Ways to Create Great Articles for Wikipedia

Wikipedia ranks as the most popular online encyclopedia in the world, and as of now, it contains more than 3.3 million articles written in the English language. It is without doubt the largest ever-assembled collection of knowledge, and definitely the most accessible. Anyone with internet connection can easily edit information. So, is the information provided really reliable? According to a study conducted in 2005, it showed that a section of articles in Wikipedia on scientific subjects compared to an encyclopedia that was professionally edited. These findings suggests that a community of volunteers are capable of generating and sustaining surprisingly accurate content.

People are mostly directed to Wikipedia whenever they are searching the internet for biomedical info. This makes it important for the scientific community to engross with Wikipedia to make sure information provided is accurate and up-to-date. By scientists contributing diligently to Wikipedia, they will be fulfilling a social responsibility and sharing expertise. Taking the first step into writing an article for Wikipedia can be somehow daunting, but the following tips will make your editing process turn smooth.

Register an account

Despite that any person can make edits on Wikipedia, coming up with user account provides several benefits. Despite it being counterintuitive, the editors registered under pseudonymous usernames have a higher anonymity compared to those who just edit anonymously. Some of us have opted to associate our registered accounts with real identities.

Be bold but avoid recklessness

Survival and development of any wiki needs participation. The size of hire wikipedia editors is unmatched, but its ever-growing success is dependent on regular contributions of thousands of volunteers. Wikipedia therefore encourages all users to come out bold, correct any errors, and improve any undetailed article. However, distinguish your boldness from recklessness by starting small. Start by making some minor modifications to already existing articles prior to attempting a full article on a certain subject.

Do not invade copyright

With specified conditions, someone else can freely reuse, distribute or adapt almost all content in Wikipedia. However, non-free materials that are copyrighted are not acceptable. Though it might be inviting, it is wise to avoid copying figures or texts from your previous reviews or someone else’s articles into Wikipedia.

Get your Wiki

Whether you are a private individual, business, nonprofit or other notable entity, and you are in need of creating or editing an article, then you should probably hire Wikipedia editors from the Get Your Wiki team. The firm has professional Wikipedia editors that will come to your aid and ensure that they give you result that are acceptable by Wikipedians.

Securus’ Clients Express Their Appreciation for the Innovations That Help Solve Crimes

Securus is a communications providing company that serves prisons in the United States and Europe. The firm does not shy away from embracing the era’s digital revolution as it releases at least one new technological improvement or innovation that facilitates prisons to run smoothly. The chief executive officer of Securus Richard A. Smith stated that his firm has a relentless commitment to increase safety within and without the prison system.

Due to the satisfactory results attained from utilizing their gadgets, prison staff often express their appreciation to Securus for the products. A recent online publication detailed some of the reviews from customers who used Securus’ tech to improve security. The report released by Securus retained the commenters’ names to protect their identity.

One review stated that the LBS Software was particularly handy in enforcing the law. The tool was used to confiscate illegally held arms, mobile phones, money and drugs within prisons. The staff stated that the LBS Software simplified their search by a significant degree. Another comment read that the combination of the LBS Software with Investigator Pro was enough to ensure maximized safety in the business.

Securus’ efforts in increasing safety in the community have manifested with the success of prison staff collecting valuable information through the phone service. The published report entailed a case of a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount and another obtaining information from an inmate that could possibly cause harm. Securus has a transparent business policy and encouraged interested persons to visit their facility in Texas for a firsthand look at how they solve crime.

Securus’ headquarter office is located in Dallas and currently services more than 3400 prisons. It utilizes emergency response, communication, and investigation skills to build valuable devices. The development team employs extensive biometric analysis and information management software to optimize their hardware and software.

