Ways to Create Great Articles for Wikipedia

Wikipedia ranks as the most popular online encyclopedia in the world, and as of now, it contains more than 3.3 million articles written in the English language. It is without doubt the largest ever-assembled collection of knowledge, and definitely the most accessible. Anyone with internet connection can easily edit information. So, is the information provided really reliable? According to a study conducted in 2005, it showed that a section of articles in Wikipedia on scientific subjects compared to an encyclopedia that was professionally edited. These findings suggests that a community of volunteers are capable of generating and sustaining surprisingly accurate content.

People are mostly directed to Wikipedia whenever they are searching the internet for biomedical info. This makes it important for the scientific community to engross with Wikipedia to make sure information provided is accurate and up-to-date. By scientists contributing diligently to Wikipedia, they will be fulfilling a social responsibility and sharing expertise. Taking the first step into writing an article for Wikipedia can be somehow daunting, but the following tips will make your editing process turn smooth.

Register an account

Despite that any person can make edits on Wikipedia, coming up with user account provides several benefits. Despite it being counterintuitive, the editors registered under pseudonymous usernames have a higher anonymity compared to those who just edit anonymously. Some of us have opted to associate our registered accounts with real identities.

Be bold but avoid recklessness

Survival and development of any wiki needs participation. The size of hire wikipedia editors is unmatched, but its ever-growing success is dependent on regular contributions of thousands of volunteers. Wikipedia therefore encourages all users to come out bold, correct any errors, and improve any undetailed article. However, distinguish your boldness from recklessness by starting small. Start by making some minor modifications to already existing articles prior to attempting a full article on a certain subject.

Do not invade copyright

With specified conditions, someone else can freely reuse, distribute or adapt almost all content in Wikipedia. However, non-free materials that are copyrighted are not acceptable. Though it might be inviting, it is wise to avoid copying figures or texts from your previous reviews or someone else’s articles into Wikipedia.

Get your Wiki

Whether you are a private individual, business, nonprofit or other notable entity, and you are in need of creating or editing an article, then you should probably hire Wikipedia editors from the Get Your Wiki team. The firm has professional Wikipedia editors that will come to your aid and ensure that they give you result that are acceptable by Wikipedians.

Whitney Wolfe Shines In Battle Against Tinder

Bumble is the dating app to beat. People that have seen the way that the social media buzz has increased about Bumble are well aware that this is the main competitor for Tinder. The logic behind this is simple. During a time where the me-too movement is exploding it makes perfect sense for a woman that was sexually harassed during her time at Tinder, a company that she helped co-create, to become successful with Bumble.

It was just a matter of time before people started to take a serious look at what Bumble was doing. Whitney Wolfe was already in powerful position after winning a lawsuit to become the top competitor against Tinder. After her app started to soar it became something that the Tinder family was displeased with. This is why the Match Group tried to create a lawsuit against Bumble.

Follow Whitney Wolfe on LinkedIn

Whitney Wolfe has continued to stay in a place where she is gaining even more exposure. All that the lawsuit that the Match Group did was bring more people to Bumble. It is still something of a novelty in some aspects so people are curious about the nature of this app. They want to know what this company is doing, and now that there is a lawsuit from the Match Group against Whitney Wolfe it has become rather obvious that more people will find out about the entire history of Whitney Wolfe during her time at Tinder.

It is not going to paint Tinder in a good light. It would actually make more sense for Tinder to take on a silent roll since Whitney Wolfe actually won the lawsuit against Tinder. When people look at the history of the sexual harassment and the statement that Whitney Wolfe has made about bullying that is going on with Tinder it is only going to make this company even more of a monster in the eyes of single female women that are looking for a change of pace. This app does not paint anything in a good light for Tinder. All it does is magnify an issue that was already present.

What this essentially does is give Whitney Wolfe an even greater platform to build an audience that is ready for a feminist dating app. Fortunately, this is already what Whitney Wolfe has classified Bumble to be. It is the feminist dating app that has expanded into a social media extravaganza.

Campaigns, Distributed Canvassing and Easier Work

NGP VAN provides an easy-to-use volunteer canvassing tool that makes door-to-door grassroots organizing much easier than it used to be. In the days before Distributed Canvassing became the method to use, volunteers had to complete about seven steps in contacting voters and other volunteers. This app also meshes easily with social media.


Explaining Distributed Canvassing

Distributed Canvassing makes NGP VAN volunteer campaigner’s workflow much easier to manage. In this way, they are spending more time in face-to-face contact with voters, rather than completing all the steps necessary to speak to the voter, then recording their responses to canvasser’s interview questions.


