Susan advised and encouraged us to put more effort in everything that we do in leadership and business. She told us that confidence and good education could help us succeed in this male dominated world.
After the symposium, I decided to search for more information about her education background.

How Did Mr. Bruce Levenson Help Shape the NBA?

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The National Basketball Association is one of the four major sport leagues that are based within the United States, along with Major League Hockey, the National Football League, and Major League Soccer. NBA games are watched by people literally all over the world, and viewers tune in from virtually every country to watch an NBA games at some point in their career. The NBA was originally founded in 1946 as the Basketball Association of America, and merged with its arch nemesis, the National Basketball League, in 1949, to form the National Basketball Association.

Watching NBA games provides fans with a pristine, top of the line experience, or non-fans who simply want to experience the atmosphere of an NBA game, and can allow children and younger fans to get an autograph of famous basketball players they may look up to.

The National Basketball Association has had a number of legends to play, such as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, John Stockton, and Bill Havlicek, just to name a few. The NBA provides prospective players with the ability to rise (or fall) however high (or low) they are able to go. Basketball is a team sport that does rely on quite a bit of personal skills (anyone is able to take the game into their hands by stepping up and sinking a few shots, or making a few hot passes.

Many NBA teams have grown in worth lately, such as the Atlanta Hawks. Mr. Bruce Levenson used to own the Atlanta Hawks, which he bought for approximately five hundred million United States dollars just a few years ago. When he sold them this year, he turned a profit of approximately two hundred and thirty million dollars. This means he sold the team for $730 million, which is around a fifty percent return on investment for Mr. Levenson (for anyone unfamiliar with investing: such a high return on investment is sought after by everyone who works in the investing industry).

Without NBA team owners providing as much financing as many of the current owners do, the NBA might not be the same league that it is today. Aside from the salary cap, which limits the minimum and maximum amounts players can be paid, owners can pretty much spend money however they see fit is best for their team.

The National Basketball Association brings tons of individuals and families a boatload of fun, from both watching a game in person and experiencing what an NBA game feels like, and from televised games that one watches at home. During the regular season, especially during games that are generally viewed as unimportant, watching games from home is probably the all-around best bet.

Watching games in person, especially in the NBA playoffs, is where the fun happens. Betting is very popular on NBA playoff games, since there are so many opportunities to make good on bets with the sheer number of games a year in the league.