Chris Villanueva Bringing New Culture of Dentistry using MB2 Dentals

It is in line with the dentists to be professionals in their acts and also offer professional support to their patients. In life, it is a norm to visit a dentist once in a while and thus dentistry will affect all people who visit a dentist. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes that the usual culture that is stereotypic should be abandoned and change brought to the industry. He notes that a patient will just be concerned on the treatment that is received from the dentists, however, that is not all for the dentists. The dentists will further go ahead and perform duties that are beyond treating and entail even the administrative and non-clinical duties.
According to Chris Villanueva, the environment laid by the MB2 dentals offers a supportive culture that entails having fun together in the industry. The unique culture enhances doctor to doctor relationship that is supportive. He notes that in each industry each practitioner should be able to support each other both personally and also professionally. Actually this is one of a kind, as according to many organizations and dental care institutions, they are driven by the fact of promoting the patient and doctor relationship and thus viewing other practitioners as competitors in the industry.
His new culture has brought dentists together through the trips they organize and other activities that have seen dentists from different cities that include Louisiana and Alaska joining together and taking breaks from their professional career to enjoy themselves. Some of the activities that he has spearheaded through the MB2 dentals include playing volleyball, spending time on the beach, swimming and playing golf among others.
Chris Villanueva notes that working together as dentists can provide a better ground for each one of them. According to him, the togetherness will bring a sense of belonging and thus promote their culture towards each other. He also has the notion that when working independently one may not be able to achieve as one can achieve while working together.
The leadership of the Dr. Villanueva are well outlined in his career where he has more than one thousand employees and about eighty affiliates. His leadership in the industry aims to promote both the sole proprietor and the industry of the dentists in general. Some of the services that the MB2 offers to other practitioners is the management of the operations of the office. The services may entail book keeping and human resource.

Dr. Villanueva On Why You Should Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental is a company that was designed to provide dentists with the best of both worlds. In other words, it was created to provide them with the kinds of resources and support that they need without putting unreasonable conditions on them. It is headed by people who are dentists themselves, like Dr. Villanueva.

In an interview, Dr. Villanueva was asked how he makes his days productive, and what they look like. He said he is a night owl. He added that he always follows the advice he was given to never be the smartest in the room. In other words, if you surround yourself with people who are smarter and more successful than you, you will strive to be like them and work on yourself to get there. You will also be able to learn from them. Another way he remains productive is by not getting in everyone’s way. He said that many CEOs make the mistake of always getting involved in the smallest details of their companies. Sometimes, however, this will just make things more complicated. It is usually best to focus on the things that matter the most and let others do the small jobs that you assigned to them. As long as you have the right people, you just have to keep them motivated and give them the vision of what you want to be accomplished.

When asked how he brings ideas to life, Dr. Villanueva explained that since he surrounds himself with smart people, they help breathe life into his ideas. If you have good cooperation and good collaboration with other people, you can get a lot of things done. He believes that it is always better to work together than to work alone and that you will get a lot more done that way. He added that he gets his best ideas at times that you would not have thought of, such as two in the morning, while playing video games with his kids, or during lunch.

When asked what trend excites him the most, he explained that he is excited about how technology is changing things, and how it is changing the dental industry. He is a tech guy as a hobby, he explained, and he loves seeing the new things that come out each year which help out patients. Everything is about the patient at the end of the day.

A partnership for a difference: Cancer Treatment Centers of America joins with Allscripts and NantHealth

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network made of five hospitals. The headquarters are in Boca Raton, Florida. They treat cancer patients who spread all over the United States. The hospitals adopt an approach that is integrated into treatment of cancer. This approach makes use of conventional methods which include chemotherapy, surgery, immunotherapy, and radiation for the treatment of cancer. In addition, they offer therapies that are integrative so as to overcome the side effects of this treatment.

