Ways to Create Great Articles for Wikipedia

Wikipedia ranks as the most popular online encyclopedia in the world, and as of now, it contains more than 3.3 million articles written in the English language. It is without doubt the largest ever-assembled collection of knowledge, and definitely the most accessible. Anyone with internet connection can easily edit information. So, is the information provided really reliable? According to a study conducted in 2005, it showed that a section of articles in Wikipedia on scientific subjects compared to an encyclopedia that was professionally edited. These findings suggests that a community of volunteers are capable of generating and sustaining surprisingly accurate content.

People are mostly directed to Wikipedia whenever they are searching the internet for biomedical info. This makes it important for the scientific community to engross with Wikipedia to make sure information provided is accurate and up-to-date. By scientists contributing diligently to Wikipedia, they will be fulfilling a social responsibility and sharing expertise. Taking the first step into writing an article for Wikipedia can be somehow daunting, but the following tips will make your editing process turn smooth.

Register an account

Despite that any person can make edits on Wikipedia, coming up with user account provides several benefits. Despite it being counterintuitive, the editors registered under pseudonymous usernames have a higher anonymity compared to those who just edit anonymously. Some of us have opted to associate our registered accounts with real identities.

Be bold but avoid recklessness

Survival and development of any wiki needs participation. The size of hire wikipedia editors is unmatched, but its ever-growing success is dependent on regular contributions of thousands of volunteers. Wikipedia therefore encourages all users to come out bold, correct any errors, and improve any undetailed article. However, distinguish your boldness from recklessness by starting small. Start by making some minor modifications to already existing articles prior to attempting a full article on a certain subject.

Do not invade copyright

With specified conditions, someone else can freely reuse, distribute or adapt almost all content in Wikipedia. However, non-free materials that are copyrighted are not acceptable. Though it might be inviting, it is wise to avoid copying figures or texts from your previous reviews or someone else’s articles into Wikipedia.

Get your Wiki

Whether you are a private individual, business, nonprofit or other notable entity, and you are in need of creating or editing an article, then you should probably hire Wikipedia editors from the Get Your Wiki team. The firm has professional Wikipedia editors that will come to your aid and ensure that they give you result that are acceptable by Wikipedians.

Building The Roc Nation Brand With Desiree Perez

The Roc Nation record label and media outlet have grown over the course of the decade since its founding to become a global success with the aid of the good work completed by Cheif Operating Officer, Desiree Perez. As the daughter of a Las Vegas nightclub owner, Desiree Perez has been around the media industry for the majority of her life in and around the entertainment industry before making her way to New York and building a business partnership with rapper Jay-Z. In 2008, the Roc Nation brand was born following the negotiation of a contract by Desiree Perez between Jay-Z and the Live Nation events brand.

It was at this point Desiree Perez began to be noticed by the majority of executives in the entertainment industry as she had managed to secure more than $100 million in funding for a new record label and a ten-year commitment with Live Nation. As she was named to the list of most influential female music industry executives in 2017, Desiree Perez had once again managed to secure a major piece of funding for Roc Nation with a new contract secured with Live Nation to maintain their partnership and add a further $200 million in funding to the company.

Roc Nation has benefited as a whole from the work of Desiree Perez alongside the individual success she has achieved in securing a brighter future for many of the established recording stars of the label. Perez has been involved in negotiating sponsorship contracts for artists including Beyonce, Jay-Z, and Rihanna but remains committed to creating opportunities for new artists to build a career in the music industry; to further her goal of assisting in the development of new artists, Desiree Perez has begun creating playlists for the Tidal music streaming service of Roc Nation containing many of the new artists she believes have a bright future.

Follow Desire: https://twitter.com/desireeperez01


Equities First Holdings: Securities-based capital in the UK

Established in 2002, Equities First Holdings LLC (EFH) provides capital and methods of funding against traded stock. They help individuals meet their professional and personal goals by offering loans and financial products. With low costs for access to capital as well as competitive loan-to-value options, EFH has a significant advantage over traditional lending institutions and agencies. Equities First (London) Limited is a subsidiary of EFH and is based in the UK. EFH has offices in several other countries outside of the UK including the USA, Australia, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Their lending and investment strategies were developed by CEO Al Christy Jr. He developed the these practices personally, using his own resources and capital to test and confirm the efficacy of each technique. Fifteen years ago, he used the findings of his research on investments to establish Equities First Holdings. Since then, EFH has completed over seven hundred transactions and released billions of dollars to customers.

Lori Senecal Helps People Learn About Advertising Trends

One of the most important things to do as business owners is to be relevant. One of the best ways to be relevant is by following trends. However, people are not going to be able to follow trends if they don’t know how the trends work. This is one thing that Lori Senecal aims to teach people. She has a lot of insight about advertising trends that she has gained from her experience of being an advertiser. She is willing to share her insights with anyone who is willing to listen. These insights have helped her understand the market and bring her career to great levels of success.