Volunteer canvassing organizers can set up a canvassing universe (the entire area to be canvassed). Next, they enter the script that volunteers are asked to use.


Canvassing organizers can even specify how many doors they want their canvassers to knock on. From there, the NGP VAN system sets up a list number, which is given to the canvasser.


How It Works

Canvassers and organizers can create canvassing areas, called “turfs.” Once the canvasser knows how many doors they have to knock on, it’s easy for them to get started—the canvassing tool can even be downloaded as a smartphone app that includes every function the canvasser needs. This includes entering the voter’s data straight into the app, rather than filling everything out on a paper form. Just as a single demonstration, this makes it clear how easy it can be to use the app.


A New Tool for Democratic and Progressive Groups

Street team canvassing allows field organizers and their volunteers to gather fresh lists of names and their contact information at political rallies and protests.


Voter and protester information can be quickly gathered and with MiniVAN, which is another part of NGP VAN social groups can begin to mobilize like-minded protesters and voters, using social media apps. By using these tools on social media, field organizers and volunteers can put public pressure on politicians and organization leaders.


Marginalized groups, such as ethnic groups, LGTBQ and even undocumented workers can make their presence known with NGP VAN.

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Sean Penn pens down the noel, Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Debut novels often do the honors of upholding the recognition of the author, and Sean Penn is no exception with his Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. This was a highly opinionated book, with social media platforms heating up in discussions about the book’s contents, with most people taking it for a factual setting and even believing that its fictional base is but a mask to the truth discussed in the novel.

Sean Penn was surprised at how fast people are at drawing up conclusions even to direct ideas, and not at any point giving a chance to the thought and the fact that a book can have a fictional setting and be nothing more or close to an opinion; just as the ‘Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.’

Sean Penn, a director, writer, and performer, has a dream to achieve more than what he already has in his 57 years. He has published award-winning books and plans on going on further to accomplish more. With a legacy in mind, he gets more inspired by how some writers express themselves in their work with a lot of freedom, something he says makes one want to have the same kind of freedom in writing.

Sean Penn explains further why he first released the audio version of Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff before publishing the novel. His initial plan was to release the audio, and he did not at this time have the idea of publishing it. However, with the growing interest of the public, his choice to turn it to writing came inevitably.

He goes ahead to share his interest in writing more books and says that he feels and enjoys the peace that comes with and in writing. It is a common occurrence for writers to find themselves in solitary because writing in a way secludes one from the rest of the world. This is something that interests Sean Penn, and his growing liking to writing makes him want to write more, irrespective of whether his work will be published or not. Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff was one of the most reacted-to works of Sean and the reactions do not discourage him but instead work to motivate him more.

Watch the full interview with Sean Penn:


Randal Nardone Runs His Business the Right Way

Randal Nardone helped start Fortress Investment Group. As the co-founder of the company, he knows what it needs to succeed. He wants to see it get better and grow because of everything he invested in it. He also wants people to realize there is a chance they can do things the right way as long as they’re making things easier on their own. For Randal Nardone, the point of running the business is to always give attention where they need it. The ideas he has all go back to the hard work he put in and the opportunities he created for people to be successful.Thanks to Randal Nardone, there are times where people can use Fortress Investment Group to do better on their own. He knows what it will take to be better at what he does and he plans to always show them they can do more on their own.

For Randal Nardone, the business grows and the company knows how to help people with the opportunities they have. It is his way of giving them what they need. Clients see how dedicated Randal Nardone is to Fortress Investment Group. While he doesn’t always work exclusively with clients, he does other things that allow him to make an impact on them. It is his way of giving them the things they need. No matter how hard Randal Nardone works to give people what they need, he feels confident he can grow the relationships people have with the company. It is his way of providing positive interactions between the company and the clients.

For Randal Nardone, the company will get better and will make more sense for people to enjoy. It is his way of trying to help people through different things. It is also how he makes the company better. When Randal Nardone started looking at different options for Fortress Investment Group, he realized acquisition was a great option. When Softbank approached the company to acquire them, Randal Nardone found they were making a great offer. They knew what they wanted and Fortress Investment Group was their chance to do things right. They wanted people to realize they could try things on their own and make more money from it. He also knew there were other ways they’d help by offering all the resources they had available to them. As a big corporation, they could contribute a lot to Fortress Investment Group.