The inspiration behind the founding of these centers came after the death of the founder’s mother died of cancer. Stephenson J. Richard’s is the founder. Dissatisfied with options for treatment available for his mother then, Stephenson opened the first Cancer Treatment Centers of America hospital. The hospital was opened in the year 1988. Others were opened from 2005 to 2012. The hospitals are accredited. They have earned awards for quality and gained recognition for patient satisfaction.
In their endeavor to get the right treatment for cancer and give their patients the best, the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with AllScripts and NantHealth. The collaboration is aimed at executing a technical solution that is custom. This solution will enable eviti, a product of NantHealth, gain entry to clinical workflows of Sunrise electronic health record at the Allscripts. The program, referred to as Pathways program will allow the process of cancer treatment without interrupting the workflow of the physician.
The work of coming up with the clinical operating system known as NantOs involved oncologists numbering hundreds spread all over the nation. The program holds a collection of data for cancer care which is comprehensive and evolving. The program is set mindful of the patient and integrates research for cancer that is latest, treatment and therapies that are complementary.
The program will offer transparency in the delivery of care and selection of therapy. In addition, efficiency and quality will be improved. The confidence of the patients will be improved since the program will offer a discussion between the clinical team and the patient on the appropriate treatment given their diagnosis.

CTCA teams up with Nanthealth and Allscripts to revolutionize cancer treatment

Cancer is now considered as one of the biggest killer diseases in the 21st century. Although a lot of efforts have been put to wipe the menace out of the earth’s surface, there is a lot that still needs to be done. One of the biggest strides made by researchers and physicians in the treatment of cancer is availing the most critical information needed during the cancer treatment. One of the organizations that are working tirelessly to ensure that cancer patients get better treatment options is the cancer treatment centers of America. Cancer centers of America work very hard to ensure that they provide the best treatment options for different types of cancer. The Cancer Centers Treatment of America is an affiliation of five nationally recognized hospitals that focus on providing the best services to cancer patients.

The Cancer Centers Treatment of America invests substantial amount resources in research and also engages in meaningful partnerships that benefit individuals with various types of cancer either directly or indirectly. In the most recent move, Cancer Centers Treatment of America teamed up with Allscripts and Nanthealth to make cancer treatment as seamless as possible.

The new arrangement with the three reputable organizations will help oncologists and physicians from every corner of the country to work together with their patients throughout the treatment process. In the last few years, a number of discoveries in cancer treatment have grown exponentially. At least, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel. However, despite the remarkable strides made by oncologists, they have been faced with the challenge of sharing critical information with other oncologists. The new partnership seeks to address this problem by providing the much-needed information to both patients and physicians.

The new program launched by the three organizations is known as Clinical Pathways. Nanthealth have also incorporated their support solution known as eviti into the clinical pathways program. The eviti program was designed with the input of oncologists from all over the country.

Oncotarget’s Mikhail Blagosklonny Outlines The Use Of Rapamycin

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny is renowned for his advocacy for Rapamycin. Rapamycin, which is also known as Sirolimus, was first discovered in samples of Easter Island bacterium in 1972. Initially, scientists used Sirolimus as an antifungal agent but later discovered its immunosuppressive and antiproliferative nature. With these properties, Rapamycin, which was commercialized as Rapamune, has continued to be used widely. Firstly, the drug’s immunosuppressive properties allow it to be used during organ transplantation to reduce the rate of rejection by displaying a lower level of toxicity to the kidneys. It is also used to treat hemolytic-uremic syndrome, which includes kidney failure. Its effect of lowering toxicity levels helps in reducing the rate of infection to the new transplanted kidney. Rapamycin is used to treat Lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM), a condition that infiltrates the tissues in the lungs with mutations of the TSC2- Tuberous Sclerosis Complex, hence activating the MTOR signaling gateway. Rapamycin works by blocking the gateway.