One thing that Lori Senecal says about trends is that she finds them to be truly exciting. She has also seen plenty of trends that she is willing to discuss with others. One of the most important trends are also some of the easiest trends to use when it comes to making money. It just requires diligence and understanding in order for them to work. Lori has used her focus on the task of advertising to help her clients gain a growing number of customers as well as keep the customers they have gained. Check out Adweek to see more.

Some of the best trends in advertising have been social media advertising and mobile advertising. Lori encourages people to not only pay attention to these trends, but also learn how to make good use of these trends. With social media, the best thing to do is engage with other users. This will gain the trust of the community. At the same time, an active profile is going to be ranked really high on search engines. Since the majority of people access the internet from their mobile devices, this can be a great way to reach people and make tons of money from users.

Click here: https://twitter.com/digitalori?lang=en

The Success Path of Jim Larkin as a Social Activist

Jim Larkin is a nationality of Irish who is well known for his Dedication towards helping laborers through trade unions.

He spent his childhood days in Liverpool since his birth in 1876 in England. His parents, James Larkin and Mary Ann, were migrants from Ireland who lived in slums. While he was a child, Jim Larkin took the role of the household head that saw him working after school to provide basic needs for his family.

In 1890, he got an employment opportunity at his father’s previous workplace and later fired in 1892. The Irish native never gave up in life, he began working as a docker and a sailor and then became a dock foreman a decade later.

As a social activist, the Irish nationality joined National Union of Dock Labourers (NUDL) that advocated for rights of workers. His experience as an employee while being a youth made him believe that laborers were mistreated.

Jim Larkin’s entrance into the union greatly influenced activities within the trade union, which made him be appointed as a full-time organizer of NUDL. The Irish native used his position to strike militants using sophisticated methods that saw him shifted to Dublin.

Upon his arrival at Scotland, Jim Larkin continued with his interest in social affairs that saw him establish Irish Transport and General Workers Union in 1907. It was the first trade organization that aimed at uniting all Irish Industrial workers in England.

The social activist used the union to the rights of its members who included both skilled and unskilled laborers. His resilience towards helping employees in England spearheaded him to establish Irish Labour Party. The trade union was primarily created to advocate for rights of workers through strikes.

Jim Larkin earned an incredible reputation from the workers by organizing the 1913 Dublin Lockout strike that aimed at advocating for the rights of fair employment. The revolution lasted for over eight months with over one hundred thousand workers who stayed away from their various workstations.

The social activist also took part in the World War I demonstrations that were conducted to stop the war in Scotland. After spending three years under police custody, he got deported to Ireland in 1923 where he formed the Workers Union Ireland.

Read more: James Larkin | Biography and Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Choose MB2 Dental For A Friendly Team Of Professionals

Are you going to a dental practitioner who never seems to have time to answer your basic questions about dentistry? MB2 Dental is a knowledgeable team of professionals who want to help you with achieving the smile of a lifetime. Their spa dental setting caters to cowards of all ages. A responsible dentistry professional will advise their patients about the benefits of pediatric dental care. Protecting your smile early can prevent huge dental bills as an adult or uncomfortable dental treatment. They are committed to helping their patients correct, maintain, or repair the only smile they’ll get in a lifetime.

If you have a child at an age where they’re starting to brush, their friendly team of professionals will teach then how and why it’s important to brush. Your child can learn how to properly floss after each meal. They will allow a first-timer to tour their spa dental to help small children with their anxiety. They give your child a plush toy or tasty treat after every visit. Adults and kids spend far less time recovering and making recurring visits to the dentist. Protect your smile and get back to the things that are also important to you.

MB2 Services Provide

– Teeth whitening
– Straightening
– Tooth/Jaw realignment
– Traditional/Invisalign braces
– Oral cancer screening
– Alternative sedation
– B+ Better Business Bureau rating
– Spa dental
– Financial programs
– Emergency services
– Children’s services
– Most insurance insurance accepted
– and much more…

Don’t sacrifice your smile because of an inability to pay with great payment programs with MB2 Dental. Get the dental services you need and conveniently pay over time for quality care with one highly rated plan. Choose from a number of financial programs, if your insurance is not being accepted or covering a treatment under your plan.

Their highly trained team of professionals are available to give you personalized care for your smile. Get the attention you need before, during, and immediately following your care. You can even make arrangements for a follow up. Conveniently online or over the phone. Unfortunate enough to have your tooth knocked out? One of their online professionals are standing by to schedule an appointment to save your tooth and possibly have it secured back in place in enough time to save your tooth. Visit the exclusive MB2 Dental website for more details on their next available dental appointment today.