Observing the Mercury Retrograde with the U.S. Money Reserve

Last years’ Mercury Retrograde was between December 3rd and 23rd with the first session occurring in April and May and the previous session between August and September. This year (2018), the first session of Mercury Retrograde will begin from 22nd March. It is believed that this is a metrological event that controls certain aspects of life make those areas go to sleep at the moment. Well, with Mercury being a fire sign, and defined as brash as Aries, scientists suggest that the period is not safe for humans.

Background Data

Scientists have urged people to prepare for miscommunications on a daily basis. Other mishaps will be technological breakdowns, awful traffic and maybe even a visit from one of your backstory lovers. Learn more about US Money Reserve: https://www.ispot.tv/brands/Iyt/us-money-reserve and http://www.manta.com/c/mml8pv9/u-s-money-reserve-in

Honestly, these are unpleasant experiences. Well, apparently, that is not even just half of it because the Mercury Retrograde appears to be exploding over time. What is more, the next three weeks might even come with more unwanted experiences. But what shall we do about it? Maybe just sit back and watch.


Also, the best measure you can take is watching from a distance as you take precaution and just relax while hoping that everything turns out as it is planned. Remain loose, flexible and very accommodating to situations like delayed flights, raucous dinner parties and oversleeping. Perhaps you should not over-plan your schedule as anything is explicitly set to happen during this time. Read more: US Money Reserve | Facebook and US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

Permanent Decisions

From everything you have heard about Mercury Retrograde, the most important one you should highlight is not signing any contract. Avoid any situation that may lead you into signing an agreement as that would be defined as making more of a permanent decision. Well, this is not healthy as Mercury Retrograde might ruin that as well.


In 2001, U.S. Money Reserve was established. This organization has become a competitive distributor of American legal-tender products, as well as silver. Over the past years, clients have relied on this organization to make sure that they have diversified their assets through precious physical metals. All too often, these precious metals are in the form of the luxurious gold as well as silver coins.

What Makes U.S. Money Reserve Tick?

Well, for starters, the U.S. Reserve has a team of qualified professionals who have vast knowledge in coin research. In addition are numismatic professionals who have market knowledge on how to find the right products made for acquiring precious metals.

Agora Financial Promotes Working Toward Better Investments

Agora Financial is a publishing company and investment firm. They work to give people the chance they need to help with different investments. They also try to always give people advice on what they should do to make more money with the investments they have. As long as Agora Financial is doing their best to give people the options that will help them, they feel good about what they can do and how they can help. About Agora Financial, this is how they can try to give people the options they need. Investing always works when Agora Financial does their best to help people.

While Agora Financial doesn’t always know the perfectly right choices to help others, they do know they can use their experience to predict what will happen in different situations depending on what people want to do with their investments. They’ve always done their best to give attention to the people who are in different situations and who need help with investing. It is their main goal to provide others with help no matter what they’re doing or what type of investments they have.Since Agora Financial started, they have only been more successful. They know what it takes and aren’t afraid to push to get their business further ahead. The company has made many strategic moves to get where they are.

While they work to promote different opportunities in their business, they know focusing on how they can actually help people is the best way to make a lot of money. They also know it will mean more to their clients if they can grow the business to help them in any way possible. For Agora Financial, this is how they plan to do most of their business in the future. Customers will enjoy the things Agora Financial has to offer if they can keep growing.Agora Financial uses new ideas to help their clients achieve their goals. Perhaps one of the biggest things they’ve ever done is introducing new things they can publish based on the hard work they put in different areas. For Agora Financial to do this, they had to prepare to help people early on. There were times when they struggled, but they pushed through and did what they could to help. The company knew everyone would have a chance to see their growth. Clients who saw them growing the right way would be more inclined to stay with them.

David Samadi Challenging Career in Medicine

David Samadi is a top Iranian born doctor who has brought a lot of impact in the lives of cancer patients. The doctor is currently living in the United States, and he is proud because he has managed to offer people a new chance of life. Samadi has always been interested in ensuring that people do not lose their lives just because they lack the right medical care. This is actually one of the reasons why the businessman commands respect among Americans and other people in the world. His experience when he was growing up as a young boy played a role in his success.

When David Samadi was born several years ago, his parents were living in Iran. Since this country has been experiencing wars for a long time, most people are forced to leave their homes and look for shelter in other countries. This was also the case with David Samadi. When the businessman was just a young boy, the country wars forced him to relocate and look for accommodation. Without anyone to assist him, David Samadi and his brother had to run away from their country in search of peace. The two young men found their way into Belgium, and this offered them the peace they needed.