Rapamycin plays an important role during balloon angioplasty procedure given that it is used to coat the coronary stents to block the occurrence of re-stenosis in the arteries. There is no need to repeat the procedure when Sirolimus coating is used. Its anti-proliferative properties enhance the body’s immunity towards tumors for cancer patients. It also reduces the chances of contracting cancer in case of organ transplant. In TSC-Tuberculosis Sclerosis Complex treatment, Rapamycin, which is an MTOR inhibitor, suppresses TSC. Since most TSC patients suffer from facial angiofibromas, Rapamycin can be used in the form of gel, cream or ointments to treat the disease. Mikhail’s research revealed that Sirolimus extends life in mice. This is a big step towards applying it in human longevity. Other studies are being carried out to determine Rapamycin’s use in treating Alzheimer, muscular dystrophy and Systematic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). This information was originally mentioned on Philly Purge as outlined in this.

Dr. Mikhail Blagosklonny works for the Rosewell Park Cancer Institute as a professor of oncology. Over the years, he has extensively researched and published numerous works on cancer and aging. Notably, Mikhail studies have shown a connection between cancer and aging considering that cancer is more likely to occur as an individual ages. His pursuit of finding cure for cancer is inspired by his desire to help patients around the world. At Rosewell Park, Mikhail has played a pivotal role of leading his peers and motivating students to expand their research on cancer and aging.Unlike other scientists, Mikhail not only researches on the innovative methods of treating cancer, but also looks for effective and affordable ways that will not harm patients by destroying the normal cells. The renowned scientist believes that everyone is entitled to proper cancer treatment, unlike the current situation where effective therapies are a luxury afforded only by the rich. Mikhail strives to make exceptional contributions in the cancer research for purposes of helping people access cost effective treatments. His keen attention to detail has distinguished him from other scientists in the field. His work has continued to be published by impact journals. Mikhail Blagosklonny hopes that his work will inspire other professionals to enhance their research on various therapies.

Dallas’ Own James Dondero Succeeds both in Philanthropy and Business

James Dondero is Highland Capital Management’s chief executive officer. He studied his Accounting and Finance degree at the University of Virginia which he has used to thrive in the business world. Besides business and finances, James is also a renowned philanthropist who has partnered with various charitable organizations who are committed to giving back to the community. Dallas Foundation is one of his partners, they have managed to budget economically for their charitable projects both locally and internationally.

James Dondero sees philanthropy as one of his major goals in life, and he has worked tirelessly with many other organizations with the same passions to ensure that the needs of the less fortunate are met. Agencies such as Dallas Foundation have been of great help to the company for it has helped it connect and establish strong relationships with these needy people.

James Dondero as the head of the company has set some goals for the company and charity is one the major one. The company, therefore, ensures that every employee works to their level best hence earning the company great profits of which some gets channeled into generous giving. James has had education and healthcare be the driving force behind his philanthropic work because he believes that a healthy and educated society has a secure future because the needs of its next generation are met actively. Charity and business go hand in hand. It works on the policy that the more you give, the more you receive, and indeed James’ company has seen the light of this.

James has achieved great success and enormous blessings due to his generosity. He has employed ways of ensuring sure that his company doesn’t sink in its operations despite his involvement in philanthropic work. He has therefore managed to oversee the company’s operations as its CEO and has been able to maintain the amounts of profits it earns at the end of every financial year. For some time now, the company has increased its earnings hence upholding its success.

All in all, a hand that gives receives even more, and Highland Capital Management under the leadership of James Dondero is living proof.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offer a Different Approach to Treating Cancer

The best treatment for the prevention of cancer is early detection. In September, The National Football League (NFL) joined with Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp to educate men concerning the risks of prostate cancer and to offer specialized Prostate Specific Antigen(PSA)screening.

The American Cancer Society estimates that 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime. Early intervention is key to a successful treatment plan. The goal is to educate men about their risks and encourage them to get a screening. Age and race are factors with African American men having an increased risk factor.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has locations in 5 major cities throughout the United States. Each has a state-of-the-art cancer center staffed by experts trained in the latest technologies, techniques, and therapy services to provide total patient care.

What Makes Their Approach to Treating Cancer Different?