The Lessons Learned by Rocketship Education in the Last Decade

Rocketship Education is a group of elementary charter schools that serve low-income families in Washington D.C., California, Wisconsin, and Tennessee. This non-profit organization has been operational for over a decade. Below are the lessons the charter school has learned:

Learning starts at home

Rocketship Education is the leading facility in advocating for personalized learning. This kind of training provides a better understanding of various topics. Rocketship Education encourages parents to employ personalized education at home. This way, students can be able to learn from both parents and teachers.

Respect for the powers of the parents

Rocketship Education has an extensive parent leadership program that allows guardians to help in making critical decisions pertaining school activities. Under this project, parents are given an opportunity to organize how children will join the middle and high school.

Student-teacher integration

Rocketship Education has realized that teachers are responsible for creating culturally responsive schools. These charter schools are open to children from all walks of life. Rocketship Education has also embraced teacher diversity, enabling students to learn from a pool of professionals.

Rocketship Education is all about actions

Numerous parents have enrolled their children in these schools. Some of the teachers confessed that their children go to Rocketship Education.

Inclusion of all children

Rocketship Education has a program that caters to children with various needs. This program ensures that these kinds of children spend three-quarters of time in classrooms. This inclusion criterion ensures that all kids benefit.

Learning is an ongoing process

Rocketship Education launched a strategy known as the flex model to assess the learning process in the school. These model provided information on the effectiveness of real-time coaching, weekly goal setting, and student agency.

Redefining one’s mindset

Rocketship Education hires educators whose mindset is always changing. This strategy has over the years enabled the school to evaluate teachers’ cultures and student’s outcomes.

Teamwork is key

Rocketship Education has learned the importance of collaboration. This organization believes that individuals who work alone don’t go far. According to Rocketship Education’s administration, developing transparent, stable, and productive partnerships.

Rocketship Education’s pride

Rocketship Education provides better services than most private facilities. According to happy parents, public education is the core foundation of the American dream.

About Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education was established in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner. This non-profit organization operates on donations and grants. Rocketship Education is categorized into three

divisions, including E-learning, EdTech, and Education. This facility caters for children from low-income homes across the United States.

How Hussain Sajwani Turned his Passion for Entrepreneurship into a Fortune

Hussain Sajwani is an Emirate property developer and business magnate who made his fortune from the lucrative real estate industry in Dubai. Sajwani also made his fortune through DAMAC Properties, which is a reputable property development company founded by him. He is among the high net-worth individuals listed on Forbes Magazine’s World’s Richest Arabs of 2017 list.


Entrepreneurship Career


Hussain Sajwani drew most of his inspiration to venture into entrepreneurship from his dad who was in the business. Sajwani’s dad owned and operated a shop dealing with diverse items imported from China. Sajwani benefited from a government-sponsored scholarship offer to study in the US. Courtesy of the scholarship, he got admission to the University of Washington. He later graduated with an undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and economics from the higher learning institution.


In 1981, Hussain Sajwani got the opportunity to work in Abu Dhabi Gas Industries’ finance department. He later decided to leave the company and open a food-service business that had Betchel and the U.S. defense forces as its clients. His career changed for good in 2002 when DAMAC Properties came to life.


DAMAC Properties


As a leading property development company in the UAE, DAMAC Properties has more than 19,000 completed residential units under its management. The company is currently constructing other 44,000 residential units. Under Hussain Sajwani’s leadership, DAMAC had its IPO in 2015.


DAMAC Properties constructed a luxurious golf course project in association with the Trump Organization. Tiger Woods was the designer for the project. The project’s construction began when President Donald Trump was in the private sector as a businessperson. He partnered with DAMAC owner, Hussain Sajwani, through the Donald Trump Foundation to bring the golf course development to reality. Learn more: https://twitter.com/hussainsajwani


Charity Work


Hussain Sajwani took part in the #UAECompassion campaign that focused on supporting casualties of the Huda storm. Through his firm, DAMAC Properties, he contributed AED million to the campaign. The #UAECampaign is an initiative established by UAE Red Crescent to gather donations from well-wishers in support of Huda victims. Speaking on behalf of the Hussain Sajwani family, Sajwani said that the donation was a fulfillment of his humanitarian duties. UAE Red Crescent’s general manager thanked Sajwani and his company for their humanitarian assistance. Learn more: http://www.emirates247.com/news/richest-arabs-youngest-billionaire-wealthiest-family-2016-04-17-1.627434


Securus’ Clients Express Their Appreciation for the Innovations That Help Solve Crimes

Securus is a communications providing company that serves prisons in the United States and Europe. The firm does not shy away from embracing the era’s digital revolution as it releases at least one new technological improvement or innovation that facilitates prisons to run smoothly. The chief executive officer of Securus Richard A. Smith stated that his firm has a relentless commitment to increase safety within and without the prison system.