Living in Belgium was the best for the young men. It wasn’t long before they started looking for a new country to relocate. After a long search, the businessman immigrated to the United States where he was received well. The doctor got admission to a leading medical school while his brother pursued a great career. David Samadi knew the kind of life back in his home country, so he chose to work hard and become the professional doctor people in America would be proud of. His brother did not disappoint their parents too. In less than five years, the young men graduated, and they went to start their careers in the corporate world. David Samadi had to prove his skills in medicine, and he was taken for further training in several medical facilities. To know more about him click here.

David Samadi spends most of his time working at the medical office. Whenever he has some free time, the businessman has a television show where he advises people about their health. Samadi is very passionate about his job, and he loves to ensure that the people he has cured remain cancer free for the rest of their long lives.

OSI Industries, a High Quality Food Company

OSI is a company that globally supplies food to both restaurants and retail stores. It is one of the largest and highest quality food-providing services in the United States. OSI Solutions has over 65 facilities and 20,000 employees in 17 countries across the world. Part of what makes this business one of America’s top 100 food companies is the fact that they go to great lengths to make sure their food is very safe and well-handled. HACCP, Food Safety, GMP, Animal Welfare and OSI Global Standardization audits are regularly carried out to ensure that all food packaged and produced is of the best quality. OSI also has tests done on the food that look at whether the raw ingredients are packaged and processed correctly.

OSI Solutions also highly values its employees and their importance to the company. Each employee receives documented GMP training during their orientation and at least once every year after that so that they understand the importance of food safety. OSI strives to make their facilities welcoming and diverse as well, and look for employees that are passionate about great food and the job they do. Employees are hired with no discrimination against race, religion, gender, disability, or sexual identity. Besides being both innovative and diverse, OSI Solutions is a very prestigious establishment. To know more about the company click here.

In 2016, the British Safety Council presented the Globe of Honour Award to OSI for its exemplary management of environmental risks. Only 18 organizations in the world were bestowed this award in 2016, which demonstrates that OSI is an outstanding company both in food distribution as well as in innovation. From its global connections with restaurants and stores to its diversity and prestige, OSI is a wonderful example of a 21st century company. In such a busy and crowded industry, this company stands out above all the rest with its modern views and ideas.

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Entrepreneurs Like Jose Hawilla Adjust Their Businesses to Their own Personalities

One thing that entrepreneurs like Jose Hawilla have in common is that they have a lot more freedom when it comes to their business. One thing that can be frustrating for people who are used to working their own jobs is having to conform to the standards of other businesses. This is one of the reasons that people can experience some huge advantages to being an entrepreneur. For one thing, entrepreneurs can adapt their businesses to their own personalities. This also means that they can dress how they want, talk how they want and project the image they want to others.

One thing that attracts Jose Hawilla to the life of an entrepreneur is that he has a lot of initiative and innate abilities that are often not explored with large corporations. One thing that running his own business has giving him is the ability to set his own personality. He is also able to set his own schedule and get involved in the type of work that he enjoys. Another thing that works well for him is that he gets to earn a lot more money than he would’ve working a regular job. For more details visit Crunchbase.

One type of work that Jose Hawilla has gotten into is the work of a marketer. He has bought Traffic and has grown it as a marketing platform. Hawilla has taken it from a company that offers advertising space to a company that sells boards of publicity for stadiums. This is an example of an entrepreneur who can either build and grow a business, or take an existing business and grow it to its advantage. The reason that Jose was able to do this was because this was something that he was truly passionate about. When he has bought out his companies, he found himself in his element. You can search on Google for more.

See more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,grupo-traffic-vende-diario-de-s-paulo,164083e

Equities First Holdings Providing Good Business News

There have been several accomplishments to be proud of on the 15-year anniversary of Equities First Holdings (EFH). The first accomplishment would be the capability to generate over $1 billion in transactions. The business numbers reveal the performance of EFH. EFH has done well since 2012. The accomplishment worth celebrating during a 15-year anniversary will be the 700 transactions completed by the London office. When a business has done well, there are found in several parts of the world. There are nine major offices of EFH. The expansion into places such as Australia, China, and other parts of Europe happened. Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom make the rules that the London office follows.

EFH success is related to the performance of the stock-based loans. Stock-based loans are simple to use. For example, CEO of PaySafe Group PLC(PSG) Joel Leonoff has used a stock-based loan to gain its’ benefits. EFH’s business growth will bring loans to new markets.

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