CTCA’s cancer experts promote precision cancer treatment, that is attacking cancer at the cellular level using the latest technologies. They have a variety of diagnostic tools to analyze and target cancer cells to understand what makes them grow, through this kind of research, treatments are more effective and have the least side effects.

Each patient is an individual and their care is designed for their individual needs. A team of physicians and therapists work with patients to fight cancer through medicine, anti-cancer drugs, and immune system support to help the patient stay healthy and energized during and after treatment. CTCA’s Integrative Care program uses a combination of conventional treatments with supportive therapy to deliver the best in patient-centered care.



Cancer Treatment Centers of America is Bringing Cancer Services to the Ground

According to an article published on the PRNewswire.com, prostate cancer is one of the many deadliest cancer diseases which affect the men’s productive system, in the United States of America. Research shows that in a group of about seven men there exists one man who is suffering from the prostate cancer.

To fight with this increasing number of men suffering from this disease, groups like National Football League Alumni Association, Cancer Treatment Centers of America and LabCorp organization have come together to increase the awareness and to advise men for the screening to know their health and educate men on the need for screening.

The men of around 40 years are advised to sign up with LabCorp to receive a free prostate cancer screening. The processes are aimed at helping more men and reducing the disease. Hence the organization is urging men to take this opportunity and know their health status.

About the CTCA (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

It’s an organization formed by a group of hospitals. The organization was formed as a nonprofit group that deals with cancer patients in the United States. The services the CTCA offers to patients include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, as well as immunotherapy to combat cancer disease; other services include therapies which help the cancer patients to manage cancer side effects like the pain.

The hospitals that formed the Cancer Treatment Center of America which are:
• Southeastern Regional Medical Center, which is based in the Atlanta Georgia
• Midwestern Regional Medical Center, based in Chicago Illinois
• Eastern Regional Medical Center, which is situated in the Philadelphia Pennsylvania
• Western Regional Medical Center, located in the Phoenix Arizona
• Southwestern Regional Medical Center, which is based in the Tulsa Oklahoma
All these hospitals have joined together and offered themselves to bring the cancer services to the ground.

Rodrigo Terpin: the Most Outstanding Rally Driver in Brazil

Rodrigo Terpin’s boldness, tact, passion, and dedication gets most of his peers and colleagues in the rally fraternity by surprise. How he manages to stay committed and satisfied at the same requires a great deal of discipline: a virtue that he has cultivated since he started car rallying, two decades ago. In observing these qualities and values, Rodrigo is a leader on and off-track due to his ability to drive his ‘community’ of rally drivers towards a common of the objective.

His Dedication and Zeal

In the competitive and crowded rallying sport in Brazil, finding personalities such as Rodrigo, who despite their experience and age remain discipline and dedicate to this game becomes challenging. He has won numerous awards both in and out of Brazilian soil, and through this, he has remained a force to reckon with as far as Brazilian motorsport championship is concerned. One outstanding rally event that he participates in refers to the Rally dos Sertoes which is an annual event held in over ten towns in Eastern Brazil. It is through the Sertoes Rally event that he even horned his rallying skills and hence his consistent participation in the annual event as a gesture towards nurturing other drivers.

His Achievements as a Rally Driver

Regarding his participation in the previous Sertoes rallies, Rodrigo is credited with bagging 7 top finishes and several other top 5 finishes. Such incredible performances make him the most decorated rally driver in the event since its inception in 1992. As a member of the Bull Sertoes team, he also inspired his brother to quit motor racing for the sake of the T1 car category. As inexperienced as Michel was, he was patient with him and nurtured him to perfection as a professional rally driver. Check out Terra to know more.

Other Responsibilities

Apart from his life as a professional life as a rally driver, Rodrigo Terpin is also a renowned spiritual writer who has amassed over ten years of experience in editorial work. His editorial work is mostly centered in major Brazilian magazines and journals. Terpins is also a businessman with interests in the entertainment and real estate sector.

Click here: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rodrigo-terpins