Due to the satisfactory results attained from utilizing their gadgets, prison staff often express their appreciation to Securus for the products. A recent online publication detailed some of the reviews from customers who used Securus’ tech to improve security. The report released by Securus retained the commenters’ names to protect their identity.

One review stated that the LBS Software was particularly handy in enforcing the law. The tool was used to confiscate illegally held arms, mobile phones, money and drugs within prisons. The staff stated that the LBS Software simplified their search by a significant degree. Another comment read that the combination of the LBS Software with Investigator Pro was enough to ensure maximized safety in the business.

Securus’ efforts in increasing safety in the community have manifested with the success of prison staff collecting valuable information through the phone service. The published report entailed a case of a civilian admitting to selling prescription drugs at a discount and another obtaining information from an inmate that could possibly cause harm. Securus has a transparent business policy and encouraged interested persons to visit their facility in Texas for a firsthand look at how they solve crime.

Securus’ headquarter office is located in Dallas and currently services more than 3400 prisons. It utilizes emergency response, communication, and investigation skills to build valuable devices. The development team employs extensive biometric analysis and information management software to optimize their hardware and software.

Chris Villanueva Bringing New Culture of Dentistry using MB2 Dentals

It is in line with the dentists to be professionals in their acts and also offer professional support to their patients. In life, it is a norm to visit a dentist once in a while and thus dentistry will affect all people who visit a dentist. Dr. Chris Villanueva believes that the usual culture that is stereotypic should be abandoned and change brought to the industry. He notes that a patient will just be concerned on the treatment that is received from the dentists, however, that is not all for the dentists. The dentists will further go ahead and perform duties that are beyond treating and entail even the administrative and non-clinical duties.
According to Chris Villanueva, the environment laid by the MB2 dentals offers a supportive culture that entails having fun together in the industry. The unique culture enhances doctor to doctor relationship that is supportive. He notes that in each industry each practitioner should be able to support each other both personally and also professionally. Actually this is one of a kind, as according to many organizations and dental care institutions, they are driven by the fact of promoting the patient and doctor relationship and thus viewing other practitioners as competitors in the industry.
His new culture has brought dentists together through the trips they organize and other activities that have seen dentists from different cities that include Louisiana and Alaska joining together and taking breaks from their professional career to enjoy themselves. Some of the activities that he has spearheaded through the MB2 dentals include playing volleyball, spending time on the beach, swimming and playing golf among others.
Chris Villanueva notes that working together as dentists can provide a better ground for each one of them. According to him, the togetherness will bring a sense of belonging and thus promote their culture towards each other. He also has the notion that when working independently one may not be able to achieve as one can achieve while working together.
The leadership of the Dr. Villanueva are well outlined in his career where he has more than one thousand employees and about eighty affiliates. His leadership in the industry aims to promote both the sole proprietor and the industry of the dentists in general. Some of the services that the MB2 offers to other practitioners is the management of the operations of the office. The services may entail book keeping and human resource.

Dr. Villanueva On Why You Should Surround Yourself With People Smarter Than You

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental. MB2 Dental is a company that was designed to provide dentists with the best of both worlds. In other words, it was created to provide them with the kinds of resources and support that they need without putting unreasonable conditions on them. It is headed by people who are dentists themselves, like Dr. Villanueva.

In an interview, Dr. Villanueva was asked how he makes his days productive, and what they look like. He said he is a night owl. He added that he always follows the advice he was given to never be the smartest in the room. In other words, if you surround yourself with people who are smarter and more successful than you, you will strive to be like them and work on yourself to get there. You will also be able to learn from them. Another way he remains productive is by not getting in everyone’s way. He said that many CEOs make the mistake of always getting involved in the smallest details of their companies. Sometimes, however, this will just make things more complicated. It is usually best to focus on the things that matter the most and let others do the small jobs that you assigned to them. As long as you have the right people, you just have to keep them motivated and give them the vision of what you want to be accomplished.

When asked how he brings ideas to life, Dr. Villanueva explained that since he surrounds himself with smart people, they help breathe life into his ideas. If you have good cooperation and good collaboration with other people, you can get a lot of things done. He believes that it is always better to work together than to work alone and that you will get a lot more done that way. He added that he gets his best ideas at times that you would not have thought of, such as two in the morning, while playing video games with his kids, or during lunch.

When asked what trend excites him the most, he explained that he is excited about how technology is changing things, and how it is changing the dental industry. He is a tech guy as a hobby, he explained, and he loves seeing the new things that come out each year which help out patients. Everything is about the patient at the end of the day.